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The following day Ron and Ginny stayed at the Burrow to help Mrs Weasley while Harry and Hermione returned to Hogwarts to search the newspaper archive. Madame Pince was ready for them when they entered the Library and quickly led them to a large, darkened room in the back of the Library.

“Right,” she said briskly, sitting at a desk in front of long aisles shelves packed full of newspapers. “Each aisle represents a half a century. This parchment,” she said tapping her wand on a blank piece of parchment “is used to reference. Use your wand as a quill. Write the word or date that you are looking for, the ink will then fade and all the newspapers that fit your word or date will leave their shelves, and land on the table.” 

Madame Pince demonstrated. With her wand she wrote her name on the parchment. The ink faded and a few seconds later five newspapers landed on the table in front of Hermione. Madame Pince opened the top one, paged through and showed Harry and Hermione her name in an article. Harry and Hermione nodded in understanding. “And when you are done with the paper you drop it in this box and it returns to its place.” She dropped the paper which then rose and flew down the aisle it had come from.

“Any questions?” she asked. Harry and Hermione shook their heads. “Well, just call if you need help.” She turned and disappeared out of the door.

“Well,” Hermione said sitting at the desk, “where should we start?”

“Rowena Ravenclaw?” Harry suggested and Hermione began to write.


Five hours later after searching thousands of newspapers and trying ever possible search, Harry and Hermione thanked Madame Pince and left the Library with seven rolls of parchment filled with lots of information. They returned to the Burrow and spent the afternoon with Ron and Ginny pouring over the information and maps that they got from the Library.

By the time Remus and McGonagall arrived that evening Harry was feeling more confident about his mission. Mrs Weasley hurried everyone outside to help in the garden and left the kitchen empty for the meeting.

“So Harry, I hear you’ve got some plans for our upcoming travels,” Remus said as he sat at the table.

“Yip. Ginny, Hermione and Ron have helped me with a lot of research and I think we’ve found some useful bits and pieces,” Harry said as he laid out pieces of parchment and maps. “Now you know I can’t say exactly why Dumbledore but like I explained we are looking for items connected to the Founders that Voldemort may have gotten his hands on. There is one definite item which is mug that belonged to Helga Hufflepuff. The possible items that belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw that we discovered in our research are a claw inkpot, a silver goblet with eagle wing handles and the engraved wooden box from Ravenclaw’s wand. One of these, I hope, is the item we need to find.

“Dumbledore calculated that there are six items. Two of the items have been found and dealt with. A third seems to have been found and destroyed by who I think was Sirius’ brother,” Harry said.

“Regalus?” Remus asked with shock.

“I’m guessing but the note found with the item was signed by R.A.B. and Sirius said Regalus was killed by Voldemort when he tried to get out of the Death Eaters,” Harry explained.

“So anyway,” Harry said after a pause, “from the information Hermione and I found in the Daily Prophets we have a lead to a wizard in Oxford who wrote the life story of Rowena Ravenclaw and her descendants and apparently collected many of her belongings.”

Harry showed them a map which indicated the house of the wizard. “There is also a Daily Prophet reported who, during Voldemort’s more powerful years, did quite a few background stories. None of them were ever longer than a couple paragraphs in the newspapers, but Hermione thinks he might have been censored by the Ministry. He lives in Edinburgh.”

“Sounds like you have done your homework Harry,” McGonagall said with a small smile.

“Luckily I have three friends who didn’t mind spending hours searching books,” Harry said.

“So what’s your plan Harry?” Remus asked. Harry looked at him with a surprised expression. Remus laughed. “Come on Harry, I know you already have a plan. You always have a plan.”

“Well, I…I want to go to Godric’s Hollow,” Harry said softly. “I think I need to go there.” Remus nodded and McGonagall bit her lip. “After that I’ll start in Edinburgh, see if there are any other leads and then go to Oxford.”

“Ron and Hermione said they will go with me and Ginny said she will continue to do research when she is back at Hogwarts and keep us informed. Hogwarts is opening isn’t it?” Harry asked McGonagall.

“Yes, Hogwarts will be open. I doubt many students will be there, but for the sake of teaching the children who want to learn, we will be there, and teaching defence and duelling extensively,” she explained.

“And I’ll be joining you Harry,” Remus said. “Tonks and I will be with you on your mission. Don’t say you don’t need us,” he said holding up his hand to stop Harry from interrupting, “you have no choice. The Order has set it aside as our assignment.”

Harry smiled, “I wasn’t going to argue, I was going to say thanks.”

“Good,” McGonagall said. “So I presume you will be leaving after the wedding.”

Harry nodded. “If that suits everyone, that’s what I was planning on.”

“Tonks and I will be ready,” Remus said. “But right now, I think we should go outside and join the supper table, because the aromas of Molly’s cooking are making my stomach growl.”

