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Chapter 3: Pain

Ever since that first time Draco had come, he came more. My hair had stayed black longer because of it, or so I believe. We understood each other. At first, I would never know when he would come, but soon it became weekly and then every other day after training. We learned so much about each other and the other's world. He gave me comfort. He was the only one that actually cared for me.

Before every battle, we would walk out and wish the other luck, and after we got back, we would make sure that the other was ok. Sometimes Draco would come back to my room. We would sit and talk about the battle and the war, hoping that it would end soon.

One cold summer night, after attacking a quidditch match, Draco returned to my room, clutching his side. Instantly, I got up. "What's wrong?" I asked urgently. He didn't say anything, but lifted his hand to reveal a deep gash in his side and many others that weren't so long or deep but weren't minor either. "Sectemtuci." I murmured under my breath as I instantly started going thorough my potions and performed series of spells.

"What?" Draco asked.

I looked into his emerald eyes. "It doesn't look good, but i can handle it." I told him. It was no easy task, healing him, but I managed. A while later, it was bandaged and almost healed. All that was left was a nice sized scab. I always thought that if you can, it is best to do as much muggle healing as possible. That would be a bit better for your body (and taste buds) rather than forcing down potion, or in the muggle world, medicine.

When I finished, I sighed. Draco slowly hovered his fingers over the bandage, gently pressing down to test the pain. A couple times he flinched, but kept going anyway. "Thank you." He said as he sat up.

I blushed and looked down. "No problem. It was really quite simple." I said, my voice slowly fading. Smoothly and without falter or hesitation, Draco lifted his hand and brought it to my chin. My voice trailed off until his lips met mine, silencing me. Before long, the simple kiss deepened into one of great passion. We sat there snogging for quite a while. I had lost all track of time, but when we did finally break apart, we were both quite sweaty.

All of a sudden, Draco grabbed his side once more. He let out a groan of pain, but then loosened his grip. "Just a wave." He said, standing up. "I should probably go now." I stood up as well, continuing to smile, and made sure he ok.

Once Draco left, there was a knock on my door. "Damn it." I muttered under my breath. Father had arrived for lessons. When I opened my door, his expression was his usual angered one, but something was different. There seemed to be more furry in his little red slits of eyes. Quickly a wave of immense fear swept over me. I knew that I done wrong, and I had a pretty good idea of what it was.

Father entered my room and slammed the door behind him. "Who was he?" he shot at me.

Anger washed over me as quickly as he had come. He wouldn't allow anyone near me. He didn't want anyone to even know that I existed. I was only good for battles in his eyes. Are they even eyes? Well, good only in battles in his mind. Nonetheless, the reason for his new problem was completely stupid in my eyes and worthless. "You know who he is!" I snapped back.

He folded his arms. "You're right. What I should be asking is what was he doing here?"

I sighed. "He needed to be healed and I told him that I could do it."

Father whipped out his wand. "Stupid girl. You lie!" I knew what was coming. "CRUCIO!" I let out a scream of pain. After that scream, I couldn't make any other noise. The piercing pain was too much. My eyes couldn't shut any tighter. I could feel thousands of knives hit my skin in every possible place. No part of me was left without pain. Finally, he flicked his wand and it all ended. By this time, I had fallen to my knees. Even after the curse was done, I was still laying there, shaking uncontrollably. "Besides, even if you did know how to heal, where did you learn?" I couldn't get up or respond. I knew that it wasn't good and would only get me farther into trouble, but there was no way in hell that I could move anything. "Well, where?" He demanded.

Shakily, I tried to push myself up. My attempts were only enough to get half of my upper body off of the floor before crumbling back down. I looked over to my bookshelf and pointed a wobbly finger. Swiftly, father walked over to where my finger had been directing and he lifted his hand. With glaring eyes, I watched as he shoved my bookcase to the ground, books scattering everywhere. Then he bent down and picked a few up. When I lifted my head, I recognized them as the books that I would stay up with almost every night when I wasn't too exhausted.

Slowly, daddy dearest made his way over to the fireplace that was on the other side of my bed and started a fire, still holding my books. "Hmm." He said, looking at one of them. "Modern medicine for muggles?" He ripped out a few pages and threw them in the burning fire before tossing in the whole book. "So you want to be a muggle?"

"I never said that." I said darkly, my voice just as shaky as my body. He didn't even bother to rip up any of the others, but just carelessly tossed them into the fire.

As he walked over to the door, dad said sharply, "Watch your tongue." and then walked out, slamming the door. It was then that I had noticed that my face was wet and sticky. I didn't care anymore and just broke down sobbing. I cried from the pain, I cried from the look in his eyes, and I cried for my life. Why was I born into this? Why couldn't it have been someone else?

When I did find the ability to stand, I quickly pulled up my bookcase, and cleaned up the mess. Then I flopped onto my bed, where I stayed for the next few days. I only got up because of a battle that father demanded. We were going to attack somewhere, but I couldn't even remember. I didn't care anymore.

"Crystal!" Someone behind me called. "CRYSTAL!" I didn't even realize that they were calling for me until they were right behind me and spun me around. It was Malfoy. He was out of breath, but continued anyway. "Crystal, where have you been?"

I spun out of his loose grip, tears welling up in my eyes. "No where." I answered. "I never left." He grabbed my shoulder. Spinning once again towards him, I continued. "Draco, I'm sorry, but I just can't keep doing this, Ok? I can't." I could see the hurt in his eyes. It hurt me too, but it had to be said. "I am in too much shit as it is and I just can't handle any more right now. I have to balance father, this war, being hidden, and hiding many other things from so many people. It is just too much!" I looked down, but slowly brought my gaze up. "I am really sorry."

Draco leaned down and placed a small kiss on my cheek. "I understand." He whispered in my ear, and then walked off to get ready for the upcoming battle. As I watched him walk away, one single tear rolled down my powdered cheek. 

A/N: Ok, this is where i leave you to review and go back upstairs to finish cleaning my room. lol. ^_^

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