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READ CHAPTER 12 ALSO. The chapters were added very quickly, and you may have missed last chapter. Thanks. Enjoyyy=]

Chapter 13: Hallelujah;

This is proving to be one sucky birthday. It’s May 22nd. Yes, folks, with one month to end sixth year, the weather heating up, people wading in the lake, and I am here, sitting alone, at lunch, and no one has even mentioned my birthday so far, and then no one shows up to lunch? What the hell is happening?

I should break up with him for this. Kidding, kidding, I could never do that. But I should give everyone some serious silent treatment. I mean, it’s my birthday! BIRTHDAY. I am of age now. Sure, I have one whole year and a month of school left, but I can own my own home and drink! I mean, shouldn’t this be means for some kind of celebration? A happy birthday? …Maybe just someone to eat lunch with?

So, now I’m thinking maybe I’ll get a surprise party? Or something? But these people are showing absolutely no signs at all. It’s the 22nd! They should just wish every Sterling a birthday in hopes it will be the birthday of one of them, usually it is!

I let my fork slip from my fingers and fall to the plate with a clatter. Sighing, I stood up and made my way up to the girl’s lavatory so I could pee before the rest of lessons.

“Cara!” I turned. Regulus?

“Happy Birthday!” he said, grinning as I looked both ways before throwing my arms around him.

“Thank you! At least someone remembered,” I said, smiling at him. Oh, the irony. Sirius, eat your heart out. He remembered my birthday and you didn’t? You will never, ever live this down.

I will make sure of it, sweetie.

“So do you normally lurk around girl’s lavatories waiting for unexpected girls?” I asked, smiling.

“Only looking for you,” he joked.

“I’m always waiting, baby,” I said, laughing as I walked into the lavatory, finally getting to pee.

I stepped out of the stall to see a group of girls standing around the sinks, preening themselves in the mirrors. Again. Why do I always end up cornered with them with so many different forms of torture at their disposal?

I attempted to just sneak out without them seeing me, but what kind of chance did I have of THAT working? Mhm, it didn’t work. Alecto Carrows, Narcissa Black, Something Yaxely, Something Rosier, and the rest of the Future Female Death Eater club knew I was there.

“Cara! We have to stop meeting like this doll,” Alecto said, smushing her lips together after applying some crimson lipstick to them.

“Cara, where do you think your going?” Narcissa exclaimed, turning around, mascara wand in hand, and I had the feeling she was going to try to impale me with it.

“Out?” I asked meekly.

“Guess again, darling,” Narcissa said, smiling sweetly and not breaking eye contact as she put the wand back in the mascara tube and twisted it shut. She even made something simple like that menacing.


Alecto shook her head. I gripped my wand, which was hidden in my cloak, tightly, praying I wouldn’t have to actually use it. No. Don’t kill me. Please?

And everyone in the free world must be thinking: CARA suck it up you’re a Gryffindor, for God’s sakes woman! Rub some dirt in it!

But no! I’m scared and I should be. I’m alone, and you know how easy it would be for them to stun me then drown me or body-bind me then flush my head down the toilet or better yet perform a simple shrinking spell and flush my whole body down the toilet? Myrtle, here I come.

The door opened. THANK GOD. I looked.

Another Slytherin. I gulped. Six to one?

I kept edging towards the door as we silently stared each other down.

“I must be going, Defense Against the Dark Arts, highly important class you know,” I said, waving my hand nonchalantly and walking straight for the door, “we should do this again sometime,” I added, as my hand gripped the door handle.

It locked. I looked up to see Alecto grinning evilly.

“No really, I have to go,” I said through gritted teeth, taking out my own wand and trying to unlock the door, but failing.

I faced them, wand pointed. “Truce?” I asked.

“Wrong,” Narcissa said as she sent a jet of red light towards me and I blocked it.

‘Levicorpus,’ I thought, ‘damn it I said Levicorpus!’

And Narcissa was pulled up by an invisible force, and she hung there, blonde hair skimming the grimy bathroom floor.

Godric save me I’m in for it now.

“Expelliarmus!” I yelled, Alecto’s wand flying into my grasp as I kicked Narcissa’s under a stall, and it rolled all the way to the back, underneath the toilet.

“Ta!” I yelled, deciding that one last ‘unlock’ spell would work and being right, as I yanked open the door and walked breathlessly into the hallway, just as the bell rang to go to the next class. I grinned, proud of myself.

I sat down, still flushed and rather happy with myself after the last ten minutes of my life, and predictably, my thoughts wandered to Regulus while my eyes stayed locked on the Professor, trying not to make eye contact with Lily, Sirius, James, or Emmeline, all of which I knew were looking at me.

Twenty minutes later, that Something Yaxely girl came into class, muttering to the Professor as she handed her pass over, sneering at me as I waved cheerfully. Stupid girl, she’s the only one in this class I was just with, and she has the guts to come?

That was a tad conceited.

I was going to ignore my friends for as long as I could, since they hadn’t said Happy Birthday, or really anything to me. I knew I was being rude and selfish and unfair but so was them forgetting my birthday, so I inwardly shrugged, I had successfully convinced myself that I was not doing anything wrong.

The bell rang and class ended, and the rest of them pass quietly, and I actually think I absorbed some knowledge in class today. I did find out that since the 5th & 7th years took exams next week we wouldn’t have to go to class.

I probably would have missed that helpful factoid if I had been chatting to someone, which presumably, I would have been.

