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Chapter 12: My Beautiful Rescue;

Don’t worry; I am not miffed you couldn’t make lunch. I’ll see you some other time, no doubt…

“More attacks, more raids,” Emmeline said, putting down the newspaper in front of me, as I tore my eyes away from Ryan’s letter.

“Third attack in a row,” I said, shaking my head.

“No one we know though. It was a Goblin family this time.”

“Did you know they had the Giants and some dementors going over to their side?” I asked.

“Fabian told me. The Ministry’s got itself a job trying to get all the creatures to stay with us,” Emmeline said.

Then, she got up and looked both ways, shut the door and skidded back onto the bed.

“Cara, can I confide in you the biggest secret of my entire life?”

I hope that’s sarcasm.

“Oh my God,” I thought shaking my head. Fabian and her were alone for the day. This should be good.

“We’re married.”

“WHAT?” I shrieked as she smacked her hand over my mouth.

“Yes,” she whispered, taking the chain that was wearing around her neck out from under her shirt and revealing a silver ring hung on it.

Aw. Cute. WAIT. She’s only seventeen. She is just barely an adult. He is only nineteen. She’s still in school, he’s still training.

“You call me the idiot?”

She sneered at me. Sneered. SNEERED. And not the light-hearted sneer you give one of your friends when you don’t have comeback. She actually sneered.

“You don’t have to be mean about it,” she said, “its just, that…he’s going to straight out there fighting and I was thinking about it too and well, what if we never get this chance again? We’re in love, we’re young, we’re healthy and whole and happy so why not? It was legal. And we are going to have an actual ceremony a little later on, but for now it’s just for us and a few people to know.”

“I won’t tell a single person, I promise.”

“Good, now, let’s go get lunch.”

Emmeline Prewett. Fabian Vance. They were married. Do you have any idea how big that is?

“Love!” Sirius greeted as I sat down next to him.

And just like that, my day was made.

* * *

“But you want him,” I said simply, looking up at Lily.

“No I don’t I like Alec.”

“Suuuure you do,” Emmeline said, snickering.

“No, no James is cute and he is completely in love with me, but I like Alec. Plus, James is too arrogant, you know? I’d feel like I was dating a superstar, the way everyone around here looks up to him, I might as well date John Lennon.”

“Who?” Emmeline asked.

“Never mind,” Lily said, sighing, her point missed.

Yes, it was in fact girl-talk time once again, right before bed. It’s like a ritual now. We grab some ice cream, a different flavor every night, and rehash the days events, today’s main one being Lily blushing when James asked her to be his Transfiguration partner, Alecto wearing a shade of lipstick that was definitely not right for her, and a fourth year going out with a first year, plus the normal news from the home front.

“So what the hell was with McGonagall today?” Hestia asked.

“RIGHT! She seemed so depressed and she was really…passive,” Alice said.

“Passive? Big word for you,” I teased.

“You couldn’t spell it,” she said.

“P-A-SSIVE,” I said, grinning at her.

“No really guys,” Lily said, “I wonder what’s wrong with her. You don’t think she lost someone in an attack, do you?”

“No, well I hope she didn’t,” I said. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a reasonable explanation. How sad. Ryan’s right, stunning Voldemort from behind would have saved us all some trouble.

“Hey guys, what are you naming your first baby?” Hestia asked, changing the subject completely.

“You know, I haven’t thought about it,” I said, looking up at them all thoughtfully.

“I like Thomas. Simple. But Frank’s family is one of those pureblood ones where most everyone has a funny name and his mum insists on Neville, even though we aren’t even married, she’s insisting Frank’s child be named that. So, Thomas can be his middle name and I’ll make sure everyone knows Neville is not what I want him to be called,” Alice said.

“So you’ve certainly thought about it,” I said.

“I have too,” Lily said excitedly, “I like Carolina.”

“No flower names?” Emmeline joked.

“Definitely not. When your mum’s name is Rose, her sister’s name is Iris, and your sister’s name is Petunia, you’re about ready to call your first child Stinkweed just to piss everyone off,” she said.

“Well James likes the name Arielle, so you guys can sort that out,” I said, just to push her buttons.

“Well we aren’t getting married so we don’t have to worry,” she replied, eating her ice cream.

“Yeah, but you guys could still have a baby,” I said.

“Well that baby would definitely be sexy,” Emmeline said.

"Carolina Arielle sounds pretty though," I said, insisting that James and Lily would indeed have a baby.

“What about you and Sirius?” Hestia asked, “You guys picked names yet? We all know you guys are getting married and having plenty of children.”

