"Dad, why was mother critisizing grandma?" asked Jade as she came into her father's study.

"I don't know Jade, your mother just has different opinions than your grandmother." replied Draco. He had been reading the newspaper, or rather the Daily Prophet, nothing interesting, just that the Bulgarian Team beat the Chuddley Cannons by 10 points in last week's game.

"But why, I didn't see anything wrong with what grandma said."

"I know, I didn't either, my mother knows what's best for her, and your mother shouldn't interfere because it has nothing to do with her."

"Dad, do you think you'll ever divorce mother?" asked Jade timidly.

Draco noticed her expression, it wasn't out of fear or guilt, it was out of pain, and resolution, she wanted out, and well Draco couldn't have agreeed more.

"I will, don't you worry about it."

Chapter 11: Arguments

"Draco why can't you just give me my space."

"Pansy, you've had all the space you've wanted, I gave up everything for you, I lost my own dignity, I lost every family member I've ever known, and I'm stuck in a hopeless marriage."

"Now who's fault is that?" asked Pansy, raising her voice.

"Our parents who else. that could give us this useless marriage in which we both know it won't work. I can't live like this Pansy and you know it."

"I don't see what's so wrong."

"We don't love each other Pansy, I never liked you and I could care less what happens to you afterwards. Sorry If I'm being harsh here but it's the truth. Jade hates you and you know it! You neglect her as if she's an insect and she's our daughter Pansy for Christ Sake, it means your suppose too spend time with her not ignore her, there's a difference."

"What makes you say that I don't love you. I'm sure Jade has her reasons for hating me Draco, but I spend as much time with her as you do."

"That's bullshit!"

"What is?"

"That you spend time with her, you don't not one bit. I don't undestand you Pansy, we have absolutely nothing in common, I can't talk to you about anything without you screeching at me."

"Really is that what you think of me?"

"Yes I do, you don't love me, your in love with my money, there's a big difference Pansy, and I could never love someone like you no matter how hard I try. We are two different no matter what house we were in at Hogwarts." said Draco.

"And why couldn't you love me?" Pansy asked with curiosity.

"I can't love someone who doesn't care about their own daughter. You don't care about her, and you don't love her, the only person you love is yourself. Your selfish Pansy. This not the life I chose to live, Jade is the only good thing out of this marriage yet you don't seem to get that. Your in your own world, too far behind to understand."

"Draco, how can you accuse me of such things, is it not I who chose where to live, where to be brought up. Was it not I who chose to have dinner parties at least once a month too boost up our image."

"And too think I wanted any of it. I don't want to live here, I hate this manor, I hate my memories with my father yet you refuse to see that. You see him as a good person yet for me, he abused me and tortured me till I THOUGHT AND BECAME HIM. But I am not, I am my own person. I hate those lame parties, I don't want to boost up my image, I've had enough of a bad reputation as it is."

"Well who's to blame for that?"

"No one, alright, I'm sick of you trying to change me Pansy, I can make my own decisions and I don't need you running my life. I already have a mother and I don't need another."

"Yeah about your mother, we should definitely sent her to a mental institute."

"You will do no such thing!" Draco protested.

"And why not?"

"You don't make those kinds of decisions Pansy and my mother is not ill. She's perfectly fine."

"You might want to rethink that."

"Do pretell Pansy." Draco said.

"Do you not remember the last time she was here. Arguing over the Manor and our money when it's none of her damn business, calling your father such foul words."

"First of all Pansy, my mother has every right to interfere, this was her home before this, and she is still a Malfoy so therefor her money, is my money. Lucius deserved everything he got. I wished I had killed him sooner before I had realised it was too late."

"You do not mean that Draco!" said Pansy.

"Of course I do, if I had killed him sooner Potter would have been able to kill Voldermort a long time ago. My father was only in the way. He was a cruel man and I just couldn't take it anymore, he had ruined 6 years at Hogwarts for me, and I had treated people worse than I could have ever imagined and I wished I could take it all back."

"But you're a Slytherin, Slytherin's do that all the time. You were right to teach those no good mudbloods a thing or two. Especially Granger."

