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Hermione walked through the streets thiking about everything that she's been through these past years with Harry and Ron. I can't believe i'm the daughter of Voldemort... I mean i've been fighting against him since I learned about magic. This is going to be awkward. I wonder if he knows that his daughter was actually the know-it-all mudblood. Ha, can't wait to see what he's going to say to that. Ok, now I have to figure out where Voldemort is... he's probably not at Riddle Manor since that would be too obvious. What if I floo to Malfoy Manor and ask them to speak to Voldemort... ugh! Malfoys, asking them for help is like Harry surrendering to Voldemort, then again... the Malfoys will be groveling at my feet since i'm Voldemort's daughter. HAHA i'm seeing a lot more advantages to this than disadvantages.Hermione kept walking silently smiling to herself. The muggles were looking at her as if she was crazy. When she saw them staring at her she would just glare at them with a look that said "What the fuck are you looking at?" Hermione kept walking until she saw a dark alley. She entered the alley and cautiously looked around. When she saw iit was completely safe, she apparated and arrived outside a large, black gateway. About a mile farther behind the gateway was a huge manor. She looked at the top of the gateway and read 'Malfoy Manor'. And who else would possibly have a manor like this... oh wait... me. 

Hermione saw no lock on the gate and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. It's probably magically locked... Hermione wanted to test more of her new powers, so with a wave of her hand, the gate opened slowly for her. She smirked as she walked through the gate. Hermione walked for about 20 minutes until she actually reached the manor. She was annoyed at the fact that the manor was so far from the entrance gate. Hermione knocked and waited with an annoyed expresiion on her face.

Draco heard someone at the door and sat in the living room waiting for someone to answer the door. He sat there until he heard the door being knocked on again. He got up angrily, wondering why in the world the houselves were not doing there job and went to answer the door.

Hermione stood outside annoyed at the fact that nobody was answering the door. Suddenly the door was flung open quickly by none other than Draco Malfoy himself.
Hermione smirked and said the first thing that came to mind, "Malfoy, I thought you had a houselves to do that. I never expected a Malfoy to do anything too hard especially you, and judging by the way you opened the door, it is probably your first time doing so. I must say I am truly honored being the first one to see The Draco Malfoy doing anything involving physical labor. Although the only physical labor you have ever done includes pleasure as well..." Draco just stood there, gaping at this magnificient girl who had just insulted him.

Hermione stood there smirking and said, "Well, are you going to let me in?" Draco just kept standing there, so Hermione took the liberty of letting herself in. That's when Draco recovered and quickly spun around to see Hermione taking in her surroundings. " Who in the bloody hell are you and what are you doing in my house?" Draco said curiously. Hermione turned around to Draco and laughed. Draco stood there, dumbfounded. Hermione stopped laughing and explained herself, "Sorry, it's just that you sounded a lot like a Weasley there for a second." Then Hermione burst out laughing as she saw the look of disgust and horror on Draco's face when mentioning that he sounded like a Weasley.

"Laughter, why am I hearing it in my house?" Lucius Malfoy had just came down to the living room when he heard the annoying sound of laughter coming from there. He stopped when he saw Hermione and raised an eyebrow, "And who is this breath taking girl, Draco. Another one of your conquests?" Draco smirked and was about to nod when Hermione spoke up, "No, mister Malfoy, I am not one of your son's conquests and don't ever plan on being one of them. I actually came here to see you. I was wondering if you can tell me where Voldemort is or if you can take me to him. I know something that he might find very interesting."

Lucius eyed Hermione suspiciously and smirked, "What makes you think I will be doing that for you. I don't even know who you are. I cannot trust some girl that waltzes into my house thinking that she can just see the Dark Lord. I will have to earn your trust and see if you are worthy of seeing the Dark Lord" Oh great... I have to prove myself to Malfoy. Well he will be punished for delaying the meeting between Voldemort and his long-lost daughter. What an idiot, he has no idea who he is dealing with. Hermione smiled and politely asked, "Well how am I supposed to prove myself worthy enough to see the Dark Lord?" 