Friday! Today is a Friday, someone do the Friday dance with me!

Now someone do the slow, sad, Friday-is-Cara’s-birthday-and-they-all-forgot dance with me.

I collapsed on my bed, directly after dinner, which, by the way, had held the dreaded, horrible small-talk between friends no one really likes.

“Cara!” Emmeline exclaimed, running up to me, “Clyde’s been missing all night. Come look for him? I’m sending out search parties,” she said, smiling. I sighed and nodded, and grabbed my wand and set out looking for this bloody cat.

Why am I doing this? Because she’s your bestest friend and her cat is missing and you love your own cat dearly and would want her to look for yours. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Well, I never realized how eerie walking around Hogwarts completely alone is when you know you have six Slytherin girls that would kill you if they got the chance. It was like I expected to see them lurking around every corner. No, I did expect that, that is exactly when I seem to meet them.

I heard a meow! An amazing, wonderful, meow!

Relief washed over me as I prayed to Godric it was actually Emmeline’s cat as I lit my wand and walked into a room, calling for Clyde.

“SURPRISE!” Oh how very cliché of you! You shouldn’t have, I mean, really you shouldn’t have. I’m still in a very not happy, deliberate and sarcastic mood, but none of you would know that because you have been ignoring me all day.

I smiled even though every pore of my face was telling me to just go, ‘Oh, Clyde’s not in here? See you then,’ but I looked and saw how wide everyone was grinning and how happy everyone looked and I just couldn’t bring myself to be so mean.

So instead I leaped on top of Sirius and smothered him in kisses and then leaped on every one of my friends as well. How did I not notice I was walking into the Room of Requirement, and how did I not notice that no one else was around and how did I not notice that Clyde was sitting there on the table nonchalantly?!

I kept smiling and laughing and thanking everyone as the music started to play and everyone gravitated towards their friends, a member of the opposite sex, or the liquor table.

Every Gryffindor in fifth year and above, my brothers, their friends, and some random people Lily and them must know were there, enjoying themselves.

“You were so adorable when you were trying to ignore me,” Sirius said, bending over and talking straight into my ear, like most do while music is blaring. He was behind me, and unknowingly giving me goosebumps.

I looked at him, hair flopping over his eyes adorably. “I’m always cute,” I said, smiling.

“Damn right,” he said, kissing my cheek and my neck and everywhere except my lips because I was still drinking. I bowed out of his grasp and turned to face him.

“You’re kinda sexy when you’re trying to get my attention,” I said.

“I’m always kinda sexy.”

“Damn straight,” I teased, actually kissing him this time, and within a few more sips and a couple minutes, I found myself in the same position once again. Over-thinking, over-analyzing, and letting my hormones think for me.

Never a good pastime.

“CARA! Cara,” someone gasped, uncontrollably giggling.

I stopped what I was doing to look at the interrupter. Emmeline Vance (Prewett?) had interrupted my heated, uncontrollable snog session. I knew I loved her for some reason.

“Em, how many have you had?” I asked, looking at her.

“Eleven…eight…three…sixteen…forty…no, seventy?” she asked, giggling again as she looked at Sirius.

“Cara,” she whispered loudly, covering the side of her mouth with her hand, “I think he likes you.”

“Yeah I think so too,” I whispered back.

“I am going to go play with the monkey,” Emmeline called, walking tipsily over to the other side of the room.

I looked at Sirius and burst into a laughing fit.

“She needs my help,” I said, smiling.

He captured my lips in another kiss, and I kissed him back. I stumbled backwards, landing on a chair.

“She needs your help now?” he asked.

“Later,” I said, pressing my lips to his again.

Later on, after a few more rounds with Sirius, I eventually found Emmeline. She was seated with all of the fifth year boys, giggling at their jokes.

“Sorry boys, she’s all mine,” I said, pulling her up and out of there and putting my arm around her shoulder, carefully leading a overly giddy Emmeline towards the door.

“I need a secret passage, something to get her to the dorms,” I muttered, shutting my eyes and thinking, hard. I opened my eyes.

I didn’t want that.

My eyes were met with James and Lily snogging in a corner. I sighed, shaking my head. Got a knack for cheating, eh Lil? Ouch, Cara, still bitter about that, are we?

She will regret this when she sees Alec tomorrow and he will too, believe it or not, James will regret putting her through any drama whatsoever. But for now, they can be happy. I guess. Even if it is alcohol-induced happy.

A passageway appeared and I led Emmeline through it and to bed in her own room, the good friend that I am.

Ha. She is lucky to have me.

If only time flew like a dove
We gotta make it fly faster then I’m falling in love
This time we’re not giving up
Let’s make it last forever; screaming “Hallelujah!”
We’ll make it last forever
Holding onto patience, wearing thin
I can’t force these eyes to see to the end
If only time flew like a dove
We could watch it fly and just keep looking on.
Hallelujah; Paramore.

A/N- I know this update came real soon and all, but I am probably not going to be on all day tomorrow because I am unexpectedly going down the shore like every other benny does the fourth of July and I wouldn't have been able to get this to you untl probably Thursday around four. So, I figured, since it was done, I would update. The consequence of this is me needing time to finish up fourteen, which is about 80% done. So, here you go and please enjoy?

Credit to one of the best female vocalists out there on the scene currently. This song is amazingg. Oh, and the updates will probably come more quickly next week, cause I don't know if I am doing swim tech next week. Cheers ;)

Review, lovelies.

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