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Chapter 2: Best Mistake;

“Since when do you like Muggle Studies so much?” James asked.

“I don’t know, but I really find muggles interesting. All of their history, all of their wars and their technology and how they are destroying everything around them yet they are still progressing, just like us. And how the magic to muggle thing got started and why we have to keep our whole world secret and how muggles in America used to actually burn girls suspected of witchery.

‘I mean we are studying European Muggles in this century currently, and we are learning about the Second Great War. And I mean really – muggles developed a weapon so powerful and it did so much damage that the entire Japanese Ministry had to call in all of these back-up International Wizards to keep the whole bloody island from sinking,” I explained enthusiastically.

“Cara, you lost me when they started sautéing of women.”

“Thanks James,” I said sarcastically, “I’m glad you take such an interest in what I have to say.”

“Anytime,” he said cheekily as we arrived in Transfiguration.

“Welcome darling,” Sirius said, kissing me quickly as we sat down next to each other.

Professor McGonagall began to explain today’s lesson and lecture as Sirius began to tickle my leg and entwine our feet in a game of footsie. I kept a perfectly straight, studious expression and my eyes on McGonagall the whole time, which he found especially hilarious.

“Mr. Black is something funny?” she said, everyone turning to look at him. I looked over at him, expectantly, as if I had no idea what was going on, and I kicked him lightly one more time.

He laughed harder. He had the giggles today, I guess.

“Mr. Black, would you like to go to Madame Pomfrey? I don’t want you to soil your pants in my classroom.”

I snorted with laughter.

“I’m fine Professor,” he choked.

The bell rang soon afterwards and we all hurried out into the hallway, ready to enjoy our free period and then dinner.

I was in the hallway, all by me onesy, not bothering a soul and being rather respectful. Absolutely abnormal behavior for me, actually.

And out of nowhere comes; well guess who?

Narcissa Black and her little troupe of girls, if you can call them that. They are by no means ladies. There were about five overly hair sprayed, overly made up, overly whorish girls coming towards me, Narcissa one of them. I walked past, not making eye contact or anything, I swear I did nothing wrong. Do I sound guilty?

“Look who it is girls,” Narcissa said icily. I sneered at her.

“Hey Narcissa I have an equation for you. A blood traitor plus a blood traitor equals…?” said the girl closest to her, she had thick brown hair and she was short. Her name is Alecto Carrow; her family is one of those mad pureblood ones. She has a really ugly brother.

“Another filthy muggle lover running around?”

“Exactly,” Alecto said, inspecting her perfectly manicured nails.

“Are you two done now?” I said haughtily, rolling my eyes.

“Nope,” Narcissa’s-unkown–little-follower-number-one said, as she drew her wand.

“Please, like you people could do anything substantial to me. Wait. Substantial, was that too big of a word?” I mocked them, and they didn’t like it. I thrived off of their annoyance. It gave me the courage to draw my own wand.

“Go on,” I said daringly, “hex me.”

And hex she did. I ducked behind the shield on the nearest suit of armor, and the hex bounced off, hitting follower number one instead of me. Her feet started to grow abnormally long and furry.

I grinned and continued blocking and ducking away from their spells and curses, every one of them bouncing back towards them. I had two of them jinxed, one hexed and the others afraid without ever even using my wand. That takes skill, if I may say so myself.

“What’s all this?” Regulus asked, coming out of a classroom to see the spectacle.

“I am having a slight altercation with some very rude individuals, oh kind sir will you please save me?” I said dramatically.

“I think they need the saving,” he said, helping follower number two up off the ground, she had flippers.

“They won’t tell Dumbledore if you won’t,” he said as I nodded and waved as they walked away.

I grinned, satisfied with my accomplishments. Five Slytherins, one Cara, ten minutes. Easy.

I walked down to dinner with a spring in my step.

“Why do you look so exhilarated?” Sirius asked as I sat down next to him.

“Just saving the world,” I said, smiling as I kissed his cheek.

“Aw, without me?” he said.