Lucius' smirk remained plastered on his face and said, "Name the worst thing you have ever done, and I don't mean anything sexual, I know how you hormonal teens can be. Tell me something that most teenagers like you would never do." Hermione thought to herself... I guess I have to tell him that I killed the Grangers...ooh I can't wait to see Malfoy's reaction to this one.
Hermione smirked evily, "Actually I have done something bad and good at the same time. It is something bad for the light side and something very good for Voldemort. You see, Lucius, I killed someone. Actually I killed a family, and wait till you hear which one. Malfoy stand next to your father, I want to see both of your faces when I say this. I killed a family very dear to Dumbledore and the light side. A family that was close to Harry Potter himself. Draco and Lucius Malfoy, I murdered the Granger family, and the Dark Mark is above there house as we speak." Both Draco's and Lucius' jaws dropped. Hermione stood there taking it all in. HAHAHA... these faces are to die for. Well this memory is definitely going into my pensieve. 
Hermione quickly spoke before either of them could, "If you don't believe me, you can check for yourselves. I believe you know how to apparate to the Granger's house, Mr. Malfoy. I, myself, just arrived from there." Lucius did what she had suggested because he definitely could not believe what he had just heard. With a small pop, he was gone.
Hermione turned to Draco and smirked, "  I thought you would be happy that the mudblood was gone. Guess I was wrong, but why are you so shocked? We didn't have any feelings for the mudblood now, did we?" Draco snapped his mouth shut and angrily replied, "No, I did not have feelings for that stupid mudblood. The only feelings I had for her were those of hate. Now i'm happy that she's gone. I do believe I owe you for killing that one, but I might owe you my life if you get rid of Weasley. I would've said Potter, but I believe the Dark Lord wants Potter for himself." 

Hermione smiled and said, "Mmm... Draco Malfoy's life in my hands if I kill Weasley. I think you are selling yourself way too easily. Weasley is not worth a quarter of your life, but it's a done deal Malfoy. Soon you will be my personal slave." Draco looked at her in horror and nervously said, "I was kidding about owing you my life. I would never give anyone my life, well except for the Dark Lord, but that's it. Weasley is not worth anything of my life, so why would I sell myself for his?" Oh this is too good... Malfoy is such a wussy. But he's so adorable when he's nervous. AHH... what the hell... no way, Malfoy adorable? Who am I kidding?
"So Malfoy what's taking your father so long to-" The door suddenly burst open and Blaise Zabini came running through the doors with happiest face expression ever. He stopped in front of Draco and yelled, "Draco, dude, did you hear? Your father just came and told my father that the Grangers are dead. Now Potter and Weasley don't stand a chance without their know-it-all. This calls for a celebration, we should throw a party.... babe who are you?" he siad this curiously yet tried to be sexy as he turned to Hermione. Hermione smirked and proudly said, "Nobody important... just the person who made you so happy. And what was that about throwing a party?" Blaise looked at her curiously but then caught on, "Oh you haven't made me happy yet, but I know what you are talking about and i'm all for it." Draco looked disgusted as Hermione burst out laughing. "That is not what she meant mate. Blaise let me introduce you to the girl who just made you almost break my doors. Although I don't know who she is, this girl killed the Grangers and left the Dark Mark above their house."

Blaise gaped at her and dreamily said, "Wow... you are the girl I have been looking for all my life. I'm Blaise by the way, Blaise Zabini. I don't think we have met before but I am happy we did." Draco pulled Blaise away from Hermione, who was trying her best not to burst out laughing again. "Blaise I think we are all happy to have met this beautiful, powerful girl. Now I would like a name. So for the last time, who are you?" Draco asked annoyed at the fact that he still didn't know the name of his guest. Hermione looked away and answered quietly, "I don't know my name. I just know who I was and who I am, but I have no idea what my name is. I'm sorry I can't answer that. That is why I need to see Voldemort. Only he knows what my name is." Draco and Blaise stood there dumbfounded. They were obviously thinking how a girl their age did not know what her name was.

"So, umm.. I guess you won't be offended if I call you babe, since I don't know your name and all." Blaise said hopefully. Hermione chuckled and said, "No, I won't be offended. Actually, I like it coming from you Blaise... it sounds so sexy." It's gonna be fun playing with his head. Oh I am going to surprise this one. He is never gonna forget this. Blaise gulped down his saliva rather loudly, making Hermione smirk. She slowly walked up to him and leaned her body in on him. He felt her hot breath on his ear, and he couldn't control his body anymore. Hermione felt something hard and her smirk became bigger. She quietly whispered in his ear, "I can take care of that for you, you know that right?" Blaise slowly nodded his head. Hermione took her face away from his ear and got closer to his face. Blaise was just about to kiss her when she put both her hands on his chest and pushed him back, with a little bit of a spark. He was so surprised, that he didn't even realize what was happening until he flipped over the couch and fell face first on the floor.

