Chapter 3: Fun with clothes. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Hermione stepped into Cho’s room, it looked like Hermione except bigger and with shades of yellow. She was done with the unpacking and was ready for her other friends to come. As soon as she thought that though she heard the fire place downstairs roar.
“They’re here.” Cho said scarily. A few seconds later there was a knocking at Cho’s door. Two girls walked in, one had blonde-brown wavy hair that flowed down to her waist, her eyes were green and had a wonderful smile, the other had white blonde hair, hazel brown eyes and was very tall. They both were smiling at the two sitting on Cho’s bed.
“Hey Marissa Katie, you girls look tan and happy.” Cho said running to them and hugging them senseless. Hermione stood back awhile and gave each of them a smile. Hugging was not her style.
“Hermione you definitely haven’t changed but, you look great all the same.” Marissa said, she was usually blunt.
“Hermione don’t mind her, you know how she gets.” Katie refusing to not hug Hermione and went straight towards a gave the deadly dead. “But, you really need to get out of that ‘I’m a bookworm forget about me’ stage. I hereby give the first order of the summer. And the order is to give Hermione the best make-over ever!” Katie shrieked instantly grabbing Hermione and dragging her into the bathroom.
“Marissa go into her room and grab her clothes and throw them out. Later today we will go shopping. “ Katie forced Hermione to sit on a chair in the bathroom.
“Really Katie there is no need, I can’t change my ways, I don’t know why you try so hard.” Hermione pleaded. Hermione started to get up and out of the chair.
“Katie can you put a silencing charm on Hermione? We don’t need this aroma of bad carma.” Cho said sneakily, she had just come into the bathroom, after giving Marissa directions to Hermione room.
“Fine I’ll stop, but if you make me in a whore or something like that I will get very angry.” Hermione said as Katie pointed her wand at her.
“We won’t but, you have no control over this situation.” Katie grinned and started to play with Hermione hair. Cho came over and started to work on her face.
“Hey guys, Hermione clothes are totally thrown out except for the clothes I thought would benefit her.” Marissa said coming into the bathroom. “By the way how are we going to shop for Hermione when we don’t know what is going to look good on her?”
Katie looked at Marissa. She was holding a clump of Hermione brown curling locks trying to get a knot out with her wand. She looked like she was thinking, and suddenly like something hit her an idea crossed her mind. “Marissa do you have some magazines?”
“Yeah I think I do” Marissa smiled as if she knew the secret.
“Can you get them please?” Marissa went back out of the room and came back with a stack of magazines piled high to her head.
“OK Someone give Hermione one and someone look at one.” Cho said smirking at Katie.
“Why do I need to do this?” Hermione wondered holding a Witch weekly magazine.
“Well we might as well start to teach you good fashion, before we send you shopping.” Katie said
“Well this is ridiculous, I can’t afford half these things let alone buy them.” Hermione gasped at a pair of witches robes costing more than half her parents salary they get in a year.
“That is why we are buying them for you.” Cho said humbly.
“You are not going to buy any clothes for me! I can not put a burden on you like that!” Hermione got up from the chair and crossed her arms.
“Honey you have been giving us your friendship…” Cho said looking angry
“and your homework help…” Marissa interrupted
“and you guidance in boys” Katie finished for them.
“For the past six years.” They finished together. All looking very angry.
“We are not letting you go without giving you a great present.” Cho said finally smiling. Hermione sighed letting them out her in the chair again and giving her a magazine.
“OK Hermione pick out an outfit…”

Hermione stepped into Diagon Alley. Her friends followed close behind her. They immediately ran down the street dragging Hermione behind them. They went into the first store they saw ROBES, and ENCHANTED MUGGLE CLOTHES FOR THE FASHIONABLY RICH.
***A/N *This is the segment where it turns very girlie, and if you don’t want to read it, please go to the stars later on***
Hermione was dragged in and unfortunately did not get to see the store name when she went into the store. Hermione was let go from the holds her friends had on her, and was finally allowed to look around. She sighed in relief when she saw that they held muggle clothes as her ‘friends’ had thrown out all of her regular clothes. When she was allowed to have a closer look, Hermione gasped. These clothes had designer brands on them, and looked very expensive.
“These clothes are way to expensive for me.” Hermione said aloud to her friends.
“Hermione shut our trap, because you are not buying them. Now what do you think of this?” Cho said She held a black cotton-silk tank with a white ribbon tied in front. Hermione had to admit that it was very cute, and shrugged her shoulders at herself. Maybe she should just ignore the price tags and look at the designs, she knew there would be no use arguing with her friends any longer.
Hermione stepped out of the store with many bags in her hands. They were magically enchanted to hold twenty tops , or ten tops and five jeans, and she had three!
The girls did not tell her the final price on the clothes but she knew it was a lot, and she felt that the debt she had to repay was growing bigger and bigger.
“Now we finally know what sort of clothes likes, and just as I predicted she liked the clothes that had the practical look but had a little flair. We can send Hermione off to the hair dressers, while we three can go do some more shopping for her. We have yet to scratch the surface. I’ll go to the hair dressers with Hermione and you guys go to my favorite store and go get Hermione the interesting clothes that all girls need, and some PJs too, I guess. Remember what I told you.” Cho said while Marissa and Katie ran off, trying to hide their smiles.
“Cho what are they going to buy?” Hermione asked suspiciously.
“Oh…you’ll find out. Come on you have an appointment, and I want to be early to look up some hair spells.” Cho said pushing Hermione towards a building that looked like a house of utter pain.
“Cho the last time I had a hair appointment I was poked and prodded like no other, and now I have to go in there? That looks like the house of pain!” Hermione pointed to a building that had pointy shaft corners on the roof that went up vertically, they had an Asian looking design on them and many pictures that looked like instruments of death.
“Hermione stop freaking out, this is the most famous Hair station in all of Diagon Alley, I was lucky to have found an appointment for you, lucky my mother goes here all the time, and is well respected. Look we have to get this over with, and trust me it is not going to be painful.” Cho siad pushing Hermione into the building.
“Welcome to Madame’s boutique for Hair. Do you have an appointment?” A man in a light blue robe said, and looked at the two girls suspiciously.
“Yes we do, it’s under Cho Chang, this is Hermione who will get the hair appointment, and that is it, no more than that, understand?” Cho like a person who knew what she was doing.
“OK, come this way, you have Roberta as you hair dresser.” The man walked away and the two girls followed him. They arrived in a regular looking hair dressers place, except it had free refreshments, and many, many flowers.

