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Disclaimer: So, JKR owns the world of Harry Potter, Queen own the title and the chapter headings. So…yeah, I own…pretty much nothing.

So, the other day I’m thinking Why is writer’s block so frustrating/Why is Lily-James First Year so hard to write/How come our hard drive had to crash so I lost all my work on Horcrux sequel & With A Letter…and so I decide that what the hell, I’m going to write a Lily/James Seventh Year story, and I’m going to have FUN.


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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter 1 – Is Everybody Happy?

I’m sitting in my garden, soaking up the sun and sipping at lemonade through a straw. The hot weather makes me feel sleepy, and I neglect trying to talk: the words just stick in my mouth. Instead, I watch my friends as they make happy conversation in the shade.

“You,” says Ingrid, pointing a perfectly manicured nail at Alison, “are far too full of yourself. If we tell you you’re ugly often enough, maybe you’ll begin to believe it, hey?”

”And you,” Ali retorts, lying down on her front and picking at a daisy stem, “have no right to tell me what I flatly refuse to believe. If my arrogance is doing no one harm, then why should it be any kind of problem?”

Ing gives up, snatches the daisy from Alison’s hand and tucks it behind her ear.

“How do I look?” She asks, pouting. We laugh, and Remus sighs, announces he needs the toilet, kisses Ing on the head and retreats inside my house.

I stare after him wistfully. Not because I like him – well of course I do, he’s a lovely boy, but not in THAT way. I just wish I had with someone what Ing has with Remus. It kind of sucks being single when you’re seventeen.

”Lillian Anne Evans, you have that look on your face again,” Sirius says, shaking his head at me mockingly.

I shake myself and sigh. Then I frown: “My name’s not Lillian.”

Sirius considers this, and then nods thoughtfully. “That as it may be, but Lillian sounds a lot more impressive than Lily when you’re using one’s full name.” I raise an eyebrow at him, and he laughs. “Come on, if you want a boy that badly put posters round the school or something! You’re driving me mad here with all your wistful looks.”

“You don’t know what it’s like!” I say pathetically, “You’ve got girls falling over themselves to go out with you.”

Sirius stretches and preens, annoyingly. “Anyway, you’ve still got Master Potter hoping one day you’ll see that he is your One And Only.”

I sit up, startled. “What?”

Sirius looks shocked and covers his mouth with his hand. “Don’t you DARE tell Prongs I told you he’s still in love with you!”

I am even more startled; Ingrid and Alison look at us, incredibly interested. “WHAT?!” As you can tell, I am incredibly gifted at pronouncing punctuation, hence the reason I am able to simultaneously speak an exclamation and a question mark.

Sirius looks pained. “I’m digging myself a hole here, aren’t I?”

Ali nods, and laughs.

“Jamesisinlovewithyoulikehehasbeenforthelastfouryears.” Sirius says in one breath without looking at me.

“James has never been in love, don’t be silly,” I say, feeling my face matching my hair in colour.

“OK, that’s cool with me. Just don’t tell him I said anything, right? He’s being all like ‘oh, it’s lovely to be with Lily as a friend, rather than seeing her a potential girlfriend anymore” kind of thing. I swear he’s gone peculiar in the head.”

We hear footsteps on the path from my house down to the garden, and see Remus has returned.

“What’s new?”

“Not much,” Sirius says, still avoiding looking at me, “I accidentally told Lily about James.”

“You did WHAT?” Remus looks appalled, “He is going to EAT you, man!”

“I know,” says Sirius, abashed. Then he seems distracted, “When is he coming, again?”

“Oh God, I forgot,” I groan, “he’ll be here in about twenty minutes. He went to see Peter first – he’s visiting his Grandma.”

“This isn’t going to be awkward at all,” Ing says, looking delighted.

“You can shut up,” I say to her, scowling. I refuse to believe that James still has feelings for me. We’ve been good friends for a while now, and he hasn’t said a thing about it. I drain my lemonade glass and stretch. “I’m off for a second.”

I walk purposefully into my house, and then stop. I suddenly feel confused. If what Sirius said is true, then what does that mean? I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my friendship with James for anything, he’s starting to actually become a person who looks beyond the state of his hair, but do I actually have feelings for him in that way? Merlin, I don’t know. I pour myself a drink of water and stand by the front door, sipping it. I look thoughtfully at Remus and Ingrid, laughing at each other in the sunshine. Could I imagine myself like that with James?

I am shaken out of my thoughts as I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“You alright, Evans?”

“James!” I can barely suppress my gasp. “You’re early…”

“Sorry,” he says, grinning, “I didn’t think you’d mind. Do you?”

Of course I do, you fool. In fact, I’m just debating with myself whether I actually like you. Did you want to know that? I didn’t think so. “Of course not,” I say.

“Always good to know. Have I missed much?” He says cheerfully, stepping outside. I figure he must have apparated inside my house, which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Nope, we were just talking.” I stare at the back of him as he heads towards the others, and shake my head. He’s just your friend, I tell myself. You’re just good friends…


When all of us are finally gathered in the garden, my mother brings out the letters that we received this morning. There’s one for everyone there – I always marvel at Professor Dumbledore’s ability to keep track of all his students: and how could he have known that everyone invited would have turned up on this particular day I decided to have my friends round?

I rip the envelope off my own letter, and am surprised to have something fall onto my lap. On closer inspection, my stomach seems to drop right out of my body. I stare at the Head Girl badge, and a smile spreads across my face.

“Lily’s Head Girl!” Ali – who seems to have realised the reason for my silence - shouts back at my mother, who is in the kitchen with the front door wide open. She gives me a thumbs-up sign, and I grin at her.

I then receive simultaneous enthusiastic congratulations from Remus, Ingrid and Sirius, and I start to examine my book list for this year. It is only when I hear an overly excited whoop from Remus that I realise I haven’t heard from James in a while.

“Prongsy got Head Boy! Our Jamesy has actually achieved something other than gaining himself a girlfriend!”

I look quickly at James, and I see him staring, astonished, at something which also seems to have fallen into his lap at the opening of his letter. Can it be true? Could my fellow Head Pupil really be James Potter, the boy I hated passionately for nearly six years, the seventeen-year-old who still takes pleasure in performing practical jokes with his best friends?

The full meaning of his badge seems to hit James suddenly, and he jumps up, punching the air. The rest of us stand up, too, and he runs around, hugging us all. As he puts his arms around me, I can feel his messy, black hair tickling my face, and I hold on for a second more than is probably necessary. As we pull away, he looks at me, slightly surprised, but covers it quickly as he says: “I can’t believe we’re Heads together, Lily! This is going to be great!”

I smile back at him, and then let my eyes wander to the rest of my friends. Ingrid and Remus are holding hands, grinning, and Sirius and Alison are looking at us with a mixture of pride and laughter. James’ face is lit up with happiness, and at this moment I wish suddenly, strongly, that everyone could be as happy as the six young teenagers, in a small garden in the remote countryside, laughing together in the last of the summer sunshine.

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