With only 5 days to go before the wedding, The Burrow began to buzz with activity. Fleur’s family arrived and took over one of the Inn’s in the nearby town. The owner was very happy to be booked out, never mind the magnificently beautiful women who were staying there. Harry helped out whenever he was needed, but tried to stay out of the chaos of the visitors who were all in awe of Harry Potter.

The day before the wedding, Harry was sandwiched between Fleur’s mother and Bill as they all sat around the kitchen table doing various tasks. Mrs Delacour was flourishing her wand at five vases that stood on the table. Flowers were summoned from the sink and followed the swish of her wand and set themselves in position in the vases. Bill was busy sorting through the replies from guests, trying to make sure they hadn’t left anyone else out. Mrs Delacour had not been impressed when she noticed that her second cousin twice removed on her father’s side was not on the list. There had been much chaos trying to figure out what had gone wrong, but it was sorted out and everyone was happy again. Harry was trying to tie ribbons around tiny boxes which held a small gift for each guest. He was nearly half way through his job, but Mrs Delacour’s wand waving kept knocking his own wand movement so it took him a few tries before the ribbon tied itself perfectly.

Hermione entered the kitchen and handed Mrs Weasley a basket of freshly picked herbs. “Thank you dear,” Mrs Weasley said immediately pulling some Rosemary out of the basket and throwing it into one of the large pots on the stove. “I’m not sure what else needs to be done. Why don’t you see if anyone at the table needs help?”

Hermione looked at everyone around the table and Harry tried to catch her eye. Luckily Ron, Fleur, Gabriel, the twins and Ginny were all concentrating on their tasks and only Harry was looking up. He gave Hermione a painful look.

“Having a bit of trouble?” she asked as she stood behind him.

“A small bit. The ribbon charm is working fine but my wand keeps getting…um…misdirected,” Harry said dropping his volume and nodding his head in the flower arranger’s direction.

“I see,” Hermione said with a small smile. “You have a break Harry, I’ll take over. I’m smaller than you so maybe I won’t get in the way as much.”

“And your charms will probably stick first time,” Harry said as he stood up. “Thanks Hermione.”

Harry sighed with relief as he left the kitchen and walked up to Ron’s room. Now that the whole family was here for the weekend, Harry and Hermione were sharing rooms with Ron and Ginny while the twins had their room back and Charlie and Bill shared another. The house was so busy that Harry was very relieved to shut Ron’s bedroom door behind him which quietened the bustle of activity that echoed through the house.

Harry collapsed on to his bed and sighed deeply. He was looking forward to tomorrow, but was also filled with nervousness. Once the wedding had happened, his life, his destiny would take over; he couldn’t put it off any longer. He rolled over and pulled out a small note book filled with his scribblings about what Dumbledore had showed and told him about Voldemort, about the Horcruxes, about the Founders and Death Eaters. He did this at least five times a day. Paging through, reading and rereading notes, making sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, trying to piece things together. Today was no different. For the fourth time on that day, Harry began paging.

“Harry,” a voice said softly. Sleep began to lift from Harry. “Harry,” the voice said again gently and he felt soft touch on his shoulder. Harry murmured and slowly his eyes opened. He blinked a few times and finally focused on the beautiful features of Ginny’s face.

“Hi,” he said, still groggy from his nap. “How long have I been out for?”

“About three hours,” Ginny said, brushing a stray piece of hair away from his eyes and letting her fingers graze his skin ever so slightly. “You are making a habit of disappearing or passing out for a few hours. Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just needed a break and dozed off. I think all that ribbon tying just completely tired me out,” he said with a grin.

Ginny smiled. “So if I kissed you right now, you would be too tired to resist?”

“I wouldn’t try resist in the first place,” Harry replied as Ginny lowered herself and pressed her lips to his. She kissed him again, letting her bottom lip drag slowly along his. Harry’s tongue traced her top lip before she parted her lips and their tongues met. Harry grabbed Ginny around the waist, pulled her on to the bed and rolled over. Ginny shrieked slightly but after a grin at Harry, pulled him close and kissed him thoroughly.

“Ginny?” Hermione’s voice came from the landing outside the room. Harry and Ginny froze mid kiss and slowly broke apart. “Gin, is Harry there? We are going to have dinner now.”

Ginny took a breath. “Yes he’s here Hermione. He was asleep. We’ll be down now.”

“Okay,” Hermione said and the sound of her footsteps faded. Ginny gave Harry another kiss before she began to sit up. Harry lifted off her and stood up.

“You know what I think that was the best wake up call I’ve ever had,” Harry said, smiling at Ginny. She stood up and gave him a hug and then looked into his eyes. Harry saw love, questions, nervousness and fear in her eyes. He didn’t say anything, just gave her a tight hug and said, “I know Gin, I know.

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