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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 14: Remus, Siri & Lils

Long curly red hair lay delicately across a white pillow and the emerald green eyes of Lily Evans twitched in her sleep as she flung her hands about her head, trying to stop the annoying pecking at her face. Her eyes suddenly flew open and she realised that it wasn’t just a dream as she saw a pair of large blue eyes staring back at her. She made a mental note to be sure to shut the bedroom window before sleeping next time as she glanced at her clock which read 5:00am.

The owl impatiently awaited Lily untying the letter it was carrying and gave a small hoot as it took flight out the window again. Lily followed it and pulled the heavy window shut before turning and seating herself on her bed cross-legged.

She twirled the paper around in her hands and pushed her mouth to the side. It was very unusual for her mail to come so early in the morning; it was supposed to come at breakfast. The hand writing on the envelope also looked nothing like the writing of anyone who took the time to contact her. She squinted her eyes at the pure white parchment for just a second longer before her curiosity got the better of her and she ripped it open, not so gently.

Miss Lillian Evans, it was titled. Lily cringed; she hated the name Lillian. In fact, very few people knew that to be her actual name, she made a point of letting everyone know that it was simply Lily. She carried on reading:

How are you on this fine morning; I hope I did not wake you? The reason for me writing so early in the morning is that I wanted to make sure I got to you before anyone else had the opportunity. News of the up and coming ball is on the rise and people are starting to make their moves in finding dates. Anyway, I won’t babble any longer; or keep you awake. I was just wondering if you would be obliged as to accompany me to the Halloween Ball a week this Friday? I would be overjoyed if you would accept and I do believe we would have a wonderful time together. Please, don’t feel the need to write me back, just let me know when you have decided.

As always, I will be looking forward to seeing you around.
Thinking of you,

-James Potter-

Lily couldn’t help but let a smile flitter across her face as she shook her head; only James Potter could write such a letter. That boy would go to any measure to get what he wanted and Lily frowned at this thought. She was something he’d never had and if she said yes, that would be giving him the satisfaction of knowing he could have every girl at Hogwarts; the thing she was sure he most wanted.

Her immediate thought had been yes, but that was the potion still lurking around. After a while she realised the boy was after one thing, and there was no way she was going to give it to him. She balled her fist and slammed it into the bed. “I hate James Potter,” she hissed to herself.

The rest of the day passed pretty slowly, much to Lily’s regret as she had failed to fall back to sleep. She spent each lesson fiercely taking notes and muttering angrily to her self. And to top things off, today was the worse day of the week lesson wise; double arithmacy, double advanced charms and potions. Lily let out a heavy sigh as she entered her potions class and slumped down into a chair.

At first she thought it was just her imagination but it steadily got heavier. She could feel what felt like breath being blown into her ear and had actually closed her eyes, quite enjoying it, until she realised that it was highly unusual for something like this to be happening. Snapping open her eyes she spun around in her seat to face a smirking Sirius Black.

“Stop!...Blowing!...Me!” Lily choked out her broken up sentence and Sirius’ eyes widened as he leant forward to whisper.

“You can blow me anyt…”

“Just shut up Black,” Lily spat. “I don’t need to hear that.” Sirius smirked and leant back in his seat, staring into the back of Lily’s head.

“Black,” Lily hissed still facing the front. “Stop staring at me!” she spun round and Sirius pretended to look around the room whilst whistling.

“What?” he asked innocently. Lily growled something he couldn’t hear before turning just in time to see the professor stride through the door. Lily chanced a quick glance behind her and noticed James wasn’t there; that was weird.

The professor babbled on for the first half hour before telling them to pair up and brew the simple potion he had written up on the board. Lily looked around as everyone paired up, leaving her on her own.

“Miss Evans,” the professor smirked; she’d never liked him…cocky twit. “It’s seems as though you have been left. Alone,” smirk. “Well, I suppose you shall have to partner up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” he said slimily pointing to Sirius and Remus.

“Pull up a chair Red,” Sirius smiled as Lily dropped into a seat besides them. Remus gave her a wonky smile.

“So Lily, are you looking forward to the ball next week?” Remus asked conversationally.

“Anyone asked you to go?” Sirius asked eagerly. Lily glanced between the two boys; surely they knew James had asked her. Maybe they were fishing for him.

“Yes I am actually looking forward to it,” she stated. “And no one interested has asked me to go apart from James of which you obviously no,” she told them. Sirius scoffed.

