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“Kill me Harry. Kill me now!” Ron Weasley whined as he walked into the Gryffindor Common room. Harry Potter was sitting on an armchair by the fireplace, reading, when Ron had come in. 

“What’s wrong Ron?’ He asked his best mate.

 Ron walked over to Harry and slumped down on to the couch adjacent to Harry’s armchair. “We broke up…” He said sadly.

Harry put down what he was reading and looked up at his friend. “Natalie broke up with you?” He asked. Ron nodded. He couldn’t even say it. He had actually liked this girl. It wasn’t like when he went out with Lavender just to make a certain someone jealous. Ron had thought that maybe there was something there. “Did she tell you why?” Harry asked pressing on. 

Ron frowned and looked up at Harry. “She said…” He hesitated. “And it’s absolutely rubbish. But, she said that I talked about…”

“Talked about who Ron?” Harry asked with raised brows. He had a feeling he knew who it was, but there was no harm in asking to make sure anyway. 

“That I talked about…” Ron said, stopping again. “About Hermione too much.” He finally finished.

 Harry shook his head. “Oh yeah, that’s absolutely ridiculous…” Harry sarcastically said.

“You know what? I am swearing off girls! I don’t want to see another girl again!” Ron stated angrily as he jumped up from the chair. Just as Hermione walked into the room. 

“Okay, sorry. I just thought maybe you guys would like some company…” She said as she turned to leave.

 “No, Hermione, stay. I don’t think he means you.” Harry said, trying to stop Hermione from leaving. 

“Oh, no! I don’t mean you!” Ron exclaimed loudly. “It was your fault that Natalie broke up with me…” He added, mumbling under his breath. 

“Excuse me?” Hermione said, having heard what Ron had said. Ron turned to face Hermione who was walking angrily over to him. 

“Well it was. Natalie said I talked too much about you.”

“Oh! And I suppose that’s MY fault! I’m not the one doing the talking am I?” Hermione retorted with fury in her eyes. Ron just glared at her angrily.

 “Hey, you guys. Maybe we should have a boys’ night out. Get your mind off of things Ron.” Harry suggested. He wasn’t up for listening to another of their fights. 

“Yeah, alright.” Ron agreed. 

“How about you Hermione?” Harry asked turning to her.

 Hermione sighed, “Harry, I may be one of the guys, but I’m not a boy. Besides, I don’t think I want to go considering I’m the one taking the blame for his problems…” She said rolling her eyes, before turning and walking upstairs. 

“Women…” Ron grumbled shaking his head. “Hey Harry? Can we go someplace with fire whiskey? I could use a drink…” 

Harry nodded. “Sure mate.”

Ron and Harry headed out to Hogsmeade for their boys’ night out. They headed into the Hogs Head and took a seat at the bar. The pub had a mysterious and dangerous vibe to it. Only dark wizards went to the Hogs Head but if the boys wanted to get alcoholic beverages, they would have to stay there.

“Two Fire Whiskeys please, and keep them coming.” Ron ordered. The man behind the counter took out his bottle of Fire Whiskey and set it down on the counter, before taking out two mugs. Ron watched as he poured it into the mugs and passed it to him and Harry. “Bottoms up Harry.” Ron said before chugging down his beverage. He drank one mug after another and another. 

“Hey, Ron. Don’t you think you should slow down?” Harry asked, concerned. 

“No, I’m fine.” Ron said waving his hand in the air. 

Just then an owl swooped into the pub and dropped a letter onto Harry’s head. “It’s Ginny, she needs me.” Harry said after reading the message. He quickly scribbled something onto the back of a napkin and gave it to the owl. “Take this to Hermione.” He told the owl. “Ron, stay here alright? Don’t go anywhere until Hermione gets here.” 

Ron turned to look at Harry. “Alright, alright….” He said starting to slur.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, an owl had swooped into Hermione’s room and dropped a napkin onto her bed. Curious as to what it could be, Hermione retrieved the napkin and read it’s message. Hermione, there’s been an emergency. Ron’s still at the Hogs Head. He’s a bit drunk, so can you please come and get him? -Harry. “Unbelievable.” Hermione said as she crumpled up the napkin. “How irresponsible can one be?” Grabbing her coat, she headed out on her way to get Ron.

It wasn’t hard to find Ron once Hermione had arrived at the Hogs Head. It was practically empty except for a few dark figures standing in the corner. “Ron. Let’s go.” She said as she reached him. 

“Oh hey Hermione!” He said, obviously drunk.

 “Ron, come on, let’s go. You’re already too drunk, stop it!” She scolded, yanking the mug away from his grasp. 

“I’m not drunk Hermione, just a bit tipsy…” He said, standing up for proof. Except that when he stoop up, his knees buckled, causing him to almost fall, if he wasn’t already holding onto Hermione. 

