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Author's Note: Hello my readers!!! This is the fourth chapter of Time Changes Everything. I know this may look like a short chapter, but they will get longer as we go along lol. This is just about their reactions to the situation at hand. I really really hope you like it!!!



It was morning, Draco could feel it. There was a soft pink hue just beyond his closed eyelids and his body wasn’t complaining for fatigue. Actually, he felt rather rejuvenated and couldn’t remember waking up as content as he felt that morning.

However, the soft pillow underneath his head was making it difficult to fully wake up. So, keeping his eyes closed, he tightened his grip on the smooth pillow across his chest, which was soothing him back to sleep with soft movements on his side and constant puffs of air on his neck. That feels good, thought Draco peacefully.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open as thoughts crossed his mind. Smooth like skin, movements that felt like they being made by a hand and puffs of air like someone’s breathing. Very slowly, his eyes moved down from the maroon pillow in front of him to look into wide brown eyes.

A few moments before Draco’s eyes found another’s and he learned someone else was in his bed, which had white hotel pillows the night before, Hermione too had awoken and arrived at some startling realizations of her own.

She too noticed it was morning and found that she had a particularly good night’s sleep. However, the warmth coming from her firm, body length pillow, which was holding her, made her want to stay in bed a few minutes longer. Even the itchiness near her cheek didn’t want her to officially wake up just yet. Hmm…this feels good, thought Hermione, smiling slightly.

Things fell into place for Hermione as well…firm warm body, arms holding her and itchy stubble…Her eyes opened and moved from the bare, male chest up to large icy blue eyes who were staring at her with wonder.

No more than three seconds after their eye contact, a very loud scream left Hermione’s mouth, causing Draco to jump back and fall off of the bed. “Shit! What in the bloody hell?” yelled Draco as he rubbed his behind.

Hermione also got off the bed, putting it between herself and the other person. “What the hell do you think you’re doing in my bed!?” she shrieked, nervous about having a stranger in her room. “You better leave before I call the police!”

“What do you mean in your bed?” asked Draco as he grabbed onto the side of the bed and lift himself off of the floor. He recognized the voice right away and figured that Hermione might have entered the wrong room the night before, although he didn’t know why she was in there in the first place seeing as you had to have the right key to get in the room. He rolled his eyes, thinking of all the ways he could make fun of Hermione, about how she ended up in his bed and not on her precious Potty or Weasel. “I think it’s best to say that I should call the police,” he replied, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion as he wondered what on earth a ‘police’ was.

Identifying Draco’s voice, Hermione sighed with relief while trying to figure out why he was in her bed of all places. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose while running through possibilities in her head. She was coming to the same conclusion as Draco, but she mentally shook her head. The only one that stuck was that Draco was being a jerk, as well as completely perverted.

Opening her eyes, she was about to tell him off, but the words died from her tongue as her mouth opened in shock. The room she was in looked completely different than the night before.

The first thing she noticed was the deep red comforter instead of the ugly floral design from the night before. Narrowing her eyes in confusion, she moved her head upward to see a well-defined body only covered in a pair of boxers. This was certainly not the body she associated with the voice she just heard. Finally, after a few seconds of staring, her eyes landed on the face of her school enemy.

What she didn’t expect to see was the face in front of her. It was not that of a seventeen-year-old Draco, but a more matured, looking Draco…who was gaping like a fish?

“Malfoy?” she asked, baffled. She couldn’t believe that the man standing in front of her was in fact her school enemy. She also couldn’t believe how different he looked with his clothes off.

“Uh-huh,” responded Draco, finally closing his mouth.

“Is…that you?” She needed something more to confirm that it was indeed her annoying school rival.

Distracted, Draco answered with a slight nod of his head.

Following his gaze down to her body, Hermione realized that Draco’s hadn’t made their ascent from the bed to face her yet. She was looking down at an unrecognizable, equally matured as Draco’s, body dressed in a very revealing piece of lingerie.

Snapping her head up, Hermione looked around the room for something to cover her body, which she couldn’t believe was her own, with. Finding a robe thrown across a chair to her left, she put it on, only afterwards noticing that it was a male robe.

As soon as her body was covered, Draco looked up and his eyes widened even further. “Granger?” he asked in disbelief. “Whoa, you’re like you…but older.” His eyes studied he face with great interest, ignoring the fact that he was gazing at the face of the person he hated the most.

Hermione rolled her eyes and wrapped the robe a little tighter against her body, trying to cover up even more. “Very eloquently put, Malfoy. You also look older.” She paused, reflecting her own questions about the odd situation at hand. “Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“No,” he sneered at the accusing tone of her voice. “The last thing I remember is going back to the hotel yesterday and falling asleep in my room. Alone,” he said, more to himself, trying to put his thoughts in order.

