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As long as I keep my eyes closed, they can’t get me. As long as I keep my eyes closed, I’m safe... 

Wesley repeated this over and over in his head as Harry gently guided him along through the gates of Hogwarts.

As long as I keep my eyes closed, they can’t get me. As long as I keep my eyes closed, I’m safe... As long as I keep my eyes closed, they can’t get me. As long as I keep my eyes closed, I’m—

Wesley lay face down on the ground, he didn’t dare open his eyes, he didn’t dare come face to face with...

“Come on Wesley,” Said Harry as he hoisted the boy to his feet.

“Maybe we should just wait here behind a tree while you go in Harry. I’ll keep him safe. Or better yet, why don’t you go explore and we’ll apparate back to the Burrow and when you find something...” said Ron.

“No Ron, come on Wesley...come on...move your feet.”

As long as I keep my eyes closed, they can’t get me. As long as I keep my eyes closed, I’m safe...

“He’s just a kid Harry. He shouldn’t have to face these types of things...”

“I was just a baby when I faced Voldemort,” said Harry, a bit coldly.

Ron was taken aback by the sound of Harry’s voice. Harry sensed this and added...

“Everyone has to learn to face these things...and Ron and I will be right here with you Wesley. And they’re dead bodies, not inferi...they can’t hurt you.”

Wesley wanted to throw up, but shook off the feeling.

“Come on Wesley,” said Ron, putting his hand on his shoulder.

Wesley began to walk with Ron, a little faster than before and soon enough he felt Ron lift him onto a step and he opened his eyes.

The entrance doors to Hogwarts had fallen down and lay broken in front of them, as they continued inside Wesley could see more broken items, chairs, more doors...

Harry and Ron lit their wands and Wesley grabbed onto Ron’s hand; the two of them shaking.

“So where should we begin Wesley?” Asked Harry.

“Where haven’t you searched?” He asked quietly.

“Everywhere...we haven’t been here since the battle...”


“Didn’t want to face it until we had to.”

Wesley found it odd that they hadn’t searched Hogwarts for a horcrux. Wouldn’t it be the most obvious place? And the easiest to search considering no one was here?

“Um, the dark arts classsroom?”

Right after he said it, he realized this classroom would probably be just as gruesome as the grounds.

The three of them walked up the stairs. With each creaking step Wesley began to get nervous. Why hadn’t he just stayed with his mum, why did his curiosity get the better of him.

When they arrived in the classroom Harry peered in first.

“Right then, accio horcrux!

Nothing, no sound at all.

“Ok good, new room,” said Ron, turning to go.

“No it could still be in here, somewhere. Look for something valuable, something that could belong to Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Maybe a hidden door or something.”

Wesley watched as Harry went into Horcrux-finding mode. He wanted to be helpful, he really did, he just didn’t see how he was supposed to help Harry Potter. Harry had outsmarted Voldemort numerous times before, why was it that he expected an eight-year-old to help him find a piece of his soul?

Wesley sighed. He looked around the broken desks, under a few frames...

“Aha!” Screamed a voice, and Wesley jumped back and dropped one of the frames.

“Mmmm! MMM!!!” Said the voice again, this time muffled.

Wesley slowly walked over and lifted the frame up again.

“It is common courtesy to not drop someone upon their face when they are speaking to you young lad,” said the man in the portrait.

Wesley recognized him instantly, it was Sir Cadogan.

“Sorry,” said Wesley, unsure of what to say. “Why are you...still in there...can’t portraits leave?”

“Why yes, but I didn’t feel like it. It takes a brave heart to stand at his post and I’ve only been face down for a few noble hours. I shall soon be rewarded by the king!”

“Hours? Who knocked you down?”

“Some rogue knight! Covered in rags he was!” Said Sir Cadogan.

“Harry! Ron! I found some...one,” called Wesley.

Harry and Ron hurried over, wands pointed directly at the portrait.

“Where is he Wesley?” Asked Harry, looking around suspiciously.

“Ah! My comrades-in-arms! I have not seen the likes of you for many a year! What noble quest are you on? And where is your gentle lady?”

“Oh bloody hell,” said Ron under his breath.

Harry looked down at Sir Cadogan. “Why are you still here? Why haven’t you gone to another portrait?”

“I have just told his young lad moments ago, I was not disturbed until hours ago!”

“So this is all new? All this destruction?”

“No no! That was here in the great battle! But the rogue slashed the air with his mighty sword and I was tossed upon the ground!”

“He had a sword? What did it look like?”

“Twas made of wood! And I said to the rogue: ‘Ha! A sword of wood does not stand a chance against my sword of steel! I say draw you rogue!’ And he slashed the air and I was upon...”

“Did you see what he looked like?” Asked Harry.

“He was covered in rags! Hidden was his face!”

“Did you see what he was doing before you yelled?”

“Rummaging in the lands of my fathers!” Said Sir Cadogan, pointing towards a bookshelf.

Harry, Ron and Wesley quickly got up and ran to the bookshelf.

“Comrades, if you shall ever need assistance call upon Sir Cadogan!”

“You know, all these years and he’s still mental!” Said Ron.

“Mental, yes, but he still saw someone!” Said Harry, observing the shelf.

Ron reached out to take a book but Harry stopped him.

“No! This could be it! This could be...”

“You’re telling me that a bookshelf is the horcrux?”

“Not the bookshelf...this,” said Harry and he carefully pulled out one of the books and the shelf immediately began to shake and turn.

The three stood back as the shelf shifted to the left revealing what Harry believed was the horcrux.

Harry starred at it for a moment, unsure of what to think. “All these years...”

Wesley looked at it, his eyes once again wide. It was too simple, he thought. Too simple.

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