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Beautiful Mistake Chapter One

Life As It Is

Quietly, Chloe Roberts made her way down to the kitchen and to the old fridge. She opened it and grabbed a bottle of milk. She moved slowly around the kitchen, not wanting to make any loud noise and wake up her mother or sister. Pulling out her wand, Chloe warmed the bottle up, and slid her wand back into her trouser pocket. She grabbed the bottle, and quickly made her way back upstairs to the nursery where her sleeping son was.

Moving across the hardwood floors, Chloe smiled at the cheery surroundings. The medium sized room was painted a warm shade of yellow with beige moldings. A changing table stood on one wall; and on the other wall there was a toy chest and a small wardrobe. There was a small in-cove where a bay window was, the white drapes pulled across it kept out the soft morning light. A small crib stood in front of the window, and Chloe smiled at her small son who was awake, standing up, and waiting for her.

“Mama,” the boy bubbled.

Chloe grinned, and picked up the infant. Ryan let out his small laugh as she spun him around, and sat down in the chair by his crib. She held him tightly, giving him his bottle, and letting him drink on his own. Ryan was almost a year old, and she couldn’t believe it. The last year and half seemed so short when she looked back on it. She remembered still being pregnant with the little guy.

Those days seemed so long ago, but Chloe still remembered how hard it was. Chloe had only been fifteen years old when she found out she was pregnant. She was scared, and unsure of everything. Most of her friends hadn’t even had boyfriends before, and she was pregnant, let alone with the child of a boy she didn't even talk to anymore. Ryan’s father and Chloe had gone their separate ways two weeks before she found out, and neither of them could look at each other. Chloe still loved him, but she found out the hard way that he didn't feel the same. When she found out she was pregnant, she couldn't bare the idea that she was going to be a mother, that she was going to have a child. But she never questioned telling the father; she was not going to stick around with a boy who only used her.

It was her fifth year, and she was not going to let the baby stop her. On a Hogsmeade trip, she met with her mother in a private room at the Three Broomsticks and told her everything. Her mother was silent for a long time, but than took Chloe in her arms and they cried for a long time. Chloe's father, Frank Roberts had died shortly after her sister Danielle was born, and Chloe knew what it was to be a single mother. She needed to finish her fifth year, get her OWLS, and after the baby was born she could possible continue school. She hoped. With the help of her mother, she recieved special clothing that she could wear under her robes that would conceal the baby while she stayed at Hogwarts. Of course, the Headmaster and her head of house had to be informed, so Chloe's mother went to speak with Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall who both agreed to keep it quiet. Chloe did finish her fifth year, and recieved nine OWLS, earning eight 'Outstandings', and one 'Exceeds Expectations' in History of Magic. With this Albus Dumbledore approached her about doing a home-school program where he would come thrice a week and give her lessons on the promise she would return for her seventh. She agreed, it was the only way she could get a good job to take of Ryan.

Chloe had been lucky enough that her friends never asked where she went; taking the poor excuses she made up for truth. They were all so wrapped up in their own lives they didn’t seem to care all that much. Her best friend, however, was the only one seemed to notice. Remus Lupin was good friends with Ryan’s father, and because of that he could not ever know, and Chloe spent most of her time avoiding him. But he was smarter then that. He guessed every day until the last day of school as to the reason why she wouldn't be coming back for sixth year. She never answered, she couldn’t answer. When she had to leave, Chloe told everyone that she had been accepted to go to Beauxbatons and that her mother was making her go. She didn’t want to tell them that, but it was what was best for her, and what was best for them, she supposed.

“Mama,” Ryan whined, pointing to the empty bottle on the floor. Chloe smiled, and stood up, carrying him over to his crib.

“You go back to sleep now,” she told him, laying him back into bed.

Ryan gave her indignant look, and shook his head no. Chloe knew she was not going to win this battle and have Ryan go back to sleep.

Grinning a little, Chloe gave in. She knew she wouldn’t enjoy this when he got older, but for now she found his little 'protests' cute. “Fine, how 'bout you come with me and watch me cook breakfast for grandma?”

Giving a delighted squeal in agreement, Chloe picked Ryan up and crouched down grabbing the bottle he had thrown and headed down to the kitchen again. It was still early, but her mother would be getting up for work soon. She works for the Floo Regulation Panel and had to be at the Ministry by nine. The kitchen was not so dark now that the sun had risen a little higher in the sky. Pulling the highchair out of the corner, Chloe sat Ryan in it. She put the empty bottle in the sink, and opened the fridge for another bottle of formula. She turned around, and pulled her wand out again. Mumbling the spell she needed, she felt the contents warm instantly. Ryan reached out for it as she neared. Chloe let him take it, and for a moment she watched as he drank.

