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Hermione Granger woke up to the smell of her favorite breakfast, chocolate-chip pancakes. She got out of bed, stretched, and procceeded to her bathroom to take a nice shower. 

Wow! I can't believe it's my last year at Hogwarts. Time just flies by so quickly. At least I made Headgirl. I wonder who Headboy is, probably some kid from Ravenclaw. Oh well...
As Hermione made her way back to her room she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Hey, not bad. I like my hair this sleek and smooth. And the color is just so dark, it really brings out my electric blue eyes. Wait... WHAT?! Black hair, blue eyes, taller, and wow... nice curves. I mean... WHAT?!  "Oh My God!!!" 

Suddenly a large bang was heard as her bedroom door flew open, "Hermione are you okay? We heard you scream and rushed up here as soon as- oh..." Her father stopped short as he looked at Hermione. "Ummm... Jane!!! I think it's time we tell her the truth, Hermione come downstairs please, your mother and I have to talk to you," and with that said, he turned around and went downstairs where he locked eyes with a very nervous Jane Granger.

" Well... mom, dad i'm waiting because I would love to hear a good explanation for why I look... different," Hermione said as she slowly became annoyed with these pathetic muggles who were known as her parents. Whoa! Where did that thought come from? I would never call my parents pathetic muggles. That's just like calling myself a mudblood...weird." Ummm... ok honey don't get mad because we didn't tell you before but it was for your own safety... we are not your real parents. Actually we stole you from your family when you were just a baby, but for good reasons. We always knew about the wizarding world and Dumbledore was actually a very good friend of ours. He asked us to steal you from your parents so that you wouldn't end up like them, he knew that you were powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands..." Jane Granger said nervously and obviously very scared of her "daughter's" reaction.

Hermione sat there quietly taking it all in. I'm a pureblood... and a powerful one at that. My parents probably support Voldemort... but I was ripped away from my family and that's just wrong! I don't care what Dumbledore thought but that was so disgusting of him to just rip me away from my family and my real life. Hermione jumped up so quickly that the Grangers squeaked in fright. " I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT THROUGH WITH THAT!!! RIPPING CHILDREN AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES IS SO WRONG!!! I DON'T CARE IF DUMBLEDORE TOLD YOU TO DO IT!!! SCREW DUMBLEDORE!!! " she yelled so loudly that it sounded like a sonic boom. Hermione relaxed a bit and asked, " So who are my parents?" Jane Granger looked up with a heavy heart, " Tom Riddle and Sophia Riddle".

Hermione felt like her eyes were on fire, or more like had electricity running throughout her entire body. Voldemort... is.. my father? Wow... who knew the bastard was capabale of having children? Well I guess I will make the best of being the daughter of the most evil wizard in the world... oh who am I kidding!!! This is awesome!!! What... is going on with me? I sound so evil... and I'm liking it. Looks like a personality change came with the change of looks. Why are those idiot muggles staring at me like that? Stupid filth don't even deserve to look at me, let alone breathe the same air as me. I guess i'll have to make them pay for what they have done...Hermione stood there and her lips curled slightly into a menacing smirk, " You know, I always felt I had immense power, let's see if I was right... you both are going to pay for ruining my life". Hermione had electricity surrounding her body as she thrust her hands forward at the Grangers. They screamed in pain as a wave of electricity hit them. Hermione gasped at this new found power but quickly recovered from her shock. She sent more and more waves of electricty at the couple until they couldn't fight it anymore. She relaxed and walked up to the bodies on the floor, " You muggles disgust me" and with that she turned and packed her stuff and left, but not before she shot her hand up to the sky and smirked as the dark mark appeared.

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