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The Child Chapter Five


Numbly, Hermione walked through the home she had shared for the last four years with Viktor. She could hear him walking around in the den, and after placing the parcels she had bought quickly from Diagon Alley before coming home by the door, she walked in.

He looked up at her and smiled. “Your back,” he stated.

She smiled back. “Mhmm,” she couldn’t think of what to say. Guilt filled her soul, as he moved over to her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“Did you find everything you need?” He asked, moving over to his desk and sitting down.

Hermione followed him, swallowing her guilt, shoving it into the back of her mind. Sitting on the edge of the desk, she looked around the medium sized room full of books and other odd things. “Mostly,” she replied shortly.

She felt his soft touch, as his hand fell on top of hers. “Vhat’s wrong?”

It seemed that was a question he asked often these days. But she couldn’t blame him.

Hermione look at him, and forced a smile. “Nothing, I’m fine, just tired.” She told him standing up. “I think I’m going to go have a quick nap.” She told him.

He nodded, “I can cook dinner tonight.” He offered.

The gesture made Hermione’s heart melt, and make her heart break at the same time. How could she hurt this man? A man who loved her unconditionally since she was fourteen, and she was out having an affair?

“I insist,” Viktor continued.

“Fine, but don’t stress yourself.” Hermione said, trying to sound normal as she felt worse by the second.

He nodded, and Hermione gave him a peck on the lips and left the den. She didn’t bother to collect her parcels just go to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her, and pulled off her jacket, letting it drop to the floor. She moved to her bed, and fell back on it, feeling exhausted.

She thought about what she had said to Ron, about them meeting for dinner and coming back here. She was starting to wonder if it really was such a great idea. She wondered if she really had made the right chose to be with Ron.

Rolling on to her side, Hermione shut her eyes, trying to force the thoughts of Ron out of her head. But they wouldn’t disappear. They had had sex three times now, and this last time she regretted even more than the second time. She knew what she was doing, and ignored the possibility of being caught, of loosing everything.

She had been so selfish in doing what she had done. She didn’t care about how Viktor would feel, or react. She lived in ignorance, something she had always refused to do.

But wasn’t she living in ignorance being with Viktor? She had always loved Ron, even while she was with him.

Hermione groaned as her thoughts clashed. She could think no more. It all just took too much energy, energy she did not have. Letting her exhaustion take over, she fell asleep.

Ron knocked on the large old wooden door gingerly, and waited for it to open. It was the door to Harry’s room at the Leaky Cauldron. He had been given the biggest room, having a main room, and a separate bedroom.

He waited only a few minutes before the door open, and he was engulfed in a hug by Annie.

“It iz so nice to see you again!” She cheered happily, much to Ron’s surprise. They had only met thrice before.

He could hear Harry’s laughter in the background, as Annie pulled away. Ron had felt his cheeks redden slightly, but ignored it, being used to it. Harry came over to the door.

“How are you, mate?” He asked as he shooed Annie back into the room.

Ron came inside, shrugging. “Same as I was yesterday.” Ron told him, sitting the old sofa in front of large fireplace.

Harry closed the door behind him. “Well I’m glad nothing has changed.” Harry replied.

Ron ignored the comment, he knew what his friend meant. Harry had suspected something when Ron didn’t return to the party until after Hermione left. Harry knew the pair of them better, and Ron was sure that Harry thought they had met and had a row of some sort.

Well, he was partially right. He just didn’t include the sex after. Ron had to fight the urge to laugh at the thought. He had almost made what he and Hermione had sound normal, when it very well wasn’t. What they had was something wrong, something they shouldn’t have started, but now couldn’t finish. Well that’s what she had told him, in her own way.

“Well I’ve been quite happy, showing Annie around Diagon Alley.” Harry told him, sitting on the sofa that sat vertically from the one Ron sat on.

“Oh Oui, it has been great fun. The city iz wonderful, but I do look forward to going home.” Annie said, holding her wand out, levitation a tray with tea sitting on it. He figured she had magically made it, and watched as she sent it towards the small table in the center of the room, and it landed with a soft ‘thump’. “Tea?” she asked moving around the sofa, and standing in front of them.

Ron nodded, “sure,” he told her. He watched as she poured the tea into a cup. “Two sugars, no milk.” He told her as she looked up at him. Handing his tea to him, she glanced at Harry.

“Are you going to ask him?” she asked him.

Ron stared at the couple as they had some sort of conversation with their eyes. Finally Harry looked at him. “Annie was-” Harry stopped getting a look from his fiancée, “I mean Annie and I were wondering if you wanted to come back to France with us? Just until the wedding, and when it’s over you can come back.” Harry explained.

Ron wondered what the angle behind this was. Did they want to get him away from Hermione possibly? Even if he did, it sounded like a good idea, he wouldn’t mind going to France for awhile. But he also didn’t want to go just because of what he was starting with Hermione.

“Well, what do you think?” Harry asked, snapping Ron back from his thoughts.

“I think,” Ron started. “I need to think about this. I am completely willing to be your best man, but I have some things I need to take care of.”

Harry seemed slightly surprised by his reply, whereas Annie looked crestfallen. “Well, you will let us know, as soon as you do, right?” He asked.

Ron nodded his response. He didn’t know what he was going to do, or what Hermione would want to do. He was already starting to second guess his decision to start an affair with Hermione. It was too complicated, and he didn’t like the idea of having to hide it from everyone else.

He spent a few hours catching up with Harry and Annie, before having to leave for work. He needed to pay the piling bills.

“Hey, I’ll talk to some people about getting you a job at the ministry.” Harry told him as he was leaving.

“Thanks mate,” Ron replied, giving Harry a brotherly hug. He hugged Annie gently, and left their Hotel room.

When he arrived at work, he was tired, but went straight to his job. Roger said little to Ron as they worked. When they were finished, Ron didn’t even say good bye and headed home.

He had thought about it all work, and he had decided what he was going to do. He was going to end things with Hermione on Friday. It had all been a mistake, something that should never had continued to what it was now. He was going to tell her that he never wanted to see her again, and pray that she would see what a mistake it was for them to be together.

At least, that’s what he hoped.

A/N: Okay, so this isn’t one of my best chapters, I know. I tried to go into a little more detailed about their surrounding’s, as people pointing out to me that as much as dabble into their heads, I don’t talk about their surrounding’s. You’ll see more in the next chapter, I promise. It’s just I figured that out after finishing the chapter, and I am too tired right now to go back and write in a whole bunch of new stuff. Sorry, I feel lazy for it. Thanks for reading, and please review!

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