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Severus and Whetherbee arrived back in Wizarding England a few hours later and Snape side-apparated him to Hogwarts.

“You will apologize to Miss Granger,” Severus told the other wizard and pulled him painfully down the path towards Hogwarts by the arm. Whetherbee followed meekly and didn't even try to resist.

“She'll probably hex me on sight!” Whetherbee said in a slight protest, “You think you could explain to her first?” Whetherbee looked at the doors of Hogwarts in fear.

“It's all on you, old man.” Severus smirked slightly as they entered Hogwarts and they headed for the Headmistress's office. “Potter!” He called out to Jamie who was in the hall, “Please fetch your Aunt Hermione, tell her to meet us in Professor McGonagall's office.”

Severus said the password to the gargoyle guarding the stairs, and ushered Whetherbee up. “Gentlemen first!” He said rather scathingly, still irritated over the whole deal. The only thing he relished was the fact it was another black mark on Umbridge's rather spotty chart.

“Minerva!” Snape said as they entered the office. McGonagall looked up with a smile on her face after calling out a cheery 'enter' to Snape's brisk knock.

“What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Minnie asked, and looked at Snape's companion with a faint hint of recognition. “Whetherbee isn't it?”

“Hello Professor.” Whetherbee's voice sounded shaky. He remembered the glowing recommendation letter that had come from her with Hermione Granger's apprenticeship letter.

“We'll explain once Hermione arrives.” Severus said shortly, and took one of the seats in front of Minerva's desk after pushing Whetherbee into another. Minerva's eyebrow arched at this.

“We'll need Albus's Pensieve.” Severus added as an afterthought. “Whetherbee here has some valuable information for Umbridge's upcoming trial. I'd prefer to have it documented in case,” Snape gave the other wizard a rather chilling glance of warning, “My old friend decides to skip out before he can testify.”

A quiet knock came upon the door, and Severus jumped up to open it. Hermione entered and took one look at Whetherbee and turned a shade paler before pulling her wand from her pocket and pointing it at him.

“You!” Hermione said softly, but lowered her wand at Minerva's look.

“Take a seat Hermione.” Minerva gestured towards a chair by Snape's. “Severus here has brought someone that has information regarding Umbridge's trial?” Minerva's eyebrow arched again, and she looked over her half-moon glasses at the three of them. “Severus, go fetch the Pensieve.”

Hermione looked at Severus in shock that he had brought Whetherbee back with him, and wondered how he could possibly have any information concerning Umbridge. She looked back at the older wizard, her eyes narrowed and almost laughed when he cowered from her. Eleven years and Severus has changed a few things, eh? Hermione thought, a faint smile lightening the severity of her face.

Severus returned with the Pensieve following him under the moving spell and he placed it before the desk. “Finite incantem.” He said with a flick of his wand before taking his seat beside Hermione.

Hermione gave him a questioning look, but kept silent at his finger placed on his lips. Severus shifted to get comfortable, and arched his hands together in a bridge. He tapped both pointer fingers together and hid the sneer on his face behind him. He knew he was definitely going to enjoy this. He just hoped Hermione would.

“Now that we are all here, and so is the Pensieve, would someone please explain to me what is going on?” Minerva said and looked at the three of them in front of her.

“By all means, do tell.” Hermione quipped in, unable to hold back any longer. Her eyes drifted past Severus to glare at the former Potion professor.

“Whetherbee please take your wand and place your memories in the Pensieve. So much more honest that way,” Severus ordered him, and pointed a finger towards the Pensieve.

“But-” Whetherbee tried to protest, but Severus just continued to point his finger.

Now!” Snape commanded, his irritation showing. “Be the man you once were and do it.”

Whetherbee twisted his fingers together in indecision before pulling his own wand from his pocket and began to extract the memories concerning Umbridge's bribe, blackmail or what ever it was called. The thin strand shown a milky white trail as it hung from the tip of his wand and clung to his temple before he placed it into the clear fluid of the Pensieve. Whetherbee looked up and straight into the eyes of his former Headmaster. He blanched a light shade, but Dumbledore just smiled encouragingly from his painting.