"No they didn't, blood is blood Pansy. Granger was just someone like us, she was a witch and that's all there is too it."

"How can you possibly say this? Granger was part of the Golden Trio, a Mudblood who derserved to die in the final battle."

"No she didn't. You know what I think Pansy, I think you're jealous."

"Jealous of what, what could I jealous about?"

"You were jealous when I took Granger to the Graduation Ball."

"So, she stole my fiancé."

"She didn't steal no one, alright even if I had gone with someone else, I was still bound to you."

"How can you act like this saying that you actually care about these people. We hate them Draco, you don't need too apologise for anything." said Pansy.

"Oh contraire Pansy, as part of the image I portrayed in school. I was supposed to hate those people but I don't okay, you may think that I do but I don't. I respect them enough that they were students too, they could have had problems just like me and I wouldn't have known about it because I never took the chance. Instead I bullied them, and I knew I shouldn't have but I had no choice."

"Draco, you really need to stop this, this isn't you, this isn't person you were in school. I want that old Draco back."

"He was never there, Pansy, it was an image, a mirage if you will. He never existed. It's sold purpose was to please my father and he isn't here anymore. So forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm aloud to be my own person."

"I never said that, but it's stupid to have to apologise to anything, you did absolutely nothing wrong and I wish that you could see that." said Pansy.

"Well your wrong, and you obviously don't know me very well. In fact I don't think you even took the iniitiative to get to know me, or too even try."

"Of course I know you, I've known you since we were both 7 years old. That's quite a long time Draco."

"Really but of course it is, but do you actually know anything about me. I'm sure even people at Hogwarts who were my supposed enemy would know more about me than you."

"Are you saying that I know nothing about my husband."

"Yes Pansy, I can't live like this, you are trying to change me when I don't want to be changed. You can't control me, and you don't want Jade either. I don't how much longer I can take of this but I'll stick out a bit more, once Jade goes to Hogwarts. After that, there is no reason for me to be tied down to you anymore."

"Fine, if that's the way you want it. Your sleeping on the couch then."

"Fine with me."

Draco walked out of the bedroom he had shared with Pansy for over nine years and brought a pillow and blanket with him, and brought it down the stairs.

"Dad, what are you doing?" asked Jade, who was still sleepy who had come out of her room to go to the bathroom.

"Jade, what are you still doing up, you should be in bed."

"I had to go to the bathroom, where are you going?"

"I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. Your mother and I are not on speaking terms right now, so I'm sleeping in the living room."

"Can I?"

"I suppose, bring your pillow and blanket then."

Jade went back into her room and took out of her pillow and blanket from her bed and brought it downstairs. Draco had already set up the couch. The couch pulled into a bed. Jade got in the bed on the left side while Draco took the right.

"Dad, do you have to work tomorrow, it's the weekend."

"I'm sorry Jade, but were behind on paperwork, and I'm the only one to do it."

"Will you be home early?"

"I might."

"Well alright, goodnight Dad."

"Night Jade."

Draco had for once slept in peace, he wasn't beside his wife, he hadn't tossed and turned like he usually did to get comfortable. He slept comfortably. He wished he slept that way every night but he couldn't change things. At least not with Pansy mad at him for doing absolutely nothing wrong.


When Jade woke up, her father was long gone, his side of the bed was cleaned and made. Jade glanced at her watch and saw the time, 8:03. She got out of the bed throwing the blankets on the floor by accident and went into the kitchen. She didn't know how hungry she was until she entered the kitchen. She saw the house elves working on her breakfast that she hadn't even ask for but the house elves knew what she liked. So it didn't bother her that they decided what she was going to be eaten that day.

Once Jade had recieved her food and sat at the table when her mother came into view.

"What are you doing here, Mother?"

Pansy turned to glare at her daughter, she had wanted to scream 'It's none of your damn business.' But decided against it. "I called in sick, I'm not going in." she replied.

"Oh, will you be home all day?"

"More than likely unless plans arrive."

