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Emma blinked slowly and yawned. The sun came in through her windows and splayed across her bed. Grinning ear to year Emma reached back and stretched, arching her back to get the full extent of the great feeling. Flopping back onto her stomach she crawled over to the side of her bed. With the lower half of her body still atop, her torso slid down and peaked underneath the bed. She had to push a few pairs of shoes to the side, some dirty socks and just a few dust bunnies before dragging out some of her muggle trinkets.

Lazily Emma flipped through the box before snatching out the desired object. Just as quickly she popped the lid of her purple and green muggle player and snapped in the chosen CD. In a matter of moment the first song on the track began to pour out of the little speakers.

Emma, on a sudden burst of energy – most likely due to the infectious up-beat tempo of the song – she launched herself off the bed and off into the washroom for a shower.

It had been a quick one today Emma realized as only four songs had passed while she was out of her room. Spinning around it why happily singing along, she waved her wand and dried her auburn hair just as the guitarist began on her favorite song.

Humming along Emma began to dress for the day. It had already been a two weeks since she first started working with the dragons and astonishingly the novelty of hiking up to their caves, the danger of inspecting every angle for injury, and the trill of not needing to stun the dragon every two seconds still hadn’t worn off. It was such a rush for Emma just to know that the dragons around this area were so trusting of the handlers that all was needed was a strong sleeping spell – as long as Emma didn’t go near the nest or physically touch the dragon’s head and powerful wings. To be safe – Charlie had told her – the dragons were always a little calmer when there was music.

Apparently all of the guys had some form of music to calm the dragons, Tyler – who of course was known for his music abilities – sang songs that he was working on, improving and tweaking his music as the dragon reacted – surprisingly dragons were excellent critiques. Lei had lullabies and stories that were passed down in his family for generations which he told to the dragons. Cooper on the other hand knew some old Shaman chants for calming and meditations that seemed to work excellently. Unfortunately Owen apparently had no vocal talent what-so-ever so instead he would bring his violin and charm the instrument to play while he worked. Emma didn’t know what Charlie did with his dragons, and seeing as how she still hadn’t visited the vipertooth Mainyu, she was beginning to think that was the reason.

Charlie had said it was because he wanted to make sure Emma was ready. Apparently Charlie didn’t trust that Emma had enough experience with dragons to help him handle the overly aggressive Mainyu.

It was foolish though, because today – of all days – Charlie was finally going to take Emma to the dragon’s cave for inspection!

There was a knock on Emma’s door bringing her out of her thoughts suddenly. With a skip she opened the door to the copper-haired guy she was just thinking about.

“Ready to go Thumper?” He ran a hand through his messy hair – apparently he had just rolled out of bed himself since it was sticking out everywhere.

“Yea just let me finish getting dressed.” Emma grabbed the old pair of ripped jeans she had picked out and a faded blue tee.

The shirt had once been a deep navy blue but over the years, as the seams began to fray, it had faded to a blue-grey color. Emma had picked this shirt specifically for today because of the spot on the left sleeve. There above just above the seam was a large red-brown blood stain, which in fact Emma had stained herself when Mainyu – or Kayin – first hatched and bit her. Emma was hoping that the shirt would bring her luck when working with the hostile dragon and – though it was too much to hope for – maybe Kayin would recognize her.

Charlie watched Emma as she slipped into her washroom and gently kicked the door shut unfortunately – or luckily depending on whose perspective – the door didn’t shut all the way. From where he sat on the bed Charlie could see just a sliver of light leading inside. He knew that the proper thing to do would be to turn away, but Charlie couldn’t – in all fairness he was a normal bloke with raging hormones – the view, regardless of how small was captivating.

Charlie watched as Emma slid the jeans up her – impossibly long and sexily shaped – legs, and did a small little hop-wiggle when she pulled them up over her hips to button. Charlie gulped knowing he was going to have some interesting fantasies about that wiggle in the coming days, even now when he closed his eyes he could see that careless yet incredibly sexy hip movement. Blinking open again Charlie looked back towards the washroom and froze.

She wasn’t completely facing the door, but her body was still angled perfectly. Just perfect enough for Charlie to see the black lacy bra, just perfect enough that her back arched erotically as she slid the shirt on over her head, angled so perfectly that Charlie could watch as the soft fabric of the shirt slid down her wonderfully tanned and toned body and stopped just before the top of her jeans – her low rising jeans.

