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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 16: The Match – Part 1!

Lily stirred in her sleep and groaned without opening her eyes. She didn’t want to get up but there was a quidditch match that day and she knew if she went back to sleep she’d never wake. It was Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff and it was obvious that Gryffindor was going to win; but she was going for moral support for Celina. It was the first match of the season and she was pretty nervous.

Glancing over to the clock on her bedside table she sat up groggily. It was only eight o’clock but now that she was awake she might as well get up. She leant over and pulled the hangings back from her bed, jumping back and clutching her heart when she saw the pale face of Celina staring back at her.

“Celina,” she breathed heavily. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Quidditch,” Celina chocked. Lily cocked an eyebrow slightly amused.

“Yes, that’s right,” she said slowly as though Celina couldn’t quite understand her. “There is a quidditch match today and you’re playing in it.”

“Stop reminding me,” Celina snapped back. Lily smirked.

“Oh come on Celina you know once you get up there you’ll be fine. You said so your self that being in the air gets rid of your fears.”

“I know,” Celina sighed and dropped onto her bed opposite Lily’s. “But it doesn’t stop me being worried before hand. I do it with acting too. Before I go on I’m back and forth to the toilets to throw up but as soon as the lights come up and it’s me, the stage and the audience my nerves disappear.”

“You’ll be fine,” Lily smiled before looking over Zayda who had her hangings open. She turned to look at Celina with a sly smile plastered across her face. “How about we give sleeping beauty here a wake up call?”

“How?” Celina asked eagerly.

“Just follow my lead,” Lily whispered as she knelt down by Zayda’s bed and began to gentle push her. “Zay, Zay wake up,” she said slightly louder.

“Wh-what?” Zayda yawned.

“Get up, lessons start in 2 minutes,” Lily repeated as she stood and walked over to Celina to watch the scene unfold.

Zayda suddenly snapped open her eyes and jumped from her bed, running to her trunk where she rummage for her books whilst dragging a brush through her cropped hair. “Why didn’t you wake me?” she hissed at the girls as she sprinted into the bathroom with her clean robes and emerged fully dressed with her tooth brush in her mouth. Pocketing her wand she turned to look at the girls. “Why aren’t you two dressed?” she asked quickly, looking around and noticing the other girls still fast asleep. Slowly pulling the toothbrush from her mouth she jabbed it at them furiously. “You are evil,” she growled. “You know I like my sleep,” she snapped before turning and replacing her toothbrush, taking off her robes and slipping into some jeans and a t-shirt. She walked from the room without a second glance at Lily and Celina.

The two girls burst out laughing before following Zayda’s actions and getting dressed themselves.

Saturday mornings were always the best time of week for Sirius Black. He was an early riser and found this morning time the perfect opportunity to go for a walk and clear his mind. He found it relaxing to come here ever now and then; especially to get ready for a quidditch match.

The weather was unusual on this morning. The wind whipped around him as he came to his second lap of the lake but it didn’t have its usual bitter twist; it was perfect for the match. The hint of coldness had Sirius stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep them warm and a cold tinge of red tinted his cheeks.

“Ready for the match Black?” a small voice asked as Sirius passed the tree, ready for his second lap of the lakes perimeter. He turned casually, not recognising the voice but not being able to hide the shocked expression on his face at the site of Zayda Bell.

“I urm,” Sirius stuttered before regaining his composure. “Yes, I think we should do pretty well actually,” he flashed her his charming smile and Zayda rolled her eyes.

“You don’t sound too confident,” she said slowly. “But I know you’ve been practising almost every night so surely you’ll do fine; I wouldn’t want Gryffindor losing.” Sirius tilted his head to the side and narrowed his eyes curiously.

“How do you know we’ve been practising almost every night?” he asked. Zayda pursed her lips for a few seconds before answering him.

“Well I always notice when you’re not there to annoy me; I finally get some peace,” she smiled at his mock hurt expression. “And plus, when I see Remus and Peter in the common room without you and James I kind of assume,” she shrugged.