“The day of the trip?” asked Hermione for clarification. She had to know she wasn’t going crazy, especially if she was in the same room as Draco…and wearing revealing clothes.

“Yeah,” Draco said, stating the obvious. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “It was yesterday that we arrived at the stupid theme park. Of course I went into the right room yesterday.”

Hermione sighed. “Me too,” she said, looking nervously around her. “Any ideas as to,” she gestured over the bed between them, “how we got here?” She bit her bottom lip nervously. What happened? How did we end up here?, thought Hermione worriedly.

“Um…maybe we…” Draco scratched his chin with contemplation, “just woke up from a coma?” He nodded after a while, really positive that this was the only way this could have happened.

Hermione’s mouth dropped open. Her eyes narrowed and her hands went on her hips. “Are you kidding me? A coma? Because this is a hospital room and the doctors would put us together in the same bed, wearing close to nothing!” she ended in a slight louder voice than she began, frustrated with Draco’s stupidity. She also didn’t know Draco knew what a coma was and that had caught her off guard as well. Since when does Malfoy know anything about muggle illnesses? she thought to herself.

“Well, what do you think is going on, Mudblood?” Draco asked, in the same tone as Hermione. He knew just as much as she did and he did not like it. He hated it when things got past him. Nothing gets past a Malfoy. Nothing. “ I don’t see you coming up with anything better. If I didn’t know better, Granger, I’d say you wanted to come into my room last night.” He looked around him and his face paled a little. “Where is everybody?”

Hermione too realized that they were the only ones in the room. If they had woken up in ‘each other’s’ beds like they said, then where was everyone else they shared their room with? She slumped and shrugged. She hated not knowing what was going on around her, and being in the same situation as Draco Malfoy was not helping at all. She helplessly looked around, trying desperately to find a perfect explanation as to why this happened. “Maybe we’re both dreaming. I mean, nothing like this can happen unless someone used a timeturner on us.” She wrapped her arms around herself and sighed. “Did you use the timeturner on us?” She asked eyeing him with suspicion.

Draco scoffed. “Oh yeah right. Like I would do something like that,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Even if I did use a stupid timeturner, which I didn’t, I would never use it on both of us. I would rather spend an uncomfortable time figuring out what’s going on with Longbottom than with the likes of you.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be surprising now, would it? Neville would probably come up with better predictions than you. A coma? Puh-lease! I don’t even think you know what a coma is,” replied Hermione, smirking at him.

“For your information, Granger, I do know what a coma is,” he sneered. “Besides, my prediction was way better than yours. Dreaming? I would never, in a million years, dream of you, Granger. Not even if it was a command would I do it. I’d rather die. Trust me,” he said, raising his eyebrows. “So clearly, we both came up with lame explanations.”

“Oh just shut up, Malfoy. You just talk and talk but you’re not really saying anything,” she replied, rolling her eyes. “You’re just like a overgrown baby who only knows how to talk in their own language.”

Draco scoffed. “Well, at least I didn’t scream like a dying chimera when we made eye contact. Seriously, Granger, you need to get a new scream,” he said, shaking his head at the brunette.

“I do not scream like a dying chimera, Malfoy! How am I supposed to believe that you didn’t use a timeturner on us, huh? You’re a Malfoy! No one trusts you! So, where in the hell is the timeturner?” yelled Hermione, her eyes blazing dangerously.

Just as Draco was about to yell at Hermione for thinking he would do such a thing, they heard another voice in the room, a much softer voice.


Draco and Hermione’s eyes widened for what seemed the hundredth time in a few minutes as they found each other’s gaze. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They couldn’t possibly be—

“Are you and mummy okay?”

Draco and Hermione stood still, unblinking, with their hearts beating rapidly in their chests. No, they couldn’t believe it. They thought they must have heard wrong. They couldn’t possibly know that child. They would not believe it. That is, until they heard a new voice in the room.


Hermione blinked, breaking the eye contact with Draco. Both turned and looked towards the newly open bedroom door. Oh this is just great! thought Draco, frustrated that a lot was being thrown at him in less than five minutes.

Draco heard Hermione gasp, but couldn’t tear his eyes away from the two children in front of him to look at her. There was a small boy, maybe five or six years old, standing in white pajamas. He had platinum blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He looks exactly like me, thought Draco, his heart beating fast against his chest. Standing behind the boy was a younger girl, about three years old, wearing a pink nightgown. She had long, slightly wavy, brown hair with icy blue eyes, which reminded Draco a lot of Hermione. Oh no! he thought miserably, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. They’re our children!


What do you guys think??? Good??? Bad??? Tell me what you think!!!!!! Like I said, this chapter may have been short, but I promise that the next chapter will be longer!!! I really hoped you enjoyed reading it!! Well, until the next chapter, my loves!!

Luv ya all!!


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