Turning back to the fridge, she pulled out the carton of eggs. She turned the burner on, and placed the small frying pan on it. She waited patiently for the burner to warm, and poured herself some orange juice, and pulled out the toaster. Once warm, she got some butter to put on the pan and then cracked two eggs, letting them cook.

“Something smells good,” said a soft voice behind Chloe.

Chloe turned and smiled at her little sister, Danielle. She was only thirteen years old, but she had an air about her of someone much older. Chloe wondered if it had anything to do with the fact of what she was put through while at Hogwarts. She had to lie to everyone, about Chloe and Ryan. She had to face Ryan’s father on a day to day basis, and tell him nothing about his son or give any clues that there was something 'wrong' with Chloe.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Chloe asked her sister.

Danielle shrugged. “Well I figured I might as well get used to waking up early again, since I’m going back to Hogwarts in a week.” She told her, moving to the small table in the corner.

Chloe ignored the flip her stomach did, thinking about going back to Hogwarts. When her mother and Albus Dumbledore told her she could return to Hogwarts, now that Ryan was almost a year, she found herself packing her trunk again. It would be her last year at Hogwarts, and she wasn’t scared about going to the grown-up world after this like the other’s were, no, she was afraid about leaving her son alone for a year. She was scared of facing him again. It had been hard enough hiding it from him when she was pregnant, but now that the child had grown a little, into something that looked so much like him, she wasn't sure if she could hide it from him, and let him live his life without a clue.

Chloe scooped the eggs out of the pan, and placed it on a plate, and grabbed some bacon and watched was it began to heat up and cook with her wand. She gave it to her sister, and cracked open another two eggs on the pan.

“Are you nervous?” Danielle asked, seeming to read Chloe's thoughts.

Chloe shrugged. “I’m more nervous about leaving Ryan here with mum, than going back. I’m not so sure mum will be able to handle a child and a job alone.” Chloe admitted.

Danielle looked thoughtful for a moment, before shrugging in response. “Mum’s done it before, and with two children.”

Chloe nodded in agreement. “Still, she is older now. And by time I was ready for school, all she had to worry about was you. It's not the same.”

“She said something about having Aunty move in with us.” Danielle added.

“I head that too, but I think Aunty was moving in no matter what. Her new job doesn’t pay enough for her flat.” Chloe explained. “Besides, she’s here almost every weekend.”

“Yeah, I’m sure mum is really happy about that.” Danielle sniggered in her juice, referring to how messy and crazy their Aunt was.

“What won’t I be happy about?”

Chloe turned and smiled. “Nothing, here’s some breakfast.” Chloe said handing a plate of food to her mother.

Samantha Roberts smiled tiredly, and taking the plate she sat across from Danielle. Chloe turned off the burner, and turned back to the kitchen. Her mother talked casually to Danielle, while Chloe prepared the food for Ryan. When she was finished, she grabbed the last seat and pulled over Ryan’s high chair. He smiled at his mother, and pushed his empty bottle towards her. She grabbed it, and placed it under her chair. Spooning the food, she gave it to him. He was older now, and could handle more solid food, but for some reason he loved baby food.

Sitting in his chair, he ate happily, and soon Chloe heard the chairs behind her scrape across the kitchen floor. “I’m going now,” her mother said, standing.

Chloe turned to look at her mother and sister. “Have fun at work.” She smirked.

Mrs. Roberts ignored her comment and continued. “Remember to pick up your sister from Diagon Alley around three.” She reminded her. “You can leave Ryan with Ms. Dubose next door, I’ve already asked.”

“I know, I know. You don’t need to remind me.” Chloe said, getting up She had already heard all of this the night before. “Now go on,” she shooed her sister and mother out of the room. She heard them leave, and Chloe groaned to herself.

Chloe didn’t want to go; in fact she was afraid she would see someone she knew. But her mother thought it was about time Chloe showed her face in the Magical world again. She could no longer avoid the people she would be spending the year with, and her mother was making sure she had no choice but to go.

She looked at Ryan, and frowned. “Your grandmother is truly going insane if she thinks I’m leaving you with Ms. Dubose.”

Ryan laughed in response, and spewed up the last of his food where it landed all over the floor. And he started to laugh again.

“Not funny,” Chloe groaned, grabbing a cloth.

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