Jade groaned though luckily her mother couldn't hear her. She didn't want too stay home if her mother was home. She figured she'd either go to Laura's house and spend the day with her, or she'd be in her room. She thought better to stay in her room because Laura probably had plans with her family. Laura's mother was 5 months pregnant by now and it was hard for her, Jade understood that. Soon Jade finished her breakfast and put her dishes in the sink and went into her room.

Pansy knew that Jade wouldn't come out of her room for awhile, so she wouldn't be caught. She motioned her owl over to her as she took out a piece of parchment and quill.

'Dear Theodore,

I miss you, would you mind coming over to the manor, Draco has gone to work and my daughter is in her room, so we'd have the whole house to ourselves if you know what I mean.

Love Pansy.'

Once Pansy was done with the letter the owl took off. Pansy relaxed, life was getting harder everyday, but at least she knew Theodore Knott would comfort her.

A half an hour later the door rang, signalling Theodore's arrival.

"Theodore, Oh I'm so glad your here." exclaimed Pansy pulling Theo into a passionate kiss.

"It's good to see you too Pans."

"By all means do come in."

"Don't mind if I do." said Theo.

"Shall we?" Motioned Pansy to Theodore to hers and Draco's bedroom.



Jade had been working on her journal for school, she had nothing better to do. She planned to stay in her room all day because she didn't want to talk to her mother. She had written on at least 50 pages before finally writing something down that was good enough in her opinion.

I can't say I'm proud with how my life is turning out. I feel the only good thing in my life is the Dance Lessons I'm taking 4 times a week. My teacher is kinda like my best friend, she talks to me like a friend and we have a lot of things in common. My family seems to be falling apart everyday but I won't go into much detail. My dad seems so much more distant and I don't it to be that way. I want my dad back into my life. He's taking his work too seriously. I don't want anything bad to happen to him.

Mrs. Benson, I'm not asking for miracles or special priviledges because like I said before I don't want any pity, all I want is to be happy, to smile, and not have any regrets or decisions that require me to get in good grace's with my mother. My father and mother argue constantly and I try and block out the sounds but sometimes it's too much and I end up getting headaches but I've dealt with them as best as I can. I know my dad wants to divorce my mother, I'm just waiting for the right moment and when that happens I know I'll be free.

I'm not perfect, and I've had my share of mistakes and I take full responsibility for them but this is something that isn't my fault and I can't take the blame for it. I want this sadness in my heart to stop, I want to be happy, without my mother there in my life. I want my father to love, he told me he's never loved anyone before, I think he deserves some happiness after everything he's been through. I want a real mother, someone that loves me for me, shows me the rights and wrongs. That's actually there for me when I have a problem. That's all I want Mrs. Benson, that's all I want.

Jade was hungry, she had breakfast early. She went out of her room, and walked down the hall. She stood behind a corner, when her mother came out of her room in a bathrobe followed by a man who might she have added was only wearing boxers. She didn't know who this guy was and wasn't about too. Jade was about to walk by when she saw her mother kissing the man. Jade knew that this wasn't right. This wasn't her father, he was at work and her mother had been lying to them for who knows how long. She was kissing someone, her mother had betrayed her for the last time. She couldn't take it anymore. How could her mother act this way and not even have a care in the world.

"Mother, how could you!" Jade screamed.

Pansy and Theodore stopped their kissing once they heard Jade scream. Pansy went to glare at her daughter.

"Theo, you might want to go, but owl me later alright?"

"Alright Pans, see you." said Theo giving her one last kiss before grabbing his clothes from the bedroom and leaving the manor.

"Jade, it is none of your damn business what I do with my spare time."

"Oh I think it does if your cheating on dad."

"You know what I think Jade, I think you are a selfish brat who thinks she can get everything she wants and have the perfect life. Well guess what Honey? It's not and it will never be and you are just going to have too accept it."

"You know I can't even begin to think how you can possibly be my mother. You are nothing like me, you don't even love me!"

"And why the hell should I? You are nothing but spoiled, your father just spoils you just because he can't spend time with you and yet you take it all out on me!"

"He does not spoil me, now who's being selfish? You should care or ever love me because I'm your daughter, does that not mean anything to you?"

