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Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything that you recognize from the amazing books of J.K Rowling. Although i wish i did.

Chapter 1- Friends Forever.


"Alanna! Mummy and daddy are yelling at each other again!" squealed Eve as she came running down the hallway into her sister's bedroom. A small girl in a white night dress popped up from under the covers of her big, fluffy bed. She slid off the bed and rushed over to her sister. Taking her hand and leading the way down the stairs. Photographs of relatives and family friends woke up from their slumber to tell the girls to slow down at the risk of falling. Although they did not listen, their biggest concern was reaching the bottom of the stairs. Surely their parents were screaming at one another. Their father was wearing his travelling cloak. The girls sat at the bottem of the stairs, unnoticed, listening to their parents scream back and forth.

"I'm leaving, Lorette. I can't take this anymore." He said rather coldly as he turned towards the door. 

"What about the kids Edward? Your just going to leave them here with me?! I want them gone, take them with you!" retorted Lorette, she was screaming and crying. Alanna and Eve joined her in crying, their mother did not want them anymore. They couldn't take it anymore, they jumped up from the stairs and ran to their father. 

"Daddy!" he turned around. Almost not quick enough to catch them as they flung
their arms around his neck. He instantly did the same to the girls, "Daddy! Where are you going? Why are you leaving me?" Alanna spoke very softly while holding back tears. Eve was now right next to her sister with her tiny arms around her daddy. He gently pulled them off.

"Now Sweetheart...-" He glanced from Alanna to Eve"-...Darling...Daddy has to go away for a little while." He took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, trying to keep from crying, along with his daughters, "But I'll always be with you..." and with each of his pointer fingers he pointed to the girl's hearts  "In here." he pulled them into a hug.

"Now, need to be good while I’m gone. And just remember that...that I love you two more than this whole world." he kept taking deep breaths in between words, trying to make this easier, although it already was impossible. He kissed them both on the forehead, stood up and turned to face the door. 'I love you' he mouthed to them as a tear made its way out of his eye and down his cheek. Then he turned around and walked out the door, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

                                         6 years later

"Eve, pass me my good silver earrings, please" asked Alanna as she adjusted
her gown. Eve opened the cabinet and pulled out a pair of silver earrings, then handing them to Alanna. The girls were now 11, and quite grown up. They had grown into wonderful pureblood girls, most of the time anyway. Alanna didn't usually listen to her mother, she was rebelious towards her. Eve didn't want anything to do with Alanna's boldness.

"Thanks." Alanna murmured as she put them in her ears. Eve gave a small nod as to say 'you’re welcome''. "Are you ready for the most boring night of our lives?" joked Eve.

Tonight their family was having quite the celebration. Alanna and Eve were off to Hogwarts, so everyone thought to have a farewell party. Everybody who was anybody would be there. Pure-Blood's only - of course.

"Well.... Actually, it couldn't be worse then when Uncle Rodolpho got stuck watching us an-" Alanna gave a slight giggle until Eve interrupted her.

"NO! No. We got stuck with him." That caused them both to go into fits of laughter. After they calmed down Eve looked to Alanna. "Ready?" They both put on their best smiles and walked out of the huge bathroom.

As they went downstairs house elves were dashing around - panicking. Alanna made her way out of the kitchens and into the front room.

Knock, Knock.

Alanna opened the door. Mr. Malfoy was standing there with his wife, and son - Lucius. He was 15, four years older than Alanna and Eve. "Please. Come in." said Alanna as she extended her arm welcomingly.

"Abraxas. So nice to see you!" screeched her mother, behind her, as she hurried as fast as she could, down the stairs.

About 5 minutes later - another Knock at the door.

Alanna opened the door to reveal The Black Family. Orion, his wife, Walburga, and their sons, Sirius and Regulus. "Why, Alanna my dear! Look at how you've grown!" said Walburga as she gently nudged her sons inside.

"Orion!" Once again Lorette screeched.

