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It was a hot sweaty day, with only two skinny girls with long red black hair were walking.
"Geez.... Why did Aunt Leah make us go to the shops just for a 500L tub of chocolate ice cream?? "Asked the girl (who was carrying the shopping bag) as her dark (might as well be black) purple-green eyes flashed with anger.
“Calm down Hal -Slow down!” gasped her sister, with her dark (could always be black too) blue-green eyes glancing around for a cool, shady spot.
“It’s sooo hot…. Why did she make us go buy ice cream???” Hallyie said to herself, her waist length black-red hair swirled around her as a hot breeze swirled around them. She sighed silently.

“Look! We can take a rest over there Hal… (Hallyie looked wildly for what her sister was talking about) Over there.” She said, pointing her finger at the shady alleyway.
“Ahhh. That’s cooler.” Hollyie said as she sat on the cooled curb. It was only then that they realised how terribly dark it was without the brilliant sun flooding their eyes.
“God damnit… Can’t see a thing!-wait a moment!” Hallyie wrinkled her nose, while it looked like she was in pain, as the same time as smelling something awful. Suddenly, her hair turned into chest-long neon purple plaits. She grinned at her sister sheepishly as Hollyie muttered, “Good idea” as a moment later her hair turned neon blue-in plaits that were also chest-length. 

- - - - - - -
A voice from the shadows in front of them (which shocked their hair back to its usual self) “Very amusing girls…” Then a light on a thin piece of wood penetrated the darkness around them. The owner to the light Stepped forward. They could just see his sallow face which was surrounded by a curtain of black, greasy hair. The girls jumped up. 

“W-w-who are you?” Hollyie whimpered.
“And what the ruddy hell do you want?” Hallyie demanded her hands on her hips. The man chuckled softly. While Hallyie bent down quickly to retrieve the forgotten shopping bag from the ground. The twin’s eyes tried to look into those black pitiless eyes for an answer, but found none. 

“I am your father.” The man said in a soft, deadly voice.
“NO YOU ARE BLOODY NOT! OUR FATHER IS DEAD!!” They twins yelled in union. A wind whipped around them, as the ground shook slightly.
“You. Leave. Us. Alone.” Hallyie growled in a deathly tone. As she turned to grab her sister, to steer them out of the alley, they disappeared, in a brilliant cloud of black, blue, green and purple glitter with a soft *whoosh*. 
“Not your father am I?” sneered the man. ”Well, well, well. We’ll see about that girls.” 


The girls re-appeared on the front lawn of their Aunt’s house.
‘That was new…’ Hallyie thought.
“that was scary…” Hollyie said under her breath, so as not to scare her sister. As they rung the doorbell. It was opened by a woman who had white-blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. 

“Where on EARTH have you two been?? I’ve been worried sick!” Shrieked Aunt Leah, as soon as they were in the kitchen.
“Well there was-“Started Hollyie
“-Like heaps of traffic-“Said Hallyie
“-And because of that-“Said Hollyie
“We are late. Sorry.” They both said. Looking down in shame. Aunt Leah, seemed to have only just looked at them, because she cried’ “Oh my godness! Girls. Tell me the truth. Please I know you better then you think...!” She sat in a chair, as Hallyie handed her a glass of water( as she went ghostly white). 

“We saw a man who freaked us out. He came after us-“said Hallyie in hollow voice”-but we managed to lose him, by running several blocks.” Said Hollyie in an equally hollow voice. An invisible hand clenched their guts as they waited for their aunt to speak.
“Hey mum! Hallyie and Hollyie have some mail!” Samantha hollered in a come-and-get-it-or-else tone. Aunt Leah looked up at the girls and smiled weakly.
“At least you’re safe now…” She said before she went upstairs.
The twins went to the front door to grab their mail off their cousin Samantha, who just smirked at them.  As they made their way up to their room with her trailing behind...

My note:
About Hallyie and Hollyie;
the are identical twins with black hair (like their father's) with a strong red tint in it (Their mother had red hair) They inherrited the dark eyes from their father, but the colours from their mother and also since they are Metamorphmaguses(*did i spell that right?!?), and can change their appearance at will, but it will go back the the usual black-red when they are shocked or scared.

p.s Chapter 2(The unwanted guest should be coming soon...) Enjoy!!

p.p.s. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ORIGINALLY FROM HARRY POTTER. (for all those who know who the man who appeared to Hallyie and Hollyie is and who ever also have suspicions in who their mother might be...).

Plz plz plz review- this is my first… I love comments!!
(I’ll b writing more if u lyk it xD)

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