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Chapter 2: Tears

“You will be going out for your first battle.” He said. They weren’t ready. It was obvious. Each and every one of them were trembling. About half of them could not come back, if not more, and they knew that. Most of them either just had come out of school, or were finishing it. They were just a group of unorganized fighters, no longer knowing what they were fighting for. It had been going on for so long that the true goal was all just a blur. Forgotten. “Good luck.”

“We aren’t ready.” Ron said. “I’m not ready.” His hands were shaking and his palms were sweaty.

“Ron,” Hermione said with tears flowing down her face. She was just as scared as he. “You’ll do fine.” She gave him a weak smile. “I know you will.” It was a scary time., about to walk into your first battle, thinking that you weren’t trained enough. We all thought of this. Never once did it not cross the mind of every last person in the room when the leader, both mine and theirs gave their beginning of battle speech. The thing was that we had more. We would usually plan secret attacks, but someone, * cough * Severus * cough * betrayed us. Uh, I can’t stand the guy! He is unloyal prick of a git! He is a sad excuse for a death eater, and quite frankly, needs to learn how to use shampoo! I mean, it must have been over a decade since he has ever let a drop of water even touch it!

So, they knew that we were going to attack st. mungos and probably already warned them about it. Oh well, just another challenge.

Hermione unclasped her chain and slid something off of her finger. It was her engagement ring from Ron. After stringing the chain through it,, she put the clasp together once more. Then she turned to Ron and hugged him. “I love you. Never forget.”

He nodded and hugged her back. “This isn’t time to say good-bye. We will both get through this.” He said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

There was an order member stationed at every possible entrance. Big deal. We blasted one of the walls and paraded in. That alone cleared out many people. Most everyone that could sent spells at one another. I was the one that blasted open the wall. I sent out a few more curses, but then, I couldn’t. I didn’t find it fair that over half of the people there couldn’t defend themselves. Infants that had no clue what was going on. People who were paralyzed or numb couldn’t lift a wand. This wasn’t right, but if I tried to explain that to father, he would look at me and say, ‘that’s the point.’ All he wants to do anymore is kill. I am waiting for the day that he decides to practice on me, but for now, I ma standing in the middle of a battle with people surrounding me. I know that there is noise, but I hear nothing. Everything got slower and darker. I faded out and passed out.


Two days later, I woke to find myself in my bed, not remembering many of the past events from only a few nights before. My head was pounding. When I passed out, I must have hit many head on something, but at the time, the only things any which way I turned were people. A person would be soft. No. I must have had a hard fall on the ground. All of a sudden, there was a knock on my door. Groaning, I said, “What is it?” It was daddy dearest. Joy. I knew what was coming.

“What happened out there?” unlike the soft and gentle way that fathers usually ask their child how they are feeling, his words were hard and ridiculing. I flinched. “You should be used to the death now. You live it everyday. This was what you were born to do!”

Not again. I would not let him see me cry again. “Maybe I don’t want to do it any more!” my voice was shaky. He knew that the tears would be soon to follow.

“Get up.” I did as he said. It would be worse if I disobeyed. I learned this early on. He will never be one to be forgiving. “Crucio!” I let out a scream. It hurt like hell. I could no longer stand it. I was becoming weaker. I could feel it as the days went by. I continued to scream in agony. Weaker and weaker I became, and so a disgrace. My vision blurred and turned black and white. It was coming. If I didn’t do anything, I would surly pass out again.

I yelled out. “Just kill me already!”

He flicked his wand and laughed. “Stupid girl. Get up.” He commanded. Quickly, I clambered onto my bed. “Toughen up.” With that, he turned to leave, slamming my door behind him.

I was not the only one sobbing. “He killed her.” Ron yelled at Harry. “Draco Malfoy killed her.” He buried his face in his hands. “He doesn’t even feel sorry! He’s proud! PROUD! Proud to know that he was the one to kill the sweet, talented, intelligent, Hermione! One less Mudblood in his eyes.” He turned his head and whispered, “I’ll kill him.” Ron was just as angry as any man would be if someone killed the woman that they planned to marry, Let alone, Ron knew the guy who did it.

I heard a knock on my door and looked up. “Go away!” I shouted.

A young boy’s voice rang through the door. “No.” It did not belong to my father. That was for sure. It was probably one of the guys that I have been ignoring coming to see if any of the others have gotten here first. Pig head. Shaking my head, I wiped away the last of my tears and looked in the mirror. My face was red and blotch and still a bit damp, but oh well. My streaks ere dark blue and I looked like crap, but I answered the door any way. To my surprise, it was Malfoy. We just stood there for a minute before he said, “Well, can I come in?”

I snapped out of my trance and stepped aside, allowing him in. I curled up on my blue chair and motioned for him to sit on the bed. I had no idea why he would be down here, he shouldn’t know that I am down here, but somehow, he found me. For a moment or so, we sat in silence, but then he spoke. “I thought that I had heard someone crying, and I had to see what was wrong.” For a death eater, he was kind of sweet. “Are you ok?”

I nodded a little, giving a smile. “Yeah.” I said. “I will be.”

“So, how is it that we never see you?” the boy asked.

I shrugged. “Daddy wants to keep me hidden away. This-“

“Wait, daddy?” He asked in bewilderment.

“Well, you know him as the dark lord. I know him as Daddy.” I told him. “You see, this is my life. I have been fighting battles instead of going to schools, where I’d much rather be. I guess I don’t always realize what has been put onto me, and then I just break down.” I explained.

“He always expects you to be great, but you know that you will never be strong enough to meet his expectation?” The blond continued for me.

I looked up. “How could you possibly know?”

He shifted his eyes from where they were focused on the ground to mine. “There is no doubt that you have it much harder than I, but my father is somewhat of the same. You feel like you’re trapped, don’t you?” it was as if he had known me forever. Everything he said was true.

Nodding, I said, “And you can n ever escape? And the person you thought that you were really was someone else? You are afraid of the person you’ve become?”

“What have we become?”

I shook my head slowly. “I don’t even know anymore.” I looked up at the clock and my eyes got wide. “You have to go!” confusion was written all over his face. “Please, you must! He will be here any minute! If today is the day I think it is, he will be here for my lesson!” I rushed him out. Now we were standing in the doorframe. “I hope I can see you again soon, um-“

“Draco.” He said, then turned and started running down the hall. I watched him until he disappeared, and waited for father.

A/N: ok, so it is the end of chapter two and you still don’t know her name. Well, that is ok. I wanted it that way. Don’t worry; you will hear it in the next chapter! Don’t have a cow! lol. I hope you liked it! ^_^ Please leave a review!

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