“Uh, no,” I said, making a face at her.

“Let’s get to bed darlings, we have classes tomorrow,” Dorcas said, kicking everyone off of her bed, as five resounding thumps sounded.

“That will bruise,” Lily said as she walked over to her bed and shut the curtains, calling goodbye to everyone.

Baby names? Already?

When did we become adults?

* * *

I stared out my window, looking up from my book momentarily. It was the hardest rainfall of the entire year, and it had been pouring since noon. And it was coming on two in the morning and the rain was falling steadily, lashing at our windows in all different directions, wind whipping it fiercely. Thunder and lightening cracked and illuminated the inky sky sporadically.

I sighed and reached for my bowl of strawberry ice cream, and ate a few spoonfuls. Everyone was falling asleep, the dorm was silent and quiet, and my well-adjusted eyes were the only ones open as I picked up my book and continued to read. I leaned my head against the wall. I was wedged in the little tiny window seat.

Bored with my story, I put the book down and wandered over to the bathroom. In vain, I hoped Sirius would be there to surprise me like he did that one time. It was late, he was probably content and asleep, but I had so much on my mind.

The attacks, Ryan, Sirius, Emmeline getting married, my birthday coming, which meant I was seventeen. An adult, with one year and one month of schooling left before I was an adult. The pressing issue of telling Sirius I loved him scared me more then anyone would really understand, and just everything going on outside of school scared me too.

Chris had gotten a response from Cody, finally. He knew nothing about mum being weird, but he did know that he was engaged to his fiancée. Is everyone afraid they’ll die before they get married? Is everyone just going to do it just to make sure they get to? How bitter and sad is that sentiment?

The air was thick, the tension, it was written on every witch and wizard’s face. You could tell that everyone was waiting for something big to happen, to officially send the two sides, good and evil, raging at each other. It was the calm before a huge storm, and I think it was beginning to get to everyone how big the storm may actually become.

How could I be an adult and grow up through all of this? It’s making me grow up faster then I should. Something is bothering my mum, even though she hid it expertly, the pointed glances at Mrs. Potter, the new guests, I am not stupid. They are anti-Voldemort people and what scares me is how many will be left for Easter dinner next year.

What will it take to bring someone like this down? A couple of right-minded wizards or years and years and someone extraordinary? Will I die fighting him; will he be the end of me? Or maybe Sirius? Is this really just the age-old Gryffindor vs. Slytherin grudge escalated tenfold?

A knock on my window, which was very close to my head, made me jump. I looked to see a familiar ebony owl. Sirius’s?

Meet me in the Astronomy Tower. It’s important.

I’m not a Death Eater, I promise.

PPS. (Or whatever a double PS is. Remus would know but he’s sleeping.)

My favorite color’s lavender

I grinned at the letter. Sirius; it’s his handwriting, and that’s his favorite color. I grabbed my bowl of ice cream and stealthily navigated my way to the Tower without getting caught by a teacher.

“Yes, my love?” I asked, as I approached him, and he smiled at me.

“Look at the rain,” he said. And I looked out the window, and the rain seemed to shimmer in the starlight. It made the gloomy storm look beautiful, being up here. Lightening cracked and I could see the actual bolt crackle through the night.

I looked at him and stuck my fingertips out of the window as I inhaled the scent of fresh rain. His hand found mine and our palms touched, still out of the window. He kissed me, and it was one of the most romantic moments to date.


“Sirius.” His eyes were on fire, dazzling with something.

“I love you,” he said as if it was he simplest thing ever, kissing me again.

“I love you too,” I said, nodding as he deepened our kiss.

What the hell was I scared of?

I’m falling more in love with every single word I withhold
I’m falling more in love with every single word you say
I’m falling head over heels for you
I’ve been dancing on the tops of buildings
At the top of my lungs I’m singing you a song;
Don’t you every leave me alone
My Beautiful Rescue; This Providence

A/N - Besides 'I Want to Sing,' I think this chapter was my favorite thing I have ever written. I just really, really, really liked this chapter even if it was short, it was sweet and some important news came. Andd I am almost positive I used this song and I checked and didn't see it but if I did tell me and I'll change it.

Swim tech is great, even if it makes me tired, for those of you who give. I am listening to August Burns Red. I like them. Anyway.

Hope you liked this chapter. Nothing else to say. OH YEAH. About the third installment. I am leaning towards it, but I still am not sure. I'll know for sure pretty soon. Well, I'll have to know pretty soon. I'm writing chapter fourteen, for God sakes!

Review, lovelies.

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