"Quite the young lady you've got here" Orion said as he hung his over coat
on the coat hangar. Lorette smiled at her daughter. "Oh, and surely you remember my sons, Sirius and Regulus." The two boys stepped into view, both were quite good-looking. Sirius being older was a couple inches taller than his younger brother, Regulus.

"Say hello, boys." hissed their mother.

"Hello," said Regulus, clearly nervous.

"Hello, Alanna." said Sirius, unlike his brother, very calmly, as he gave a slight nod.

"Hello...Regulus, Sirius" Alanna looked at both the boys then her face came to a blush as Sirius returned her gaze. Sirius kept his gaze on her, looking deep into her eyes. Alanna felt vulnerable, like he could see down into her very soul.


Later that night, Alanna was at her desk, writing a letter to her father. She and her father had secretly been sending letters to each other. Eve didn't normally do it anymore. She didn't want to one day be discovered and then hated by the entire family tree.

After Alanna was finished she reread the letter, folded it up and wrote 'Daddy' on it. She got up and walked over to her owl's cage. Her name is Star, because she is night black with some small white spots on her.

 "Star. Wake up." Star opened her eyes. "Star, come on. Please. I need you to deliver this to Dad tonight." She gave a small, quiet hoot and affectionately nipped Alanna's finger. She took the letter in her beak and flew out the window.


"Bye, Mother." She said turning around, giving her the cold shoulder

"Bye, Eve don't forget to write" Eve nodded before walking off.

"I won't." She said right before she disappeared between the platforms of 9 and 10. 

Once beyond the barrier, Alanna looked around - No Eve, but she did see Sirius,
"Sirius!" he turned to see who was calling his name. He waved at her, a smile tugging at his lips as he casually walked over to her.

"Hey Alanna, where's Eve?" Alanna answered by shrugging.

"Err...I don't know." Her face twisted in a look of utter confusion and puzzlement. "Oh well, I'm sure I'll find her at the castle." She shrugged her shoulders. "Umm..Well we better go or else the train will leave without us." Sirius nodded. Alanna turned around and went to walk away when she felt a hand around her arm.

"Alanna" she turned to face Sirius. "Sit with me?" Alanna's face came to a light pink blush, along with Sirius's. "Why, I'd love too."

They stepped aboard the Hogwarts Express. They began peeking inside all of the compartments, most of which were taken. Lucius Malfoy and his gang of followers took the only ones with room. They both agreed that they were NOT sitting with them. Sirius sighed as the back of the train was nearing.

"Found one!" Alanna shouted down the train. She slid open the door and poked her head in. A boy with untidy jet-black hair was sitting inside. "Excuse me..." He looked up at her. His hazel eyes seemed to be filled with
excitement, as were everyone else’s.

"Could we join you?" Alanna gestured to Sirius who waved and gave a quiet "hello". The boy shook his head 'yes'. Alanna and Sirius entered the compartment. "Thank you." Alanna said as she tried to store her trunk above on one of the shelves. It was heavy - all of her wardrobe, and other personal things were in it. Then she felt someone helping her. She looked to her side and saw the black-haired boy, with his arms up helping her.

"James" he said, putting out his hand.  "James Potter" Alanna smiled as she shook his hand.

"My name's Alanna...Alanna Avery" he smiled back, then turned to Sirius and held out his hand.

"James" Sirius shook his hand.

"Sirius...Black" They heard the door slide open. A boy with sandy brown hair
and eyes to match stuck his head in.

"Mind if we join you? Everywhere else if full." Alanna, Sirius and James all shook their heads. Two boys walked in. The one with Sandy brown hair and chocolate eyes. He was quite skinny with a pale complexion. Upon his face were scars; the biggest was just under his one eye.  The other was short and stubby with blondish hair and very dark brown eyes, so dark that they were almost black. He seemed shy, as he eyed Alanna, Sirius and James. They later learnt their names to be Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

They all knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A beautiful thanks to Lunnah for her wonderful review, without it this chapter would still be a disaster. 

Please remember to leave a review. Help me out, I'm not the best in grammar -- as you most likely noticed it already -- so, if you see any mistakes and what not, please leave it in a review for me to change. 

Thanks so much.

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