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Draco was in St. Mungo’s for three weeks before he was finally released. True, he still had to go in once a week to check his progress, but Hermione was just glad he was back at Hogwarts.

Though he was excused from all of his classes, Hermione was determined that he make up all that he missed. So they were sitting in the Heads’ common room working vigorously on three weeks worth of work.

“What are you looking at, Malfoy?” Hermione snapped, feeling Draco’s eyes on her. After four hours of helping him with his homework while he refused to cooperate, she was feeling very irritable.

“Certainly not you” he replied, matching her tone with a scowl, though it ended up looking like a smirk.

Hermione looked up to shoot him a nasty glare, but he was already looking back down at his paper.

“Now who’s the one staring?” he joked, not once looking up from Hermione’s page of notes.

“I’m not staring” she spat.

She could have sworn she saw a smile flicker across his lips, but it was gone before she could verify it.

“Still staring” Draco mumbled after a heavy sigh.

“You’re delusional” Hermione laughed, rising up from her spot on the couch and climbing the stairs to her room.

Draco watched her retreat. Once she left the room, he smiled and leaned back in his chair, resting his head in his hands.


~          ~          ~          ~          ~


            Hermione awoke to a light tapping on her door. She glanced at her clock and saw that it was only 3:30. What the hell?

            She sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before rising and stumbling towards the door. When she opened it she found a wide awake Draco.

            “What do you want, Draco? It’s three in the morning.”

            “I couldn’t sleep” he replied childishly.

            Hermione stared at him, taking in his messy blonde hair and rumpled pajama bottoms.

            “What am I supposed to do about that?” she asked, her lack of sleep coming back to her.

            Draco laughed and leant in, giving her a light kiss.

            He started to pull away and Hermione saw a small spark in his eye before he came back and deepened the kiss.

            Hermione was just getting into it when Draco pulled away and turned to walk back to his room.

            “Thanks. Now I can sleep.” He yawned, walking into his room.

            Hermione shook her head and closed her door.


~          ~          ~          ~          ~


            “No, I’m tired” Hermione mumbled, feeling someone shaking her awake.

            The culprit wouldn’t stop, so Hermione pushed them away with her arm. The person just shook her harder.

            “Stop it!” Hermione yelled, getting frustrated.

            The person finally stopped, and she heard them walk away, probably into the bathroom. The bath water started running and Hermione smiled to herself. Now I can sleep.

            But she was disturbed again a few minutes later when someone picked her up off the bed.

            “Stop” Hermione groaned and she heard the person laugh.

            She felt her feet touch something cold and a wave of shock ran up her body.

            Immediately her body became frozen and her eyes shot open.

            “Fuck!” She screamed.

            Finally looking around, Hermione saw she was in a tub and looked up to see Draco.

            “What the hell?” she yelled, glaring up at him.

            “You wouldn’t wake up” he said, simply.


            “It’s eleven o’clock”

            She looked up at Draco in shock and then jumped out of the tub, causing water to splash all over the floor.

            Draco suddenly turned around and grabbed a towel, holding it out behind his back to Hermione. She grabbed the towel and started to dry off, suddenly noticing she was completely visible through her thin tank top.

            “You pervert!” she screamed.

            Draco turned around to face her.

            “I am not a pervert” he smiled.

            Hermione was momentarily hypnotized by his smile.

            “I like it when you smile” she commented aloud, feeling herself smile in response.

            Draco’s smile faded and he looked down at the floor.

            “Sorry . . .” Hermione muttered.

            Draco looked back up at her and gave her a giant grin.

            “Now you just look goofy” she giggled.

            He laughed and grabbed her by her hands, pulling her closer. She looked at him, clearly surprised, and he leaned down to kiss her.

            This time as he pulled away, Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck to stop him. She felt him smile against her lips and quickly deepened the kiss. Wrapping his arms around the girl’s waist, he stopped kissing her and rested his forehead against hers.

            “I love you” he muttered.

            Hermione smiled, “I know”

            Draco laughed and pulled away, hopping up to sit on the bathroom counter.

            “Hey!” Hermione yelled, just realizing the situation, “You’re not supposed to be walking!”

            “I’m allowed to walk” Draco defended, the smile fading from his face.

            “Not very much! Besides, you shouldn’t be carrying me when you can barely support your own weight!”

            Draco rolled his eyes and hopped down from the counter, walking slowly from one side of the bathroom to the other.

            “I’m fine, see?” he said, coming to a stop before her.

            “Go sit down!” Hermione yelled, trying (but not succeeding) to push him towards the door.

            “I’m fine!” he complained, bracing himself against her shoving.

            “You’re never going to be able to walk again, you prick!” Hermione shouted, turning and storming back into her room.


~          ~          ~          ~          ~


            Draco knocked lightly on Hermione’s door, hoping she would answer.

            “What?” she snapped after opening the door, “Do you need help walking because you wore all of your energy out this morning?”

            Draco grimaced at her harsh tone.

            “No” he said, “I was going to tell you that dinner started half an hour ago and ask if you were planning on going”

            “Oh” she said, clearly surprised at the time, “Yeah, hold on”

            The door closed and Draco only had to wait a moment before it opened again and Hermione stepped out, looking the same as she had before.

            “Why’d you have to close the door?” he asked, following her down the stairs.

            “Never you mind” she said, waving her hand over her shoulder.

            “Don’t talk down to me” he ordered, rolling his eyes, “I’m not a baby”

            “Babies can walk better than you, though” she snapped, walking towards the portrait hole and motioning for him to stay. “I’ll bring your dinner up, you just sit down and work on that” she said, motioning towards the stack of homework assignments.

            Draco rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath. Hermione thought she heard the word ‘over-controlling’ but decided to ignore it before stepping out into the hall.

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