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A/N: Okay really sorry about all the waiting, as some of you know I have been writing a new story so most of my time has been spent on that but now I'm back! You must review and go on youtube and watch Potter Puppet Pals, you won't be sorry!
"Lily! Wow so you are alive!" Sirius laughed as he walked down the stairs to welcome me home from another Auror assignment.

"Very funny padfoot, but you know you could shut up and just get me something to eat."

Sirius rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. I slumped into the nearest chair and sighed.

"So the big bad auror department is working my best friend to death. Maybe they should get a vist from me, big bad Sirius Black."  Sirius smiled as he set down a plate of food.

"Yeah the big bad Sirius Black, If you went in there you'd come back out in shackles." Sirius rolled his eyes again and sat down next to me.

"Please shackles are so last season!" Sirius said as Remus walked in the room.

"Did you read that in that Teen Witch magazine I caught you reading?" Remus laughed at the look on Sirius' face.

"You were reading a Teen Witch magazine!" I almost choked on my food because I was laughing so hard.

"Yeah so, I like the articles!" Sirius defended himself.

"Oh yeah like, Who's the sexyist warlock of the season, and What does your wand say about you? Real interesting." Remus and I were laughing so hard our faces were turning red.

"Hey that was very informative, I now know that my wand says that I like to have a good time and take control." Sirius smiled.

"Really? So who's the sexyist warlock of the season?" 

"Belive it or not, I'am."

"What?! Sirius Black is the sexyist warlock of the season! No offence but your last picture wasn't very sexy." Remus looked shocked.

"Well someone showed them a picture of me at school and somehow they got a hold of a picture of me at Lil's wedding." Sirius looked directly at me.

"Okay, so I sent them the picture. I just wanted people to see a better side of you."

"That's nice of you Lily but I don't think anyone sees a better side of me. The Ministry made up their mind a long time ago." Sirius walked out of the kitchen.

"I think we need to do something about this. " Remus looked down at his book.

"Yeah but I don't know what. I really have no power and unless you want to use a time turner illegally..."

"That's it!" Remus slammed his book shut.

"What's it? Remus! Your not going to do what I think your doing are you? Remus?!" but he was already out of the room.

After the conversation in the kitchen the day I got back Sirius spent more time locked up with Buckbeat while Remus disappeared somewhere for hours at a time. The only thing to keep me occuiped during this friendless time was my job and all my new co-workers.

"Lily! Lily come down here, I need your help with something!" Remus yelled down the hallway. Which resulted in Mrs. Black yelling back at him.

"What is so impportant that you had to yell it and get Mrs. Black to start all her yelling?"

"Remember how we talked about wanting to help Sirius?"

"Yes Remus, I don't suffer short term memory loss." I laughed.

"Anyway, I think I figured out something we could do." Remus was smiling so much I thought he was going to break his cheeks.

"Well what is it?" I was getting impatient.

"I made it possible for Sirius to go back in time for one day, back to when James was still alive." Remus smiled.

" How is that even possible?" I could feel the tears burning the backs of my eyes.

"I did a little pursauding and somethings I'm not proud of, but it works. All Sirius has to do is put this around his neck and turn it a couple of times." Remus showed me a time turner.

"Oh Remus he's gonna love that! But what did you do that your not proud of?" Remus wiggled his eyebrows before running up the stairs to Buckbeats room. I followed him.

"Sirius?! Sirius open this door right now!" Remus screamed through the door.

"Padfoot, come on! Fine I guess you don't want to see James again!" I yelled.

That worked. In about five seconds Sirius came running out of the room.

"What do you mean see James?'' He asked and I could see the eagerness in his eyes.

"Well Remus old buddy old chap, tell our dear friend here the little surprise we planned."

Remus laughed before explaining everything to Sirius, the rules, how to work the time turner, and exactly what year he'd be in. Then we said our goodbyes and watched as he dissappeared into a different time.

Later that night Dunbledore payed me a little visit, mostly to tell me that I would be going on a mission for the order with Tonks.

