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3. Our World

Before Sirius was an small open field surrounded by tall trees. It looked so peaceful. There were a few dragonflies and butterflies fluttering about. The sun shone through the treetops to make a dimly lit setting that just added to the serenity. They walked forward so that they were standing on the edge of the forest and beginning of the field. Sirius looked over at Erica and smiled at her. “This place is amazing. It’s…”

“Stimulating?” Erica suggested with a smirk. “Yeah, I know. I found it on our first day when I was wandering around. I didn’t have anyone to be with, so I decided to explore the forest and here we are.” She smiled as she looked around the small field. There was a dark corner at the opposite end of the field that she’d just noticed. The sun didn’t seem to want to touch it. She looked at Sirius with a grin. “You know what we should do?”

Sirius gave her a curious look and asked, “What?” He couldn’t help but be in amazement with the field, even after being there for ten minutes. He’d just never seen any place that was so peaceful, but after growing up in Grimmauld Place who would?

“We should make this our place…our land, kind of like we’re the king and queen of it and we can make up all these rules and creatures. And the citizens of our world look up to us to make decisions and fight the battles of our rivals, with our army to back us up,” Erica smiled as her mind worked it’s wonder, thinking of more and more ideas for this imaginary world.

Sirius couldn’t help but smile along with Erica as she rambled on about their world. Their world…it sounded surreal, yet strangely right. They should have their own world. An escape to the reality of Hogwarts. From the bullies and classes. From the teachers and homework. Just a place to get away from it all. A world where they get to control what happens and when. Where they got to make up the rules and everything else that went along with them. “I like it,” he said simply, yet it was enough to make the smile on Erica’s face grow wider.

She was worried, to be truthful. She thought that he might be scared by her running imagination, but she couldn’t help it. It was just her, but it made her seem kind of…crazy in a way. “That’s great! Now we need a name to start off,” she thought and took a seat at the edge of the field. Sirius followed suit and tried to think of names as well.

He wasn’t very good at coming up with names and such things. “Utofria…the uto from Utopia and fria like free. Free for happiness!” Erica suggested interrupting Sirius’ thinking process. He didn’t care though, he liked it.

“That’s way better than anything I would have come up with. I like it,” he said giving her a warm smile and looking around at the area. He wanted to learn every inch of this place. He wanted to be able to recall this moment for the rest of his life…his first great moment with a true friend. He had to remember it.

Erica stood up and began to walk along the edge of the field. She held out her hand and ran it across the various trees with a smile. Sirius could tell that she was thinking some more of other things for their world. He just stood up and followed suit, only he wasn’t thinking of any rules or creatures to make up. He was just enjoying the time, soaking in every moment with as much detail as possible.

“I got it!” Erica exclaimed breaking the silence, but once again Sirius didn’t mind. “We’ll have this place as our meeting area. This small open field. Outside of this area will be the outskirts of our land, where the citizens and such live. The boundary’s will be the lake’s edge to the left and about a fifty yards from the forest edge. Anywhere outside of there is enemy territory. You always have to be prepared to fight. Never be caught off guard or it could mean our territory…or worse your life,” she concluded dramatically.

Sirius grinned. “Yeah, and we can ask some friendly creatures if they want to take part. Like they could be our soldiers. Maybe Fairies and some Nymphs if they want. We can search parts of the forest for creatures who are willing to play along,” Sirius suggested. He wanted to contribute to the idea in some way, shape, or form. He hated feeling useless and didn’t want this all to be just Erica’s ideas.

Erica nodded her head. “I like your way of thinking King Black. We shall scope the forest for the brave and strong,” she said like a true and confident queen. She walked to one end of the field and entered the forest again. Sirius followed as they went out in search of some allies.

A little ways into the forest they came upon some wood nymphs. Erica, being the girl, approached them. They thought that it would be better for Erica to deal with as the creatures of the forest tended to be a bit kinder towards the females. She bent over so that she was facing the wood nymphs and smiled at them. “Hello there, I’m Erica,” she greeted them.

They all turned to look at her and one replied, “Hello Erica…I’m Niphideas.” Erica knew from the nymphs posture and ability to speak up to her that she was the leader of the group.

“I…well, we,” she nodded her head over to Sirius who was waiting over by the next tree, “were wondering if you guys would like to join us in a game.”

The nymph looked at her curiously. “What type of game?” They were obviously not accustomed to having people in the forest, nevertheless asking them to join in a game.

“Well, we made it up. Have you ever been over to the small opening a little ways down?” The nymph nodded her head. “Well, we had this idea to make it a kingdom. Him, Sirius, and I are the king and queen, and we were wondering if you would like to be part of our army against the evil ruler of the other land.” The nymph looked back at her group before nodded her head at Erica.

“We would love to. Just come here to get us whenever you would like us to play.

“Thank you so much,” Erica smiled before heading over to Sirius and nodding her head yes. He grinned and they kept on walking in search of more recruits. By noontime they had also found a group of fairy’s who joined them in their game. It was Sirius who realized that it was lunch time just after they met the fairy’s, so they headed back to the castle for a quick bite to eat and to get some supplies. No one seemed to notice when they came out of the forest and for that they were thankful. It wasn’t that they minded people seeing them together, but for a boy and a girl to come out of the forest together was just a little too suspicious to the blind eye.

They sat down at the Ravenclaw table that day. It was Sirius’ suggestion. He said that it wasn’t fair for her to always sit at his table, and it was a change for him. He wanted to know what it was like to sit at another table. They spoke in whispers all lunch about what they were going to do after they were done.

Standing up from the table after lunch, Sirius grabbed Erica’s hand and dragged her out to the grounds, earning a few curious stares, but they all dismissed it after a moment, not really caring. A grin spread across his face in excitement, but he didn’t know why. It was just a stupid game they were playing. A make-believe world for just the two of them. The more he thought about it, the more he was excited about it.

As the day went on, they used what little they knew of magic to build a small fort for themselves. Inside they decided that they would put any pictures they took, their crowns (that the faeries wove from twigs), and any other things they felt they would need which didn’t seem to add up to much, but in their minds it would be everything.

A/N I apologize for the shortness and the long wait.. I've been having some writers block lately, so I don't know when the next one will be up, but I promise I will keep this going.  R&R as always :D

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