“Sorry love.”

“I think I’ll forgive you this time,” he said.

I looped my foot around his ankle under the table and smiled as I started to help myself.

I love my life.

* * *

He pressed his lips to mine suddenly and I tripped backwards, falling roughly on to the couch over the arm of it, rather ungracefully.

“What was that for?” I asked in between kisses.

“God you are just stunning,” he said as I smiled.

My body was twisted, half over the arm of the couch, feet still on the ground, Sirius pressed on top of me. It was only seven, the Common Room was filled, and two first years were awkwardly sitting on the other half of the couch.

He continued to kiss me, and I wondered if my lips would actually bleed.

“Let’s go ice skating,” he said suddenly, pulling me to my feet in one swift motion, arms still around my waist.

“Let’s go,” I said, shrugging as he accio-ed our skates and grabbed them with one hand smoothly, not even looking. I felt the eyes of every girl in the common room jealously on us. Or, me.

He handed me his sweatshirt as he knelt down to tie my skates. He pulled the laces tight, tighter then I could ever get them, and then tied them gently. Then he helped me up and on to the ice.

The lake looked so eerie frozen, the whole scene did. I wondered what the merpeople below us were thinking. The trees around us were coated thickly with ice and snow, and the castle looked warm, inviting and it glowed in the moonlight.

“Sirius, I can’t actually skate,” I said anxiously.

“But you are rather good at hanging on to me and balancing in awkward positions,” he said.


He held my hands firmly and slowly began to skate. I wobbled the second he loosened his grip a little.

Inexperienced as I was, I tried to push my skates faster, and ended up leaning back too far.

I lost my balance and slipped, and pulled him down with me, causing up to do an amazing spin-flip before landing, hard, on the ice.

I began to laugh hysterically, the ice soaking my jeans. He helped me to my feet and kissed me quickly as he tried to help me skate again.

Our romantic little starlit escapade was interrupted by our friends loudly crunching down towards the lake and joining us.

We got a rhythm going, we skated clockwise in a circle, talking and laughing and calling to each other.

Everyone who couldn’t skate was clinging to someone who could, and James just happened to be the worst skater in the world.

Conveniently, Lily was a fabulous skater.

She dutifully held his hand as they skated, but when we got close enough we overheard their conversation.

“…you’re going to fast!”

“My God you are a prat sometimes!”

“Wait, so they're real?”

“They have machines to wash their dishes? Who knew?”

Sirius and I exchanged glances, stifling laughter. James was actually holding a conversation with Lily, even if it was about common muggle appliances.

Once we were done ice skating, I found myself making a snow angel while Sirius lay on top of me. The snow was freezing, the air was bitter cold and the wind whipped our faces raw.

But with his body so close to mine, it felt like summer.

I chronicled the days you made me want to live
Memorized the way it felt
And then I turned it into this kiss
Tonight I’m wearing my best smile
And hope to make me worth your while
I’ll be the mistake you’ll ever make
Best Mistake; JamisonParker

A/N- So you know how in 'Roseanne,' the show on Nick at Night, or Nite, however they spell it, the show is really really funny and good in the beginning and towards the last couple seasons it sort of isn't as good? Does anyone feel that way? Well, if you do, that is exactly what I am hoping does NOT happen to this story.

Which I really hope it doesn't, but it could just because sequels are never better then original ones and the third part is usually really bad, but I actually planned on hugely long story but decided to break it up, so its not like my plot twists are desperate ones to gain interest.

And, sadly, this one is going to be a little darker, I think there may be maybe four chapers out of twenty that are darker then the others but not as dark as my other, earlier stories are.

So, good song, shortish chapter. Sorry=]

Oh, and I screwed up my ankle again. Typical me, three days before summer I am sitting in the ER getting x-rays taken. *sigh* At least this gives me more time to just sit and elevate my ankle and write. Like today I wrote all the way up to 40% of chapter four, so yeah. And this A/N is incredibly long. Sorry bout that.

Review, lovelies.

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