Hermione and Draco, who was watching everything slightly amused, burst into laughter. Hermione was leaning against the couch in order to hold herself up while Draco was already on the floor rolling around. Poor Blaise was stiil lying on the floor, but not because of pain, he was just shocked. After about 5 minutes of laughter and Blaise being in shock, he stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He was no longer horny and was still slightly shocked. Hermione smirked and said, "See, I told you I would take care of that for you. Now it's gone and you are back to normal, although you seem a bit shocked. Sorry about that." Draco started laughing again while Blaise turned away blushing. 

Suddenly, about 20 people popped into the living room scaring the hell out of Blaise and Draco while Hermione watched with an amused expression. Lucius came forth and said, "The Dark Lord has agreed to see you, child. You should be honored, but before he comes, let me tell you that all of us here respect what you have done to the Grangers, we are happy to see such a powerful, young witch on our side." Hermione turned to see the deatheaters all nodding in agreement. Hermione smiled feeling very proud of herself that she has earned the respect of the deatheaters.

A huge gust of wind went through the room as a loud crack was heard. There was smoke in a spot where two people had just arrived. The smoke cleared and Hermione saw Voldemort and a beautiful witch by his side, she thought this was Sophia. Voldemort came forward and Sophia looked curiously at the girl. "Well, child I know that you have helped me a great deal by getting rid of those damn muggles and that filthy little mudblood, but that does not give you an excuse to not bow down before me." Voldemort snarled. Hermione smirked and walked around Voldemort. She walked towards the witch known as Sophia and stopped. Voldemort turned around and looked at the girl who disobeyed him furiously. "Do you not understand me, child? I thought I told you to bow!" He yelled. Hermione turned to Voldemort quickly and politely asked, "May you please shut up for a second?" Hermione turned back to Sophia and smiled. Sophia stood there shocked at this girl's bravery and said, "Why do you smile at me like that, child? You look so familiar, almost like..." Suddenly the woman gasped and took a step back. Voldemort was furious. What was this child doing to his beloved wife. "Step away from her! What did you do to her?!" Voldemort yelled. But he stopped yelling when Sophia flung herself at the girl and cried while embracing her. Hermione hugged her mother and cried as well. Voldemort was confused. "Sophia, care to explain what is going on. I am sure we would all like to know." Sophia let go of her daughter and turned her around so they both faced Voldemort. She smiled a smile that Voldemort had not seen in seventeen years. Sophia took Hermione's hand and both walked up to Voldemort. "Tom, it's her. It's my baby, our baby. Tom, this girl is our beloved Adalia." 

Voldemort stepped back in shock, his voice was hoarse when he spoke, "A-Adalia? Is it really you?" Hermione smiled and said, "Yes it's me, I suppose, although I didn't know it was my name. Hello father." Voldemort did not cry, well he is Voldemort, but he did grab his daughter and embraced her in a huge bear hug. "You have no idea how much I missed you, how much we missed you". Adalia laughed through tears, "No, father, I really don't know, but I can sure see that it was a lot."

Voldemort looked at all the confused deatheaters and stepped back. He cleared his throat and loudly said, "I apologize for leaving you all confused. Now let me introduce someone very important to me. I want you all to treat her like you treat myself and Sophia. My loyal deatheaters and soon to be deatheaters. This girl here, is mine and Sophia's daughter. Let me introduce you to Adalia Riddle, the only Riddle heir." The deatheaters were shocked, but then they began to clap for their Lord has found his daughter. The deatheaters clapped while two very shocked boys, by the names Draco and Blaise, gaped at the girl who they had been having a lot of fun with.

WOW! 2:10 a.m. This chapter was so worth the time. What do you guys think? Next chapter will be in writing as soon as this one goes up! Can't wait to see what I think of next. Lots of love to all my readers and reviewers. Thanks guys. Love MalfoyHugger.

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