“Oh come on Red,” he said rolling his eyes. “You must have had a couple of offers by now; excluding James,” Lily narrowed her eyes at him.

“Why would I?” she asked slowly.

“Well because you’re pretty urm,” Sirius began kind of lost for words. “Pretty?” he tried. Lily looked at him for a few seconds before a smiled broke across her face and she laughed.

“Ok, Sirius,” she breathed, adding some ingredients to their cauldron.

“What?” Sirius asked amused. “I’m being serious Evans. Listen,” he said leaning closer so as to not draw attention to them. “Sure, there are girls in this school who are hot; but hot and pretty are different things. Isn’t that right Remus?” Sirius turned to him for approval.

“It is,” Remus stated mater-of-factly. “All boys want to date the ‘hot’ girls Lily, so that they look good. But all boys want to end up with the pretty girls.” Lily stared at them; that made no sense.

“And you’re supposed to be smart,” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “Basically, the hot girls are actually rough,” he said simply. “Fair enough when they’re out and about they draw attention but you wake up in the morning next to them with no make-up on and you never want to see them again. But you Lily,” he said with a smirk. “Well, you’re the kind of girl which every guy wants to wake up next to; because you’re naturally beautiful.”

“You said pretty earlier,” Lily retorted, something she wouldn’t have said had the potion not still been in her system.

“Lily Evans!” Sirius shouted loudly. “You’re beautiful,” everyone looked over to their table and Lily blushed. “So you might as well get used to it,” he added so only them three could hear. Lily blushed madly.

“Urm thanks,” she muttered.

“No problem,” Sirius shrugged. “You did tell me I was handsome yesterday,” a glare came over Lily’s face.

“I still cannot believe you did that!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Ah, get over it. James has made us promise not to question you inappropriately,” a sudden gleam of mischief flashed in his eyes and he smirked. “But I think I might have to do a bit of interrogation.”

“Don’t you dare,” Lily hissed.

“Let her be Padfoot,” Remus chuckled lightly. “She’s had enough already.”

“But Moony,” Sirius stuck out his bottom lip and pouted. “I know you want to know too,” he winked. A smirk appeared on Remus’ features which were so unlike him that Lily cringed. Mischief in the hands of Remus couldn’t turn out good.

“You can’t honestly be thinking about this?” Lily asked worriedly.

“Oh my dear Lily,” Remus said uncharacteristically. “Would I ever do a thing like that to you?” Lily narrowed her eyes at his James like smirk.

“It appears so,” she snapped just as a bell sounded from out in the corridor.

“We’ll see you in the common room later Evans,” Sirius shouted back in a sing-song voice as he left.

Curfew quickly approached as Lily sat in the library. She’d be hiding out there all afternoon, too worried to bump into Remus or Sirius. But sadly, Madame Turner was making her rounds through the isles to shoo everyone out.

“Sorry Lily love,” she said softly with a smile. “But I’m afraid you have to go back now,” Lily sighed.

“I know.” Madame Turner placed a hand gently on her shoulder and Lily smiled before leaving. Why couldn’t Turner be her potions teacher? She loved Lily. This was probably because Lily gave her a job on the weekends; she was often the only one there. Plus, Lily would never purposely make a lot of noise in the library, except for the exception of when Potter was around. But that didn’t count.

Lily had been running thoughts through her mind the whole way and soon found herself outside the Gryffindor common room. Stating the password she let out an exasperated sigh before entering, hopefully unnoticed, so that she could go straight to her dorm. Unfortunately, the Lily Radar kicked into action.

“Evans!” James called as soon as she walked in. Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning and looking at him expectantly. “Urm,” James began running a hand through his hair. “Did you get my letter?”

“Yes,” Lily answered shortly continuing to look at him and wait for an answer. She’d found that the more often he wound her up the easier she found it to hate him.

“Oh, ok,” James could think of nothing to say; why did she always make this so difficult? “Well, what do you say?” he asked slowly.

“What do you think I say Potter?” James cringed from her tone of voice, something he’d once gotten used to but as of lately she hadn’t used it, so he’d softened slightly. Regaining his composure he felt a jolt of confidence and for once he was quite happy for Trevor’s interference.

“Yes,” James said rather than asked with a large smirk. “That’s great! We’ll talk more tomorrow because I need to finish this work.” Lily opened her mouth to retort but found all she could do was stare at him evilly. James continued to watch her with his stupid smirk on his face.

“It’s not a yes!” Lily spluttered finally finding her voice. “The day I say yes to you James Potter will be the day hell freezes over.” She smiled, happy with her come back before adding, “twice!”