"Now I picked you for this mission because one, you'll get a chance to see some very fimiliar faces and two, because you'll be near Harry." Dumbledore explained.

"So what's the mission, Albus?" Dumbledore smiled at the fact that I used his first name.

"Well you and Tonks are going to be checking around the grounds of Hogwarts, I know it sounds more like a protection kind of thing then anything else but..."

"Sorry to interuppt but I think I know why your doing this." I cut Dumbledore off.

"What do you mean?'' he asked with the same annoying twinkle in his eye.

"I know that your giving me missions like this just so I can be near Harry. You don't have to you know, I'll do anything to help the Order."

"I know that Lily, and I'm extremly thankful but I need to work out a few problems before we can send you out on a more...stressing mission. Now If you'll excuse me." And he was gone.

So the next morning I met Tonks here at Headquaters.

"Okay Sirius should be back by this afternoon so we have to leave him a note just incase we're not back in time." I grabbed a piece of paper and a quill.

"Oh so he did use the time turner?" Tonks asked.

"Yeah, do you know how Remus got a hold of it though?" 

"Well," Tonks giggled. "I pulled a few strings for him."

"Oh so that's what he meant when he said he had to do a few things he wasn't proud of." I smiled at the still giggling Tonks.

"We better get going before we're late." Tonks said quickly changing the subject.

So we both  apparated a few miles outside Hogwarts gates and I waited while Tonks undid several enchantments for us.

"So exactly what are we supposed to be looking for?" Tonks asked.

"I have no idea, but do you realize that it's not a weekday?"

"What?'' Tonks asked confused.

"Yeah it's a saturday, which means If  we aren't careful we'll have to answer alot of questions from students." I laughed. "Did you hear about the time when Remus caught Sirius with a Teen Witch magaizne?" and I procedded to tell her all about the interesting conversation.
Harry was walking down to Hagrids hut to see If he had come back from his trip yet when he saw two specks walking up the main dirt road. So he watched until they came into view before he realized it was his mother and Tonks.

"What are they doing here?'"asked Ron as he ran to catch up with Harry.

"Maybe they came to talk to Dumbledore about some new Order information." Harry answered.

"Yeah but they  have to be careful because here come Umbridge." Ron whispered.

Umbridge walked up to her least favorite student and his best friend when she saw two Aurors coming up the walk way.

"Now boy's it's a wonderful day why are you just standing here, go play." Umbridge shooed them away while she went to go see why there were two aurors on Hogwarts soil.
"Tonks here comes Umbridge, she won't believe you. Let me tell her." I whispered.

"Now, what brings you girls here?" asked the annoying voice of Dolores Umbridge.

"Hello, the Minister sent us here on offical Ministry business." I lied.

"Without telling me?" Umbridge asked.

"Well you see, we're here to investigate the grounds and the Minister didn't want you to know incase something went wrong and Dumbledore blamed you, so that you'd be truthful when you said that you didn't know about any of this. You know, just incase." I whipered the last part.

"Oh, yes I see. Well start investigating don't let me stop you." Umbridge smiled and ran off.

"That has to be the most annoying woman on the face of the earth." Tonks whispered while I laughed at Umbridge's short little run. She looked like a toad that had been forced to wear a pair of pants. (A/N imagine that everybody, LOL)

"Come on let's make ourselfs look busy, we should make  it look like we're interrigating Harry." I smiled.

"Oi! Ron, Harry come here." Tonks yelled out to the boy's.

Ron and Harry ran up to us,  watching for Umbridge. "What are you two doing here?" they asked at the same time.

"Well Umbridge thinks we're doing offical Auror business but we're really here for the Order." I winked.

"Wait Umbridge thinks your an Auror?" Harry asked pointing at me.

"No, Umbridge knows I'm an Auror. With a little help from Sirius I got my old job back." I smiled.

"Old job?' Harry asked.

"Well how do you think we put the bread on the table?" i whispered.

Harry smiled before they had to go, making sure to look their madest not to break our cover.        

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