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    Just a little recap here since I haven't posted for a while... I REALLY need to know what everyone thinks of this if you could take a minute of your time at the end to review it would be greatly appreciated.


    "I promise you it won't Black!" Lily said harshly.

    "Lily, Lily, Lily. There's no need to be harsh! I was only saying what will definitely happen!"

    "And if I fell for you or Remus? What would you say to that? Though I highly doubt I would EVER fall for you! Remus is another story."

    "Oh I see! Fancy Remus do you?"

    Lily rolled her eyes and walked away. There was no way she could get out of this one without lying to herself or others. She didn't want to admit it but deep down she really thought she like Remus as more than a friend.

    Jenna, finally getting fed up with the fighting said, "Shut it! Both of you!"

    *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~End Recap*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

    Everyone looked at the usually very quiet and calm Jenna. She glared back at them. She must have gotten really annoyed to speak up in an argument between Lily and the Marauders even though they happened daily. Serena was usually the loud obnoxious one not Jenna. "Did you two switch personalities or something?" Lily asked suspiciously.

    James had shut up at that point probably realizing that she wasn't going to say yes any time today. "Greene did you just talk?" he asked in surprise.

    "Yes. Yes I did. I'm trying to concentrate if you didn't notice and your fighting isn't helping any!"

    Serena had been surprisingly quiet which raised suspicion among the Marauders. Serena was usually the one that pranked them to get them back for something they did to one of her friends. Lily usually avoided them when possible, which it usually wasn't considering James was like her stalker. Lily grinned at Serena. She was most likely planning something. Something that she was going to use against the Marauders. "Go away! I don't know why you call yourselves the Marauders. Your not the least bit sneaky. You do everything out in the open like torturing Severus for instance. You do that right in front of everyone just for an ego boost." Serena said bluntly.

    Lily snorted to keep herself from bursting out laughing. This was just what Serena did constantly. Put-down the Marauders just to make sure their ego level didn't get to high. Right now they really didn't need was an ego boost. They rarely ever needed an ego boost, especially James. Unless he took a really brutal hit from one of her rejections he would NEVER need another ego boost in his life. Lily smiled a sickly sweet smile at them before dragging her two best friends up the girl's staircase.

    "Alright! What are you planning Serena? Whatever it is... I want in if it has to do with them! Potter is getting on my nerves and it would be really helpful if he went to the hospital wing for a week or two along with it!"

    "Lily I think you need to calm down. You don't really want James put in the hospital wing. You'd feel so guilty you wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks!" Jenna said in her calm matter-of-fact voice.

    -----(James View)-----

    "Wow mate she really wants you dead!" Sirius said, clapping him on the back.

    James looked really downhearted when he listened to Lily's rants from a secret way they'd learned in 2nd year. "Yeah I guess. I'm just going to bed..."

    "Aw come one Prongs! She's just one girl!"

    "No Padfoot. I'm not giving up on Lily." he replied loudly. Loud enough for Lily to hear unfortunately.

    -----(Lily's View)-----

    "No Padfoot. I'm not giving up on Lily." James' voice floated up from downstairs.

    Lily stopped in mid-rant and went down the stairs just far enough to see James going up the boys' staircase, up to the Head Boy dorm. She ran up to her own Head Girl dorm where the boy's and girl's Head dorms were only separated by a small library. She walked across the library to the door to James' room and knocked.
    She heard a bump that sounded a lot like he had fallen off his bed then his face appeared in the doorway. "What d'you want Lily?" he asked exasperatedly.

    "Never going to give up on me huh?" she retorted. His eyes grew wide.

    "You heard that?"

    "Yeah. You might want to be a little quieter next time."

    "So... Hearing that... Will you go out with me?"

    She took a deep breath. "No. Not YET at least..."

    "Yet? Are you falling for me after all?"

    "Hell no James."

    "Y-you just called m-me 'James'..." he spluttered.

    "What? You called me 'Lily' when you answered the door. Would you rather me call you by your last name?"

    "No! Of course not! But it's just... It's just surprising."

    "We got Head duty in 5 minutes." she said looking at her watch. "Better start getting ready James."

    He nodded dumbly, still in shock, as she closed the door.

    A/N: Once again reviews will be greatly appreciated! Thanks to everyone who reviewed the first chapter by the way!

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