"No it doesn't Jade! I'm sick of your nonesense, your muggle-loving school and shit like that. And don't even get me started on those Dance Lessons. I don't have to like it, and I'm not going to pretend anymore. I don't like you, and I know you don't like me so what's the point in arguing about this."

"I will never like you. The way you have treated me Mother, there's no excuse. I can't even begin to think how cruel you are to people. And Dad, most of all, he's put up you for so many years for as long as I've been born. And he hates it, you know he does, but he does it anyways because he's a good person. He does it for me, because he wants to see our family happy. But have we ever been Happy? He can't live like this and neither can I. He's the only one to care for me, you ignore the fact that I exist.

"I could care less of what your father thinks of me as of this morning, this is between you and me and we are going to settle this now."

"There's nothing to settle because I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'm sick of it and I'm sick of you walking over me pretending that your queen of the world just so you have publicity being the wife of a wealthy pureblood. Is that all Dad is to you?"

"How can you possibly say that. I love your father."

"Haha, mother you make me laugh. You don't love dad because if you did, I would have not seen you kissing that guy only a few minutes ago so don't tell me you love dad. I HATE YOU! I hate the fact that you should have never been my mother, you were never a good person. And I HATE YOU for it." said Jade.

"Don't pretend like you know me Jade, I will not tolerate it!"

Pansy walked up to Jade, Jade tried to back up, she was scared. But the tables had turned on her when her back hit the wall, she had no where to run too. Pansy slapped her. Jade was shocked yet beyond scared that her mother would beat her if she said another word. What had become of her mother, who was she? She wanted to cry right then and there but she knew that if she did, Her mother would probably do worse to her. Her mother's face looked stone cold, and angrier than she had ever seen her before.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again!"

Jade couldn't take it anymore she couldn't face her mother anymore. She couldn't face her family. She needed to escape some place safe. Her father was at work so he wouldn't know if she had left but at that moment she just didn't care anymore.

"You know what mother, you have to be the worst person to ever walk the earth, I will never understand you. Dad deserves the truth!"

Jade turned to walk away but Pansy caught her arm. "Oh no you don't, you are not telling your father anything."

"And why shouldn't I, you don't love dad, so why does it matter if I tell him or not?" asked Jade.

"Because I cannot divorce your father, you hear me, and you will do as I say and keep your mouth shut."

"I'm sorry but I can't do that!" said Jade.

She went up to her room, she thought she might cry herself to sleep but thought better to leave. She didn't want to stay there anymore than she had too. She grabbed her broom and she took out some parchment and wrote a small note to her father in case he did wonder where she was when he came home. She wasn't giving any details or where she was headed because she didn't even know.

Jade thought her possibilities were slim, she didn't have much to look forward too. She could have always gone too Laura's but she didn't want to be a burden. She knew that Laura would be supportive of her decision. Laura knew all of her secrets. But she didn't know whether or not if she could tell Harry as well. She'd be only in the way. Her life had just drastically changed and she didn't know how to deal with the situation properly.

Her mother had betrayed her for the last time. She could take all the hurt towards her and shoved it aside but she had done to her dad was a lot worse. Even if they didn't love each other, no parent were to cheat on the other. It was unethical and unhealthy in the relationship. Jade knew a long time ago that her mother had broken and crossed the line of friendship and had shattered it too pieces.

Jade stayed in her room for 45 minutes before deciding she couldn't take it staying here any longer. She packed up a few things before taking her broom opening her window and onto the roof. She had decided there was only one person who she could turn too. Who wouldn't judge her of anything, and that person was...

Hermione Granger...

Author's Notes: Another chapter done. I know not as long as I thought it would be but the next chapter is going to be a big one. It's the chapter everyone is waiting for...Get Ready For it! Hermione and Draco Meet!!! Wow bet you never thought I'd get to it, did you? Well you thought wrong! hahaha...

I bet you were surprised that Pansy was cheating on Draco. You didn't think their marriage was going to last now did you? Come on this is Pansy Parkinson were talking about. I hope you like this chapter, it wasn't the best as I had hoped.

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