James’ mouth cracked into a wide smile as he strutted over to Lily, slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. “I know you want me,” he whispered into her ear. Oh yippee, the old Potter’s back, Lily thought. This statement wasn’t completely sarcastic as she was happy that she was beginning to dislike him again.

“Yes, I want you to leave,” Lily said simply. She picked his hand up between two fingers and dropped it away from her.

James chuckled, “feisty,” he said with a wink. “You know Evans; your parents should have called you Gillette.”

Lily squinted at him. “Why?”

“Because you’re the best a man can get,” he smirked and everyone around him looked confused.

“How do you know about Gillette razors?” Lily asked slowly.

“Arthur Weasley is obsessed with muggle objects and has an urm…felly-vision? In his house,” he smiled.

“Uch,” she moaned. “100,000 sperm and you were the fastest,” Lily muttered. James’ eyes widened before he burst out laughing, collapsing into a chair.

“You make me laugh Evans,” he sighed. “Which is why we should be together,” he said more seriously. Lily looked down at him and pushed her lips together.

“No.” She said quietly before walking off. However, she didn’t get very far…

“Come on Evans we need a nice chat,” Sirius said quietly to her, dragging her to the corner of the common room where Remus sat.

“Hello Lily,” Remus smiled up at her.

“Lupin,” Lily nodded in acknowledgment.

“We’re on last name terms now are we Miss Evans?” Remus asked with an amused twinkle in his eyes. Lily nodded, folding her arms and refusing to look at the two boys.

“You’re a pair of idiots,” she suddenly spat, unable to keep in her thoughts.

“Ouch,” Sirius said holding a hand to his heart.

“Especially you!” Lily hissed at him. “Today I actually thought we were starting to get on, but clearly not.”

“Oh come on Evans,” he tilted his head. “We’ve always got on…Kind of.”

“Black, we’ve hardly spoken over the 6 years that we have known each other,” Lily stated quietly.

“That’s true,” Remus sided. “I think you’re the only one out of the four of us that hasn’t actually held a conversation with her.”

“Well, Potter and I hardly have conversations,” Lily laughed.

“But still,” Sirius began looking at Lily. “We should speak more often Evans; you’re an alright girl,” he flashed her his famous weak-knee smile, which had no effect on Lily.

“Ok,” Lily said shrugging.

“Hey, that’s a compliment,” Sirius said mocking offence. “There aren’t many girls that I just want to speak to.”

“Ye, you usually just want to get in their knickers,” she rolled her eyes.

“But you don’t have to worry about that; you’re James’ and there’s rules about that stuff,” Sirius said seriously.

“I am not James’ Black!” Lily told him sternly.

“Ok, ok,” Sirius said with raised hands. “How about we be friends from now on Evans?” he asked slowly. Lily looked at his outstretched hand for a while before cautiously taking it. Sirius grinned. “Right, let’s start with this last name malarkey; you must call me Sirius, or Siri,” he smirked. “And I’ll call you Lily,” he thought for a second. “Or Lils?”

“Not Lils,” Lily told him. “And I am not calling you Siri,” she laughed adding, “Sirius.”

“I’m not still Lupin am I?” Remus asked with a pout which she could no longer be angry with.

“I suppose not,” she caved. Sirius unexpectedly pulled Lily into a tight hug which Remus shortly joined. All laughed as they fell apart and took to their seats.

Sirius’ face suddenly became serious as he glanced at Remus who shrugged. “I’m sorry Lily, but we still have to do this; while the potions still in your system.”

“I’ll never speak to you again,” she told them slowly. Her happy mood was deflated as she knew what was coming. What if she revealed to them things she hadn’t yet admitted to herself?

Remus cleared his throat. “I’m sorry Lily, but we need to know how you feel about James?”

A.n. Ahh, this took me forever to write =] I've been on and off writing it for about 6 hours =O And i've been in my room doing it for 2!! Ok, about an hour of that time i was on the phone i spose...but i was sat infront of my laptop =D ANYWAYS, oo, whats going to happen now...Will Lily and Sirius' new born friendship be over already? Tis exciting i think n_n Ive found a new love for this story..and its thanks to all you brilliant reviewers!! Honestly, i kinda lost the will to write this but the amazing reviews kept me going...and now im back on track. So THANKS to yu all!! Anyways, i wont babble for much longer 'cos i need some sleep so...please leave a review and ill update asap!


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