With and audible choke Charlie launched himself off the bed and over to the window before Emma had a chance to come out and catch him peeking. His attention was drawn to the little purple and green box by his feet which happened to be playing a very strange song.

“How does a Duck know what directions south is?
And how to tell his wife from all the other ducks?
You can cut a chicken’s head off
And it will keep on running and twitching…”

Charlie looked up as Emma burst through the door singing along with the chorus.

“When everything seems planed out,
When everything seems nicely planed out.
Well the human race will come and smack your face!”

Spinning around Emma slipped into her boots and again waved her wand to lace them up quickly.

Charlie watched her for a moment smiling before she turned back to face him and he raised an eyebrow. “What are you listening to?” He asked.

Emma blushed and smiled back, “Oh this? Crash Test Dummies.” At Charlie’s blank stare Emma laughed “They’re a muggle band, or at least they were. I think they broke up in the late nineties. You’d have to ask my Da, he and I use to listen to them all the time in the car when I was little. He followed up with the bands back then.”

“Was your dad muggle?”

Emma grew quiet and sighed, “Yea, my mom was the magical one.”

“Erm…oh well….” Charlie didn’t know what to say, Emma’s sudden behavior change made him a little uncomfortable, he didn’t want to pry into her personal issues. Especially if they weren’t happy thoughts; Charlie tried to think of something to change the topic to but all he could think of was Emma in her black bra, and her marvelous legs. Where that might be a completely wonderful image, Charlie didn’t think it would be one of the more welcomed topics of discussion.

“Anyway!” Emma cut off Charlie’s fantasy as she dove for the box by her bed reaching in and pulling out another CD. Tossing the CD into a pack; then silencing the music player Emma placed that into the small pack as well. Grinning she turned back to Charlie, “Ready to go? I hope you don’t mind me bringing my music.”

“Uh, no. I…uh just what music is it?”

“A bunch of my favorite music, mostly it’s classic rock, and oldies. There’s a little of the Rolling Stones, some Police, the Kinks – of course – Journey, and last but not least greatest band ever to exist, THE BEATLES!!” Emma punched the air for emphasis.

“Oh hold on, I know the Beatles, their not really all that…uh, calming.”

Emma placed her hands on her hips, “So?”

“We should use something more soothing, you know to calm. That,” he motioned towards the small music player, “would make the Mainyu more agitated.”

“How do you know?’

“I… well….”

“Look Charlie this is the same music I always played when I worked at the nursery when he was Kayin. If it doesn’t work I’ll turn it off. How’s that?” Emma slung the bag over her shoulder and placed her hands on Charlie’s turning him towards the door. “For now though Chubby Cheeks, lets get us some food and head out, we’ve got a long hike ahead of us!”

Emma hadn’t lied when she said the hike to Mainyu’s cave was long. Since there were so many dragons living in such a small area, the handlers had to be careful that each dragon cave had enough open area around it for the dragon to feel comfortable. In doing so each cave was scattered about the mountains surrounding the Summit camp. Mainyu’s cave in particular was a two hour hike due his uncontrollable hostility toward both humans and dragons.

Emma and Charlie had been hiking for over an hour when they decided to take a short break before scaling the last bit.

Laying back on a large rock Emma reached into her pack and pulled out two chocolate frog packages. She tossed one to Charlie as he sat next to her. The two munched on the candy for a few quiet minutes before Emma turned her head to look at her partner.

“I’ve been wondering…well I mean it’s none of my business…but when you decided to leave all of a sudden – you remember the rush to leave in the morning – to hike up here to Summit camp. Why’d you do it?”

Charlie started at the question, looking at Emma he frowned. “What do you mean? Everyone wanted to leave early.”

She had to roll her eyes at the way Charlie tried to distract her, “We both know it was your idea to begin with Charlie. Do you not want to get married that badly?”

Sighing Charlie raised his eyes, watching the clouds idly drift in the sky, he slowly thought about his answer. “I really do want to get married…I’ve always wanted to.”

Relaxing Emma closed her eyes, “So why do you run when Victoria mentions marriage?”

“Cause I don’t intend to marry her…ever.”