“I see,” Sirius said nodding his head. “Well Miss Bell, seems as you are here un-all, would care to join me on a walk around the lake?” he rose an eye brow questioningly and Zayda looked off to the side for a while in thought.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt too much,” she said slowly walking to his side and mimicking his slow pace. Sirius smiled at her shortly before returning his gaze out in front of them.

He hadn’t walked here in about two weeks but this morning he woke with overwhelming guilt. He and Remus hadn’t spoken to Lily after they had questioned her on her feelings for James and they both felt extremely low for it. She had been avoiding them like the plague and they’d never seen her look so down. James had picked up on the three’s recent behaviour but they’d told him he was being paranoid. However, it didn’t help when James decided to ask Lily out the following day only for her to scream at him no, making it clear that even though he knew she’d still never be with him. James was utterly confused by this. It was clear that Lily though He and Remus had told James what she’d told them; but they hadn’t. They’d not had the heart to do that to Lily which was very unusual because the Marauders were as tight as a group of friends could be.

Even so, each one of them felt something special with Lily. James’ fascination of her had lasted for years, her and Peter often sat together doing homework as she showed him what was right and wrong and Remus and Lily were almost as close as Lily was with her girl friends. They spoke about a whole lot of things together all the time; but it had been ruined by their stupid actions. Sirius and Lily had never really had any sort of relationship until a few days ago. It was funny how spending just an hour with the girl opened his eyes to the amazing person she was. If they wound her up she didn’t shriek or think it was flirting, but she wound them up back. She understood their stupid jokes and even laughed; whether she approved or not. And she wasn’t speaking to them because she fancied them or wanted everyone to know she was friends with the Marauders, as a matter of fact, it usually seemed that she did not want to be around them; which intrigued him more. The girl was very different and he was quite upset that their sort lived friendship was probably already at an end.

“You’re awfully quiet this morning Black?” Zayda suddenly spoke pulling him from his thoughts. “Anything wrong?”

Sirius looked at Zayda and found himself startled by the intensity of her ice blue eyes. They truly were the most amazing eyes he had ever seen and they held so much emotion. This was a girl who seemed to not be fazed by anything, but Sirius read her like an open book. Her feelings were always reflected in her eyes. If she was angry it was as if a storm was taking place over her vision, when she was happy they turned a piercing blue quite like Remus’ and when she spoke to someone on a serious matter they were this ice blue; full of curiosity and wisdom. It was funny, he’d never really properly spoken to Zayda yet he knew she’d been through a lot.

He’d heard that her parents split up when she was younger and she was forced to live with her mother who was an alcoholic. After her mother was hospitalised from liver problems Zayda was made to fly to America where her father lived and happily spent six months there before her mother demanded she moved back with her. Apparently her mother was crazy and believed in the old witch craft you hear muggles speaking about; she was a half-blood. She dragged Zayda all over the world visiting witch doctors and that sort to cure her illness until she died just months before Zayda was due to start Hogwarts.

Alice, the one Sirius most spoke to, told him that although she likes to act as though she hated her mother, she was devastated when she passed away. She also said that Zayda learnt a lot from her travels around the world and if there’s every anyone that you could speak to it’s her; her wisdom goes beyond her years even if she isn’t the smartest person at Hogwarts; nothing can beat experience.

“I kinda messed up,” Sirius shrugged. “I reckon Lily told you what we did?” Zayda’s eyes suddenly whipped up a storm and Sirius felt him self cower slightly. “We know we were wrong,” he added quickly. “We thought it was just going to be a bit of fun; how were we to know her mind was so jumbled?”

Zayda sighed and stopped walking, taking a seat on a large rock and motioning for Sirius to join her.

“Lily’s a complex person,” she said with an amused sigh. “You never know when you’re going to say something to upset her because she completely hides her feelings.” Sirius nodded and looked down at her.

“Quite like you then?” he raised his eyebrows.

“But I can also hide when I’m upset,” she replied with a smirk.

“Not from me you can’t,” Sirius chuckled slightly. “You’re eyes have too much expression you see.” Zayda’s eye narrowed in a confused way before a smile flickered across her face.