“Hello, I’m Roberta, which one of you will get their hair done.” A woman, about thirty or so, in eccentric robes appeared before them, directing them towards a chair. The mirror had many posters and pictures in front of it.
“Me” Hermione said reluctantly.
“Ahh…first time? Well lets see, you definitely need high lights, and someone to straighten out your hair, also you need a lengthen too, a creamer to smooth out you hair, and if you like it, I’ll put a semi-permanent charm on it too hold as long as you like until you hate it.” She was pushing Hermione into her chair and grabbing her hair in random spots.
“OK” Hermione seemed tense.

“Honey, you need to relax, this is only going to take an hour or so, so grab a bottle, and talk to your friend.” Roberta smiled a nice smile. She turned Hermione’s chair around and started to put spells on it. Cho ran off to get a water bottle. A long hour awaited Hermione.

Meanwhile, in a random store that Hermione had never seen before. Katie and Marissa were shopping for some clothes that Hermione would not approve of. They had underwear of all kinds, and bras of every color. They had also bought some party clothes that would make the coyote ugly girls blush, some really cute robes for every day use. Also they had gotten Hermione school skirt shortened, and know were shopping for some cute Pajamas.
“I wonder what Hermione would say if she saw all of this?” Katie said picking out some really short shorts.
“She’ll probably freak out and tell us it’s all to expensive.” Marissa said rolling her eyes putting some flannel bottoms in her bag.
“We have to get her a dress too, and buy her books for this year also.” Katie said rolling her eyes.
“No, we don’t at least not he books, don’t you remember? Hermione ad Cho are going to buy some of her the stuff for school because she already bought most of it. And we being sneaky are going to buy her dresses and various choice items, and then sneak to Hogwarts through the secret passage way we found in Hogsmeade last year, to throw out the rest of her clothes and replace the one she had with these ones we are buying her.” Marissa said as if she was annoyed with telling her the plan again.
“Well I meant buy her some beauty books, like the one I bought last year, and get her a prescription to some magazine out there too so, she won’t get lost when she gets to school.” Katie said rolling her eyes as if she were annoyed that Marissa thought she had to say the whole plan again to her.
“That’s brilliant, come on lets go buy this stuff, and get on with the plan, we have to meet them at five at the ice cream parlor. We only have four hours to do this.

***A/N*** OK, well if you totally skipped this scene, Hermione gets her air done, and Buys a lot of clothes. They split up and Katie and Marissa buy her some choice outfits that will be explained later, When Hermione finds them. Also Katie and Marissa go and sneak off to Hogwarts to throw the rest of Hermione clothes away to replace the ones she has , and they all will met up at five.***

“Where are they?” Hermione wondered “I thought you said they were going to be here at five?”
“I thought that too, maybe they found a great sale or something.?” Cho wondered. They were at the ice cream parlor
“Hey everyone, sorry we were late, we found this great sale on bikinis and had too buy Hermione one.” Marissa said. She looked a little flustered, but she was proudly holding three shopping bags. Katie followed looked flustered also, but had a proud look on her face.
“I’m in no mood for ice-cream, can we go back to Cho’s place? I want some rest for all this shopping I have done, besides Diagon Alley is closing early today.” Katie said. She did look tired.
“Why is it closing early?” Hermione asked them.
“Well, there was an attack this morning near here and everyone thought that it might come into the direct area, so, they are closing down the street.” Marissa said looking sheepish.
“OK lets go, I don’t want to be here if there is an attack.” Cho said remembering her fourth year.
The girls left Diagon alley slowly letting the fear of the attack escape their brains. 



OK, so here I am writing this story, and I know that you think it just might have a boring start, it gets better, trust me I have this all almost written out, ithink, but I do tend to change my mind a lot......
Ohhhh...I don't own anything in this magical world JK has crated...
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


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