“Miss Granger, I want to say I am sorry. I didn't do it because I wanted to.” Whetherbee winced at the slap at his shoulder from Snape's hand. “I was forced to do it.” He turned to look in Severus's eyes and then looked back at Hermione. “Minister Umbridge dislikes you greatly, as you know. She threatened me.” His last words came out more like a whimpering plea.

“Umbridge forced you?” Hermione said in disbelief. “Why?” She looked around at the occupants of the room and her eyes finally rested in a gaze on Severus.

“You are part of the group that forced her demotion in the Ministry love.” Severus said, and Whetherbee collapsed in a chair. “She took out her ire through her new position on Remus and Bill-- indirectly on Tonks by her edicts. Hurting you hurt Potter and the rest of the other members.”

Severus walked closer to Hermione and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head and felt her face burrow into his chest.

“It's over now, and she'll get her punishment.” Severus's eyes glowed in anger over her head, and Whetherbee shook at the sight.

“I'm ruined!” Whetherbee whispered and wrung his hands together again in despair.

“You've been ruined for years! Why do you think Malfoy Inc banished you to that bug infested camp you were calling home for years now?” Severus let go of Hermione and advanced to stick his face into Whetherbee's. His long nose touched the tip of the other wizard's and Whetherbee shrank farther back into the chair.

“But now everyone will know!” Whetherbee exclaimed in a whisper.

“I don't care,” Severus hissed back, his fists shaking by his side. He jerked back when he felt a hand on his arm.

“I think he's suffered enough Sev.” Hermione said, and her hand squeezed on his arm. “I accept his apology. Just get me out of his pathetic sight now.” She turned and walked to the door, and looked back at Severus. “Leave him to the Ministry love.” Her hand turned the knob, and smiled when Severus walked up beside her.

Severus gave one last scathing look at the shaking wizard he had once called friend and sneered. “Be glad the witch is so forgiving, but remember I'm not. Be at that trial tomorrow.” The door slammed behind the two, and the portraits in the room shouted out their displeasures.

The day dawned bright and clear. The rays from the sun winked into the windows, and chased the shadows of the night away.

One by one, some in groups of two, the Order arrived at the Ministry for the trial of one, Delores Umbridge. No longer dressed in pink, but garbed in the dirty gray clothing of Azkaban, she arrived between two Aurors. Her manacles hung painfully as she walked. The chains dangled from her wrists and dragged between her legs along the cement of the ground. Her normally brown poofed hair hung in strands around her grubby face.

The witnesses took their places on a bench outside the courtroom door. Harry, Remus, Bill, Whetherbee, and Severus sat side by side.

“Glorious day, isn't it?” Severus said, and crossed his arms across his chest and smirked. His eyes bored into the back of Umbridge as she passed by between her two guards.

“I'm innocent! I'm innocent!” They heard her mumble madly as she was pushed into the courtroom. The door clanged loudly shut behind her, and the crowd of Order members laughed.

“If you all are entering the chambers, please do so now. The witnesses for the prosecution please follow me now.” A Ministry official said and they stood up as one and followed him. The other Order members filed into the courtroom and took their seats.

It did promise to be a glorious day.

Hermione sat beside Ginny, and placed an arm around her best friend. Her eyes looked coldly at Umbridge, and out of the corner of her eye she saw the court members arrive. They were garbed in sobering black robes, white curly wigs topped with long pointed black hats. None of them smiled as they took their seats, and the head of the Wizengambot banged his gavel loudly on the podium.

“Bring forth the prisoner!” He called out, and a shaking Umbridge was brought before him. “Delores Umbridge, the British Ministry of Magic charges you with crimes foul against your fellow Wizarding kind. What say you?”

“I'm innocent sir!” Umbridge said in a shaky voice and was led to her seat in the magic stripping cage.

“Call your first witness!” The judge said, and received a shrug from the court appointed lawyer.

“There are no defense witnesses, sir.” The lawyer laughed nervously as he said that. He tugged at his collar and ran a finger under it. He could feel the sweat pouring down his forehead, and he cringed at the head judge's look. It's not my fault the old bat doesn't have friends to play character witnesses! He thought defensively.

“No one would come forth?” The judge asked, and his finger tapped against his chin. The lawyer shook his head. “No matter! Bring forth the witnesses against the defendant please.”