“Yes well, you’ve always been the only one to be able to make me exploded,” she laughed lightly but couldn’t hold in the fit of giggles which followed Sirius’ hysterical bark like laughter.

“You are the best to wind up,” he smirked. “But also the scariest when angry,” he said with furrowed brows. Zayda laughed.

“So,” Zayda began conversationally after a small pause. “You looking forward to the ball next week?”

“Not really,” Sirius shrugged. “I always end up with a bunch of love struck girls hanging off me all night.” Zayda threw her head back laughing.

“Oh you were always the modest one Black!”

“What?” Sirius said wide eyed and innocent. Zayda shortly recovered from her outburst.

“If you would abandon your rule of not taking a girl to the dance so you can have all the girls you want, maybe that wouldn’t happen,” she said amused. Sirius’ antics would always baffle her.

“Ah,” he began shortly followed by a gargle at the back of his throat as he spat onto the floor.

“That is disgusting,” Zayda shook her head but Sirius ignored her as he was over some by a sudden thought.

“You know what Bell; you’re right!” he said quickly with a look of pondering on his face. “I’ve never wanted to take a girl because it’s clear they only want to go with me to wind up their friends,” he said slowly adding, “and because I’m hot of course.” He smirked. “So that’s why I think you should go with me,” he looked at her with a serious expression on his face as he tried to think up a reason why he’d asked her. What he was saying really made no sense but he couldn’t understand himself why he would suddenly abandon his rule for this girl. “I mean,” he stammered. “I know you wouldn’t be going with me for all the reasons I mentioned and you’re nothing like those air heads I usually date so it would be pretty cool to spend the ball with someone I could have a decant conversation with,” he spoke very quickly. “And plus we’ve never really spoken a lot before and I’d like to get to know you better because we’ve had fun speaking this morning right?”

Zayda watched him closely as he finished rambling and raised an amused eyebrow. “Are you asking me on a date Mr Black?” her playful tone gave Sirius his confidence back and he relaxed.

“Yes,” he breathed. “Would you care to join me to the ball Miss Bell?” he bowed his head slightly but raised his eyes to watch her reaction.

“I think I could handle one night with you,” she said nodding. Sirius grinned and jumped up from the rock, pulling her with him and running towards the castle, shocking Zayda.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly.

“The match is going to start in about ten minutes!” he exclaimed over his shoulder.

“Why didn’t we leave sooner?” she shouted back.

“Well, if we had left sooner I couldn’t have asked you out,” he told her as they stopped just outside the entrance to the quidditch pitch. “Now get up in the stands and watch me win this match!”

You win this match?” she smirked.

Sirius narrowed his eyes and stuck his tongue out. “Oh very mature,” Zayda laughed.

“You know you love it Bell,” Sirius winked before strutting off towards the changing rooms.

Zayda rested a hand on her cheek as she watched him walk off and scrunched her mouth to the side. She must be out of her mind to accept a date with Sirius Black and she wasn’t sure whether it was the right thing to do. She’d learnt that it was best to hide her feelings from everyone; that way she couldn’t get hurt. So was it safe to start liking a boy who could read her like a book?

A.n. YAY! I wrote it finally! I've been dying to finish this but the day i started it i was too tired to finished it...then yesterday my friend came over straight from school because we had a party to get to and i dint get in till god knows what time this morning...that meant i woke up late today and have finally got my head around writing this! Its crazy 'cos this is totally not the direction in which this chapter was going. Originally it was going to be James and Lily walking around the lake but i dint want him to ask her to the ball, so i changed it to Sirius and Zayda =P I know their relationship has kinda suddenly jumped but Zayda is softening to him slightly =P I need this ball to break the ice between them =D Anyhoo, sorry for the lack of James/Lily but i promise the next chapter will be very long, full of excitment and with a big part for James and Lily =P It will be the quidditch match where something will happen, and then the aftermath =P SO! Please leave me a review as yu never could motivate me and i might have the next chapter up tomorrow n_n
Thanks for all the reviews so far!!!!!!! =D


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