“Alright, fine. But let’s go…” She said, as she pulled him out of the pub.

“Okay now Ron. We have to be quiet because you’re drunk-” Hermione began to say but was cut off.

 “Tipsy…” Ron said. 

“Or tipsy…and well we’re past curfew. So, shh!” She said putting a finger to her lips. 

“Shh…” Ron said, doing the same. “Don’t worry Hermione, I’m stealth…” He said, letting go of Hermione and trying to do flips across the school’s campus. 

“Ron!” Hermione exclaimed, rushing over to him. “That is not-”

“Shh! Shh! Shh!” Ron shushed, putting a hand over Hermione’s mouth to quiet her. Not being able to talk, Hermione shifted her eyes to look at him. Ron just laughed giddily, and kissed her on the forehead causing her to blush. The two finally arrived back at the Gryffindor common room after a long while of walking. 

“Okay, stay here.” Hermione told Ron as she set him on the couch. She left to go get him a bucket, just in case he needed to throw up.

“Hermione!” Ron whined. “The room’s spinning!” 

Hermione rushed out from the bathroom with a cold cloth. “That’s natural Ron.” She said putting the cloth on Ron’s forehead. 

“Thanks Hermione…” He said smiling up at her.

 Why couldn’t he be like this when he’s sober? Hermione thought. “You’re welcome Ron.” She said smiling back. 

“I love you Hermione.” Ron said again, just before drifting off to sleep. 

Hermione was taken aback by his words. She could feel herself blushing violently. Did he really mean that? Or was it just the fire whiskey talking? Internally she knew that she wanted it to be true. “I love you too…” She said softly. She had always loved him. For as long as they have been best friends, she had loved him, but because of his stubbornness she didn’t want to admit to it.

Sighing, Hermione slumped down into the armchair, looking over at Ron. She sat there, just in case he woke up and needed her and ended up falling asleep there.

The next morning came and Ron had finally woken up. “Oy, my head…” He muttered rubbing his temples.

 “Here, take this.” Hermione said, throwing him a capsule. 

“What is it?” Ron asked, squinting down at the round, red object.

 “It’s a muggle medicine. Just take it, it’ll make your headache go away.” She explained walking over to him. “Here.” She handed him a glass of water. Ron drank the capsule down before leaning his head back onto the couch.

“Next time don’t drink so much.” Hermione advised.

 “You’re not the boss of me…” Ron said, still groggy from last night. 

“I was merely looking out for your health.” Hermione said defensively. 

“Yeah, well what does that matter to you?” Ron asked frowning. 

“I’m the one who has to take care of you!” Hermione said. The rage now building up inside her.

 “Yeah? Well who asked you?” Ron retorted, getting up from the couch.

“Harry did! For your information!” Hermione could feel the tears of anger welling up in her eyes as her cheeks turned red. 

“Oh.” Ron said, lowering his voice. 

“Ron? Did you mean any of the things you said last night?” Hermione asked him. “What did I say last night?” He asked back.

“You-you don’t remember?”

“Hermione, if I didn’t remember it, then I probably didn’t mean it.” Ron stated.

That caused the tears to start flowing. “So you didn’t mean it when…when you said you loved me?” She asked, looking down at the floor. “You didn’t mean any of that?”

“No…” Ron said slowly. “But Hermione-”

“How can you not see it? I love you Ron! When will you see it? I took care of you last night…”


“I thought you meant it! It’s been seven years Ron! Seven!”


“Honestly, am I fighting for a lost cause here? Even Harry can see that-” But Hermione was cut off when Ron kissed her. She felt her whole body tingle, and her knees weaken.

“Sorry Hermione, but you wouldn’t shut up…” Ron said smiling at her. She smiled back, speechless. “I love you, I meant what I said last night, I was just afraid that you didn’t feel the same way…” Ron told her. 

“How could you not see that I did feel the same way?” Hermione finally said before pulling him into another kiss. Just then Harry walked in. 

“Oi! Finally!” He said as he approached his best friends. “It’s taken you both long enough.” 

Hermione laughed. “I know, it has…” She said looking into Ron’s eyes. He smiled and pulled her into a kiss. 

“Oy, alright then, I’ll leave you two to it.” Harry said laughing, and then left the room.

“So what do we do now?” Ron asked, after watching Harry leave. 

“This.” Hermione said, kissing Ron again.

 “That uh, that sounds good.” Ron said, his ears turning red as he kissed her again. 

It only took one night of tipsy drinking to get them together, but it’ll take a whole lot more to get them apart. For Hermione and Ron, a love so strong that nothing can break it.

A/N: Ahh I know, the ending sucked right? But I tried my best. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a one-shot not based around a song. I hope you liked it though! If you have any pointers or comments please leave it in a review. Thanks! :D


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