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I woke up to blinding light. Oh bloody hell, the hospital wing. Why would Sirius bring me to this place?! Oh bloody hell, I was going to die wasn't I? Oh oh here she comes...oh oh close my eyes, act faint...act dead. That was even better! Phew she went to the bed next to mine, poor bloke. I heard him let out a moan and a small yelp.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh let him live!" I screamed out, then realizing it was Sirius. "Oh never mind go on about your mary business, I'll be over here acting dead." I laid back and while facing him proceeded to act dead. And not the type of dead with your eyes closed, mine were open and staring at him suffering.

"You have cold hands!" He cried out trying to get away from her. She reeled him in again, and I tried to stifle an afraid laugh. "Ahhhhhh, you handle me like a man! Stop man handling me!"

"I'm not the one that decided to swim in a frozen lake." She said fiercely enough to make him cower in his seat.

Then he said the most terrible thing in the world..."Wakanda is the one that pushed me in..."

"Did not! Well perhaps I did, but that was because James pushed me out of the window, and I don't like flying and Sirius knew that!" I cried out trying to save myself. I tried to move out of my bed but that blasted nurse had tied me down while I was out cold. "Save yourself!" I cried out to Sirius as he tried to run too, but realized that there were now roped bounding him. "I will murder you Sirius before she does." I finally said. "Trying to save yourself but not me..."

"Hey I saved you from the lake, even though you pushed me in!" He cried out, the nurse managed to slip some potion into his mouth while doing so. "Ahhhh, she's trying to choke me!"

"Good!" I cried. But before long it was my turn. Eek, it was my turn! What had made her soooo mean? "Eeeeky! Sirius wasn't lying your hands are ice! Are you like the ice man or what?"

"Wakanda..." She said tiredly. "You know how that makes me feel..."

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed again. "I don't do touchy feeling stuff."

Then finally we were done, but forced to stay over night, much to her unwanting of it.

"So, you realize that tomorrow is the last day before Christmas break?" I said trying to make conversation. "What are you doing for it?"

"Nothing staying here, or perhaps going with James." Sirius said shrugging.

"You want to come stay at my house, I mean well, we do a whole bunch of muggle stuff just for the fun of it." I said suddenly. Eeeky, I did not just invite Sirius over!

"Like what muggle stuff?" He asked me.

I shrugged. "I don't know, all I know is that we have a blast...anyway I did push you off the broom into a frozen lake...i think you need some holiday cheer...that isn't James." I smirked.

"You are gross, but yeah I'll come." He shook his head at me.

"You know what a great musical is?" I asked him perking up a bit with my memory kicking in.

"What?" He was just as eager.

"Moulin Rouge!" I shouted bouncing up and down.

"Oh yeah..." Sirius gave an expression of remembrance. "Wait isn't that like featured in a *cough*whore*cough* house?"

"Yeah it is also about love!" I cried out.

"You are such a girl..." He mumbled.

"Well I hope you never doubted that..." I scowled.

"Why are you so obsessed about love?" He asked me.

"Not as much as James..." I defended my self.

He gave a knowing look with a tilt of the head and shrugged. "True but he is the most girl I've met..."

"I am not a girl!" Someone cried out from the doorway. "I mean well if I was a girl don't you think I would have fun with my boobies?" He declared.

"James you already do that..." Remus said sliding past him and coming over to me. "So, fell into the lake?"

"James pushed me out of the window..." heck I'm stubborn. James was going to pay.

"With nothing but your sleeping wear on?" He continued.

"God Remus, you are such a gentleman." I commented. "And a gentleman would beat up James for a damsel in distress..."

"Nah Sirius hits like a man, he can beat up James himself." He smirked sitting in the chair between both Sirius' and I bed.

I let it slide and began to think up ways to hurt James, to bad I didn't have a cupcake I could stuff in his mouth. Moulin Rouge. Who's voice is that drifting into my mind?

"Ah Peter! Your voice is in my mind!" I cried out clamping my hands over my ears.


"Did you just say Moulin Rouge?" I asked.

"Yeah, after Sirius brought it up..."

I put on a smile while saying. "Well boys, where did we store those mic's?"

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