Chapter Thirteen By: Evie "Professor McGonagall, you wanted to speak to me?" Hermione asked the professor the next day, standing at the doorway. "Oh yes, yes, Hermione. Please come in and sit down." Professor motioned her sit in the chair in front of her desk. "Thank you," she flattened her skirt as she sat down. Today was the day her and Draco were chaperoning the trip to the Three Broomsticks, and she wanted to look nice for him. She took special care to put on her makeup, and did her hair in a very attractive french braid. Professor McGonagall sat down in her chair behind her desk, looking much older and wiser than the last time Hermione saw her. "So, Hermione, how is Harry and Ron doing? I heard they came and visited. Harry caused quite a rucus." Hermione smiled. "They're doing fine. Harry is loving being an aurora and Ron just got a letter to try out for a Quidditch Team." The Professor, laughed. "Some of the best kids i've ever had the pleasure of teaching. But actually, i've come to talk to you about another matter." Hermione suddenly became sober. "Yes, Professor?" McGonagall took out a huge file of papers in her top drawer and dropped it on her desk. "Do you know what this is, dear?" Hermione shook her head. "I don't think so." McGonagall opened the first page. "These are all of your school records. You've accomplished many, many things since you left Hogwarts." Hermione's cheeks redened a bit. "Thank you." Professor McGonagall suddenly stopped talking, and rubbed her forehead with her old, tired hands. "Dear, you can see i'm getting too old for this job." Hermione stayed silent, frightened of the new professor who she was seeing. "I just cannot keep up my strength anymore. I'm getting old and dont have the energy i used to have," the professor croaked out. Hermione nodded, not sure what to say. "Dumbledore has seen this and has asked me to find someone to replace me. I reccommended you from the start and that's why you were brought here. We're asking you to become a Professor here and be the master of the Gryffindors." Professor looked into Hermione's eyes. Hermione was speechless. "What would I teach?" Professor smiled. "You are very talented. Whatever we are in need of , im sure you'll be able to handle. You don't have to make up your mind right now, Miss Granger. But please, think about it." Hermione got up slowly from her chair and was about to walk out and but stopped at the doorway. "Professor McGonagall, i would be honored to be a Professor at Hogwarts." Hermione left the room, feeling more content than she has since coming back to Hogwarts. A/N: Hey everyone! How are you? Well, I hope you liked the new chapter, i know i did! Next chapter Hermione and Draco go to the Thee Broomsticks... Ohhh love is in the air! Bet you cant wait! LoL. I tried to put down all the email addresses i could find, sorry if i left urs out!

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