“The prosecution wishes to bring forth their evidence. The vials contained in this lock box are labeled with the witnesses names, date of offense and in the cases of the Magical Creature abuses to beings, several vials from many different werewolves in question sir.” The Ministry lawyer brought forth a Pensieve and the box of memories.

“First one?” The judge asked, and leaned back into his chair and tapped his fingers together in contemplation. “None of these have been tampered with?” He asked finally.

“These vials are free from tampering sir- as evidenced by their appearance.” The lawyer poured the first one in. “This is from Harry Potter, dated in his Fifth year. There are two others taken to show you the severeness of the defendants crimes towards the students there during her tenure.”

The lead judge nodded, and as one they all dipped their fingers into the memory and entered it. They gasped in outrage when the saw how the pen magically cut the words into Harry's hand over and over.

“Bring forth Mr Potter!” The head judge ordered, and Harry came in through a door in the back of the room. “Mr Potter are these memories free of taint?”

“Those memories are true sir.” Harry said loudly for all to hear. “Umbridge had me serve several detentions, each one worsening as they occurred.”

“You may sit down Mr Potter. Record these,” The lead judge told the court reporter, and as Harry past by the judges one looked sorrowfully at him.

“I'm sorry Harry, I never knew how bad it was for you.” Cho Chang whispered as he passed by. Harry shrugged his shoulders and sat beside his wife Ginny.

“This next vial is from Severus Snape sir. It is an account of a Full Moon occurrence with Remus Lupin.” The lawyer drew out Harry's memory and placed Snape's in the Pensieve.

The judges again entered the Pensieve with their fingers. They watched the horror of Remus being locked in chains under the window, and his forced transformation beneath the bright full moon. They all gasped when they Snape walk up to the werewolf and converse with him.

“Bring forth Severus Snape please.” The lead judge called out again when they exited the Pensieve. Snape walked with head held high through the same door Harry had and took a seat in the witness chair.

“Professor Snape, this is a true accounting of the night in question?” The lead judge asked.

“Yes sir. Remus Lupin is also under a regimen of an improved Wolfsbane potion, rendering him harmless and in his senses. He only takes on werewolf form now. He no longer gets the normal werewolf urges of hunt and insensible attacking.” Severus looked to Hermione and smiled.

“These laws you bring forth as inhumane, why were they written?” The lead judge asked.

“They were written to punish Lupin and Bill Weasley. The vial there holds Weasley's memories. Mr Weasley isn't a true werewolf, and he was only scratched by Fenrir Greyback during the last War. Greyback was in human form when that happened. Weasley is forced to go through all precautions as if he were a true werewolf.” Severus testified, and watched with grim satisfaction as Umbridge whithered into her seat in fear.

Jig's up, you old bat, Severus thought and sneered at her.

The judges went through the rest of the memories and witnesses, their decision having been made the moment they had seen Lupin's memory of Umbridge laughing in his face when he had to tried to challenge her decrees.

The next vial brought forth a memory from a mother of a werewolf, who had been bitten at the age of twenty and forced to be chained beneath the moonlight his first full moon. The judges watched the mother's memory in horror as the young werewolf couldn't stand the forced the changing and died during his transformation. Umbridge stood in the shadows, and with a quick-quill took notes of his torture and only clucked her tongue and snapped the notebook shut when he died.

They hadn't even reached Bill's or Whetherbee's vials yet when the lead judge held his hand up and his eyes narrowed at the formally pink clad witch.

“We've seen enough!” The lead judge banged his gavel hard again, and the sound made those in the room wince. “Delores Umbridge, for your crimes against underage wizards in Hogwarts, we find you guilty. Delores Umbridge, for your crimes against Magical Beings and the abuse of your Ministry powers, we find you guilty. We sentence you to the Kiss.”

The judge banged loudly at the podium again. The noise in the crowded courtroom ended. “Take her away!” The judge looked at the audience and smiled. “My brother is a werewolf. I wished he'd been as brave as Professor Lupin. Court adjourned,”

The judges filed out and the memory evidences were returned to their owners.

It was finally over.

Delores Umbridge received her first and last kiss a few hours later. Dementor-style like she deserved.

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