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"Get your coat Wakanda it's time to go outside." James said emerging from under his cloak.

"It's to cold out." I whined staying in my place. "Anyway it's past curfew."

"I don't care, Sirius and I want to pummel you with snowballs." James advanced forward.

"James back up." I said wearily. 

"No I need body warmth." James snickered.

"No, you go away and go make out with Siri-poo." I pouted trying to scoot away from him.

"Come here Wakanda!" James moved forward to quick for me and managed to trip over my shoes, thus creating a chain reaction.

James, shoes, trip, fall, hit Wakanda, causes her to fall out the window where the glass has magically disappeared. Not cool, it was freezing. I was going to hurt him if I survived this fall. Why was I not screaming? Wasn't someone suppose to scream if they are pushed out a window that i more then 200ft off the ground? Yeah I thought so.

Cue screaming.

For a split second.

Cue grabbing.

Who the bloody hell grabbed me?

I'm numb. That can't be a good sign. Also not a good sign, the wood that was making its' self comfortable in my butt. Oh bugger, a broom. Oh bugger again, Sirius.

"What did you just decide that you wanted to push Wakanda out the window?" I screamed at him closing my eyes tightly and putting him into a death grip as he sped up.

"I don't know what you are talking about, you just happened to end up on my broom..." He yelled back the wind whistling in my ears was deafening. Well perhaps not but it's going to kill me.

"What did you just decide that you wanted to hang out below the window I was sitting on?" I asked trying stay on the broom.

"Oh yes Wakanda, cause I say you ad just had to stare, I still don't know what you are talking about." He yelled back.

"You know I am terrified of brooms right?" I called.

It's true, that's how I broke my arm first year, well Sirius pushed my off my broom, and there I went falling towards the ground...he felt bad afterwards, thus starting this tortuous friendship.

"I do." Was his reply.

"Are you getting back at me for when Lily flicked her wand and sent James screaming like a little girl?"

"You are the one that started the chain reaction..."

"No Peter did..."

Let me put it this way.

Peter takes Carebears. I am out on revenge. Sirius. Remus. Peter. Rat. Scared. Candy Floss. Dirty Clothes. Big sign that says Masters on it. Lily flicks her wand. James screams like girl.

"No, you are the one that was sleeping with them, thus making him uncomfortable, thus making him want to eat them." Sirius defended his theory. 

"Remus sleeps with a teddy bear, and Peter hasn't eaten it yet."

"But Remus also has a fury little problem, anyway Mr Wonkers puts up a rather good fight."

"He's nice to me."

"Well you and Remus, to us he waits till we are asleep then pounces."

I snorted and still with my eyes shut I could feel him lean forward more urging the broom to go faster.

All of the sudden, I wasn't deaf anymore...we perhaps I had really gone deaf and couldn't hear the wind.

"Wakanda..." Darn it, I could still hear his whiny voice. "You can look now..."

I opened one eye a slit and realized that we were above the lake. Phew, I haven't gotten thrown off the broom. I realized something, I haven't gotten thrown in yet...but I had to beat Sirius to the chase.

Whoops, I didn't mean to push him off the broom. Wow that water must be cold. Oh oh, I don't know how to work these things. Where's Sirius?

"Sirius?" He still hadn't come up. Oh oh, I didn't mean to murder him yet, I still needed a few good laughs. "Sirius?"

And here comes the tug at my foot, I would scream, but I seem to be forgetting that lately. And there goes the broom running away from the wetness.

"Stupid idiot." I cried at him as I spit water out of my mouth and managing to hit him in the face.

"I'm stupid?!" Hehe, his voice cracked. "You are the one that pushed me in!" He cried.

"I'm stupid?! You are the one that pushed me in!" I mimicked him very well, I had been practicing that. "Well I had to beat you to the chase, I know you know how to do stupid tricks on the broom, thus resulting me to fall off, and you to stay on."

"With the way you were holding on to me, I would've gone with you!" good point. Can't let him know that. I'll kill him for being so smart.

"Why hasn't the lake frozen over yet?" I finally asked.

"It has, just not here, it's to deep here..." His teeth were chattering now, he pointed a rather long way off to where the school was located where the white ice sheets were all over the place.

"Whoops..." I mumbled.

"Where'd the broom go?"

"Idk, my bff jill?" I tried.

"You lost the broom?!" He cried.

"G-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-" He clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Bloody hell Wakanda, that's a far swim..." He murmured to himself.

"Sirius, I don't feel to good..." Was I loosing blood, he was turning blue...eww I really hope I wasn't blue.

"Ok Wakanda, don't freak, you know how Peter is a rat?"

"Please don't turn into a rat. A doggy I could handle..." I murmured feeling tired. I'm still going to kill James.


Bloody hell it's cold. And dark. Wait my eyes are closed again...ouch someone is pushing on my chest...owwy. Eww lips.

My hand made contact to someone's face. Whoops for like the fourth time.

"Bloody hell Wakanda, you weren't breathing then all the sudden you slap me?" Sirius cried.

"Whoops." Yet again.

"Whoops is are you ok to walk."

"How much oxygen did you pump into me?" I felt woozy, and it wasn't because of his breath.

"I take that as a no." He managed to hoist me up and try to make his way across the rest of the ice to get to the school.

"We never speak of this again you hear?" I murmured. "And I am going to kill James, tell him that he is going to die a long and painful death..."

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