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A/N – Please review. That being said, please enjoy the story. J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter of course.

Winning Hermione

Chapter 1: War and Destruction

Hermione slowly turned over in her small twin bed at her parents’ house. Her eyes glanced at her alarm clock. What time was it? Was it day or night? How long had she been asleep? She sat up and stretched releasing a big yawn. It was 4pm in the afternoon. Who knew what day it was though.

Then it hit her. The hurt and pain from the last month.

The final battle had taken place at 12 Grimmauld’s Place. The start of it was an ambush. The Order of the Phoenix was having a meeting when the Death Eater’s attacked. Voldemort was among them. He was searching for Harry.

The battle was bloody. Luckily, no one from the Order was seriously hurt. Ron had continued his studies for Healing after graduating Hogwarts and was able to heal most injuries instantly as long as he was able to block curses from Death Eaters. Harry and Voldemort’s own fight was raging on in the middle of the room. Members of the Order and the Death Eaters would pause fighting every now and then to watch. The intensity was overwhelming. The spells and curses that were cast were more powerful than anyone in the room could cast.

Foolish boy, do you really think you can defeat me?” Voldemort had sneered at Harry.

Harry in return smirked, “You’re not so invincible. We’ve destroyed 6 Horcruxes.”

Voldemort paled. Everyone had stopped fighting around them.

Which means the last one is standing before us. Good riddance.”

Then Harry uttered the killing spell directed towards the Dark Lord. And it hit, but reluctantly. Lord Voldemort’s death was slow and painful.

As he writhed on the floor, his Death Eaters fled from the site while he called out for them. None of them tried to save the now mortal dieing wizard.

Everyone was exhausted. Instead of parties and rejoicing, people just wanted to rest and spend time recuperating. The Ministry was kind enough to leave Hermione alone. She had suffered greatly.

When she had returned home after the final battle, she found her home in flames. Death Eaters had found her parents. She was too late to save them.

Hermione was just about to wipe her tears away and get out of bed to drudge through another day of nothingness when an owl tapped on her window. Everyone had left her alone for the past month, giving her time to mourn. She seemed surprised when the owl gave her a letter from the Ministry. What did they want?

Miss Hermione Granger,

The Ministry of Magic sends our condolences for your losses. Due to recent events, we realize that you may have no desire to return to the wizarding world. But perhaps, in case you do, please report to the Ministry of Magic on May 1st for an important meeting regarding yourself if you wish to remain within the wizarding world. We certainly wish you do.

Warm Regards,

Cecila Patil

Department of Providers and Caretakers

Hermione couldn’t understand why the Ministry would think she wouldn’t want to return to the wizarding world. After all, it was all that she had left.

Early on May 1st she left her parents’ house (which she had sold a few days beforehand) for the last time. She headed towards the Ministry of Magic to attend a meeting that would decide her future.

A/N – Eep, so not really any dialogue or anything, but I kind of wanted this to be a sort of prologue, so sorry about that. The next chapter will have plenty of dialogue, drama, action, and that sort of thing. So keep reading! And review!

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