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If you were to Google search Gregory Sackville-Bagg it would come up with 386 articles to do with him.

A fictional character to the rest of the world, Gregory was and is very real to me. Gregory was born in Germany on the 4th of March 1737. He became a vampire on the 13th of June 1752 at the tender age of 15.

His father is Count Fredrick "the Great" Sackville. His mother is Countess Freda Bagg. He is the oldest of three. His brother Rudolph is 12, his sister Anna 10.

The whole family migrated to Scotland with their clan in search of the Stone of Attamon. They needed the stone for their amulet, which when struck by a ray of light from the Comet Attamon, would turn them all into humans.

Well guess what? They haven't found the stone. Boo-hoo-hoo. Cry me a river…

Now to a more important subject. How Gregory and I met... ah, now that is a story in itself.

I arrived in Scotland at around midnight, three days after my departure from Transylvania. I made camp in a wood near a cemetery. When I say camp though, I don't mean a tent.

I bewitched the trees to cut themselves down and build me a lodge. Yeah, that's a better word for it, a lodge. There was a mass of Cortude mushrooms in the woods so I was in a prime location.

Inside my little lodge (I love that word!) I had set up a bed, a cauldron and a bookcase. I even had a lock on the front door. Food was easy to find and there was fresh water nearby too.

For the next few days, life was simple. I continued with my potion and fell into a daily routine.

But for some reason, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched...

About a week after my arrival I was in the woods as usual, collecting wild potatoes for my dinner, when I came across a red four-wheel drive. It looked more like a truck actually. There was a man sitting in the truck staring at me.

He was sitting in a truck with gadgets all over it, in the woods at 11pm staring straight at me through the trees with a crazy look in his eyes.

I froze. I felt that feeling of being watched again, only this was a hundred times worse. There is only one word to describe what I felt.

Then, quite suddenly, that crazy glint in his eyes flashed, as if he had finally understood something. That was when he started the truck and drove straight towards me.

I bolted. Losing all control over my body I changed from witch to vampire while running and took to the sky.

Now look, I am NOT the species of vampire that turns into a bat, got that? When I fly, I fly as a human looking vampire, but I have these great black wings that stretch out from the middle of my back and help me fly.

No joke. Not very subtle at all unfortunately.

Just as I was gaining some height, this guy aims a headlamp at me from the roof of his truck. The light almost KILLED me, and that's saying something, considering that being half-witch makes me almost completely immune to the sun.

I was just flying over the cemetery when I fell from the sky into a hole in the ground. The crazy man didn't see me fall from the air, so he just continued with his search for me.

I looked up and studied my surroundings. The hole I fell through was a perfectly cut rectangle shape in the ground. The walls around me were made of stone bricks and there were dusty statues and pillars everywhere...

Then it came to me. I had fallen out of the sky into a crypt.

A crypt? Oh crap!

What's more is that this was a currently inhabited crypt. How do i know that you ask? Because just then, Gregory jumped out of the darkness at me, teeth bared and snarling.

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