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Harry Potter: The Chain of Darkness

Chapter 1: A Prologue of Death

The rain fell through the skies creating an endless river of tears, roaring towards the dried soil of Britain. As the first raindrop hit the hard ground of the park, everyone started running towards their children who were still enjoying their free weekend at the park with their friends. In minutes the park was clear of humans or Muggles should I say. Only one figure could be seen behind the bars of the two swings that lay wet and cold from the rain. Anyone could say that he was a man. Tall and thin, with well defined muscles, the stranger walked out of the park to the dead pavement of the empty road. He walked for pretty long, not stopping even when the barwoman of a nearby bar called him in for a drink.

The stranger went into another alley and with fast and steady pace he reached his destination. Two Muggles were standing at the opposite pavement below the tent of their shops staring him blankly surprised by his presence in that specific alley at that time. When he reached the door of the pub he wanted, he stared back to see the two strangers suddenly deeply absorbed in a conversation.

The inside of the pub was warm and filled with the smell of butterbeer and alcohol. The stranger for a moment was tempted to take a seat and order a drink from the bald barman with the name Tom. But he knew he had other thinks to do. He took off his cloak and faced the barman at the other side of the counter.

“Wow never seen your lots at this time of the year!!” he said in a happy voice.
“Well now you have”, the stranger answered coldly, cutting the mood of the barman into pieces.
“I want a room to spend the night, a quiet room, if you know what I mean”, the stranger added without letting any emotion escape his mouth.
“Brenda, take this young man to room 11, and help him with his luggage”, the barman called anxious to get the customer out of his sight.

A woman around her thirties came out of a back door and once she spotted the young man in front of the counter she hurried to take his luggage and lead him to his room. Coming closer the stranger noticed that the woman had a gold tooth in her mouth and wore dirty and plain robes unlike his own. He followed Brenda to the second floor and to a door with the number 11 printed in silver letters on it.

“Here we go, number 11 sir.”, she said with a bright smile. Obviously enough she was expecting tips.
“Go! I won’t need you anymore”, he said as the smile was replaced with anger and disappointment.
He entered he room and took out a small sharp pointy wand from his back pocket and held it upright aiming the whole room.
“ Apokallio!!” . he murmured under his breath and shining white light shot out of the wand brushing the whole room.

The stranger seemed reliefed and continued his way into the room. He went close to the window, which he knew faced Diagon Alley and pulled the curtains out of the way. The street was almost packed with wizards and witches who came here daily to do their shopping. He then made it back to his luggage where he took out a small globe of light. He brushed his fingers on the surface of the white marble substance and immediately a white unreal light filled the room. Strange enough none of the shoppers that went pass the Leaky Cauldron seemed to notice the white light bathing the room, from the open window.

The stranger did not answer to the call of Brenda when she came back to ask him whether he was going to eat something either did he answer her in the morning when she came to do the housekeep.

The only sign they heard, that convinced them that he was still in the number 11 room was the numb thumbs they heard at midnight coming from his room or either the next door room, number 12. Two days have passed and nobody has seen him out of his room or heard the weird thumb noise. It wasn’t until 4 days after he has first checked in that Tom the barman decided to enter his room to find it abandoned with a hole at the wall that separated number 11 and 12.

The very next Daily Prophet had headlines:

“One of the sons of the famous Draco Malfoy murdered at the Leaky Cauldron”. Below the headline stood a photo of a tall built man around his 11th year of life……….

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