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*Pooja’s p.o.v.*

“This train ride has been very interesting”: I said, jumping off the train and onto the platform.
“ I agree. I have a feeling that this year will be very interesting”: Lily said, grinning. Me and Lily had a lot in common, apparently. We both have been crushing on two of the marauders ( James for her, Sirius for me) and we are determined to get over them this year. Speaking of the marauders, I can only hope that they will miss me a little this year as I plan on hanging with the girls this year. I was so absorbed in these thoughts that I didn’t even realize the person I was walking towards until I bumped into him.
“Watch where you’re going , blood traitor” : Regulus Black hissed. I glared at him while simultaneously looking around to make sure no other slytherins were around. As soon as I was convinced that there were none, I dragged him into a carriage and , I dropped the charade and jumped Regulus, giving him a huge bear hug. Apparently he had also been surveying our area because he welcomed me with open arms.
“ Hey Reggie, how’s it going?”: I asked, still not having released him. At this point, I should probably mention that I am good friends with Regulus Black, something which bugged Sirius to no end.
“Don’t want to break up his wonderful reunion, but can someone please tell us what’s going on?”: Dyeemah asked, apparently speaking for the group, as each of them looked as confused as the next, as we jumped apart as if we had been caught doing something wrong.
“Well, the thing is, Regulus and I go a long way back, we have been friends since we first met , when we were 5.”
“ Really? But, I thought Regulus was biased against, well, Muggleborns and Purebloods that befriend them?”: Lily questioned, noticeably taken aback.
“I’m not really, people just are under the misconception that since I am a Slytherin and since Sirius thinks that I’m biased, I must be.”
“Wow, well, I’m sorry, its just, you know, um…”: Etain said, trying to get her point across without seeming biased herself.
“Its okay, I know what you’re trying to say, just please, in the future, don’t mince your words around me”
“Or around anyone else for that matter because the only thing we mince is garlic” : I said
“ Are you trying to be funny Pooja?”: Regulus asked, looking very amused
“No, I was just trying break the ice”
“Well, you have to try a bit harder” Regulus said, which I responded to by sticking my tongue out at him.
“Very mature, Ms. Vijay”
“Thank you, I try my best” at this everyone laughed, not that the comment itself was funny. Perhaps just to get rid of the tension. By now, we had already arrived at our destination, Hogwarts castle. We got of the carriage and walked towards the castle gates and through them, to the entrance, talking all the while.
“ Well, I would love to chat longer ladies, but I think we all know what would happen if I was seen talking to you.” : Regulus said as we stepped in the entrance hall, all the while scanning the people around us, making sure no one that could damage our reputations was around.
“ What would happen? , I mean Dyeemah is in Slytherin as well, so why would it matter if you were talking to us?”: Diksha asked, her naivety apparent
“Well , no offense Diksha , but you have never attended Hogwarts, so you really wouldn’t know this but, Dyeemah and her family are known blood traitors, unlike me and my family, with the obvious exception of Sirius and well, it would get to my parents that I was seen talking to you, and well, lets just say that your lives would not be the same again. Well, I hear someone approaching, so I must be off” : Regulus said hurriedly, before he rushed off, not a moment to soon, as the marauders stepped in the entrance hall. As soon as he noticed me, Remus made a beeline to where I was standing.
“I’m sorry Pooja, I ----“ he started to say but stopped in surprise as he saw that I was not listening attentively, as was expected, but walking away from him at a rather quick pace.
“What was that about?” Dyeemah asked, as we entered the great hall and took seats in the middle of the Gryffindor table. Apparently, even though she was in Slytherin, she had special permission from the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, to sit there.
“Nothing—“ I started to say but then stopped. There was nothing stopping me from saying the truth and even though I would feel guilty later, I was too angry to stop now. “ you see, the thing is, James is my cousin, we, not technically, because my mum was adopted by his grandparents but his mum and my mum act like sisters anyway, and I’ve been friends with Remus ever since I found something out about him that he is very self-conscious about, but lately, they have been taking me for granted and not acting very friendly towards me, I mean, just today, they kicked me out of their compartment because they didn’t have even room for me to sit along with their girlfriends, and ……….oh , I’m sorry, you probably don’t care. Have a tendency to babble, sorry” : I said, looking down at the table
“Pooja, we are your friends, of course we care” Lily said, noticing the way my eyes widened as she said friends.
“Friends? Are you sure? I mean, I wouldn’t want to be a burden”
“Pooja, seriously, shut up, of course you won’t be a burden”: Etain said. The others opened their mouths to agree, but were cut off by McGonagall starting the sorting. I was too absorbed in my thought to pay much attention to anything, even the food, and as I walked with the girls to the dorm, after bidding Dyeemah goodbye , I couldn’t help but wonder why I had never talked to any of them, save for Diksha, before. I was more exhausted and happy then I had been in a long time and that night , I slept soundly, looking forward to the next day with more enthusiasm than I would have expected.

A/N: wow, sorry guys, I know I haven’t written anything in a looooooooooooong time. Got too lazy, but know that school’s over, you can expect quicker updates. oh, and thanks to all the people who have read and/reviewed my story. the more reviews I get, the quicker I update!

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