This caused Emma to open one eye to carefully watch Charlie’s expression of mild interest. Seeing her watching him Charlie laughed and gave a lopsided smirk, “Do you honestly believe I could marry that witch?”

Emma gave a short chuckle dripping with sarcasm, “Well yea, I figured you would; I mean you are a wizard after all. Witches and Wizards; seems like good matches to me.”

Charlie’s expression turned to one of complete horror before he realized she was joking.

“But honestly Charlie, if you think that ‘highly” of her, why are you with her?”

“I’m not. Not really. She’s not my girlfriend if that’s what you mean.” Charlie laid back on his arms, “We just ‘go together.’ A kind of agreement; ‘you warm my bed, I’ll warm yours.’”

Emma looked over at the red-head. “You’re just shag-buddies?”

Charlie just shrugged, “That’s a harsh way to phrase it; but yea, shag-buddies. She’s not someone you’d take home to meet the family. Merlin, you know my family, Vicky would drive them insane! Not to mention piss my mum off for being the total tart that she is.”

Emma flat out laughed, “It would be amusing though, I could just see it now,” Emma waved her hands dramatically in the air; painting her picture. “Vicky comes over – Queen of the world as usual – and comes face to face with Fleur! Oh I would pay money to see that cat-fight!”

Charlie laughed along with Emma, “Fred and George would probably sell tickets.” This caused the two to laugh even harder.

“Granted I’d have to bet on Fleur, she’s got that whole veela-thing going for her…Vicky....Vicky’s got nothing.” Emma spoke up between laughs.

The two laughed together for a bit before Charlie finally stood up, “We’d better start walking again.” Reaching out a hand he pulled Emma up next to him.

It was a surprise to him how close together they stood. Charlie could practically feel the heat coming off of Emma’s body. Which of course reminded him of the little show he had seen earlier and the fact that he didn’t see what type of knickers she was wearing…maybe she wasn’t wearing any! Before he could start to blush Charlie pushed the thought out of his mind with a beautiful – if not scary – image of Doc posing in his birthday suit; which unfortunately – due to the wonderful invention of firewisky – was an actual memory.

Smiling down he handed her the pack, “It’s nice to talk to someone about everyone back home. I find it hard to believe that you know almost my whole family, not to mention almost all their friends!”

“As much as we’d like not to admit it, the truth is the wizarding world really isn’t all that large. If you don’t count all those random and small, wishy-washy schools or the hole-in- the wall villages where nobody really gose, there are only three wizarding schools in the world and only ten large Wizarding cities or communities…which means in school almost evey student had some ammont of muggle blood in them. Seeing as how traditions are so important to us…the social circles in the wizarding world aren’t all that big either.”

Charlie scratched his head in confusion, “Right….”

“Which means this stupid war going on back home…this ‘pure-bloods’ against the – pardon my language – ‘mudbloods’ is pointless. I mean, if supposedly there was a way to completely eradicate the muggle’s from the wizarding world, what would be left? How many pure-blood families are left? Fifty? Sixty? Eventually they would be forced to inbreed or go extinct. I don’t know if these supposed ‘dark-lord’ supporters realize that.”

“You’ve put a lot of thought into this haven’t you?”

Emma shrugged, “Not really, it’s just common sense. After all that’s what happened to the Atlantains. They didn’t want to welcome outsiders and look what happed, a whole race gone because they wanted to ‘stay pure.’” Emma frowned before sighing she relaxed and looked up at the sky to clear her thoughts. “I’m just ranting, it’s not like my prattling will change the outcome of the war. Honestly though, didn’t anyone listen in History of Magic?”

“No of courses not!” Charlie slung his arm around Emma’s shoulders, “That was the awesome power of Professor Binns – the ability to put anyone to sleep. What an extraordinary man!”

“You mean ghost.”

“Wha- oh…right. That too.”

(A/N: OHH EXCITING!! i know this Chapter is short but i just had to put it up!! cauce im a TRUSTED AUTHOR NOW!!! woot no more validation waiting if im good girl!! i just wanted to see how completely awsome it felt....anyway....the song Emma was singing to, "How does a Duck Know" is by the 'Crash Test Dummies'. a completely awsome band that i love! and for those of you who wanted Charlie and Emma toghether, hows this going so far? PLEASE REVIEW!!! it makes me so happy i write even more!!! tootles!)

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