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The rain pittered on his window as the radio played softly in the corner. Harry was reading a report on the wizard Sidney Wall, who was on the run from the Ministry for murdering a family in their sleep over a lost bet.

“Grew up in Little Windall, mother’s a shopkeeper, father’s a baker, both muggle,” Harry mumbled to himself as a low rumble of thunder entered from outside. 

“Petty run-ins with the law over gambling and theft. Murdered Seamus Brown, Melinda Brown and their two children Nick and Lesleigh with the Avadra Kedvara curse while they slept in their beds in Elephant and Castle. Believed to have run to Little Windall and escaped by illegal portkey to greater Europe.”

Harry took a sip of the beer on the table next to him and faintly heard the radio announce severe storms in the London area and to exercise caution if outside or flying on a broom. Kate was still with her family and was due back later in the week. She had called him but assured him she was okay and he didn’t have to come.

He missed her. He missed her physically at night; he had become incredibly spoiled from their nightly sessions of sex and the withdrawals were intense. He missed her smile and the way she sparkled in the light. Perhaps it was the jewelry she wore or perhaps it was just her. He wished she would hurry and come back.


Harry looked over to the fireplace and noticed the floating head of auror department Howard Craddock.


“We need you in the office, we have a break in the Wall case,” Howard’s head disappeared with a pop and Harry looked around for his shoes and robes. Once he found them he cracked into the office and took a seat at the shiny round table where other aurors were seated at.

“What’s happened?” Harry asked as printed parchment was passed around.

“He was spotted scuffling at a pub in Rome. The Italian authorities were on hand but he managed to slip by. One victim suffered minor hexes, the other is dead but over four hundred galleons were missing from the pub after the fight and Wall is the main suspect. I need a team to go to Rome and sniff this guy out; he’s irritating my all ready irritated bowel syndrome.”

The other aurors said nothing. Howard often made mention of his IBS at the most inappropriate times.

“Now,” Howard continued, “who to go.”

Harry perked up. He hadn’t been in the field for so long and he was desperate to get back into the routine. Harry had been sure he was not even considered for any assignments for the past few months but since Howard requested him at the briefing, perhaps his luck was beginning to change.

“Rubbins you’re heading it up,” Howard nodded to a middle aged black man with a ring of silver hair, “and Potter’s going with you. He needs to get back into the field so take care of him. Go home and pack the essentials. Be sure to kiss your wives goodbye because there won’t be any contact with them until this is over. Meet back here in an hour.”


Harry threw his basic things in a bag. He had forty-five minutes to be back to the office and he still had to write his letters and call Kate. Finding a quill that was lost underneath a pile of robes, Harry quickly penned the situation to Ron and Hermione and sent them off with Hedwig. He then dialed Kate’s number as he continued to stuff the bag.

“Hello,” Kate’s voice sounded groggy as if she had just woken up.

“Hey, listen,” Harry cradled the slim phone between his ear and shoulder and it was rather uncomfortable. “I probably won’t be here when you get back. I have an assignment in Italy and I don’t know when I’ll be back.”


“How are you?”

Kate yawned deeply, “I was asleep. I was planning on coming home tomorrow because I have a deadline coming up in a few days and I need to get my sources straight. You have no idea when you’ll be back?”

“Hopefully soon,” Harry zipped the bag and looked around to make sure he didn’t overlook anything. “I’m just glad to be back in the field.”

“I bet you are,” Kate said. Harry could nearly hear the smile in her voice. “Bring me back something pretty.”

“I will darling, I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too. Good luck and come back in one piece.”

Harry hung up the phone and placed it on the nightstand to charge. He would have no need for it while he was in Italy. He looked at it sadly and cracked to the Ministry.

“Good, you’re early. Rubbins is here too so I want you guys to go over there early since we have gotten news that Wall has killed again. The bloke who threw him out the pub was found dead in an alley by a hag. Apparently it was by the killing curse. Things are starting to get unstable so I want both of you to use extreme care when you’re tracking him. Stick and work together. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” Harry and Rubbins said together.

“I hope it was a Hell of a kiss you gave your wives, or girlfriends,” Howard nodded at Harry, “because you may be there for awhile.”

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