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“Where is Harry?” Molly Weasley asked to nobody in particular as she waited with her husband and youngest son at The Leaky Cauldron. “I thought he said he would be here by now.”

“He’ll be here Molly,” Arthur responded patiently as he flipped through The Daily Prophet. “At least here isn’t any mentioning of him in The Prophet today, he’ll probably be happy about that.”

“At least they’ve stopped saying things about Ginny,” Molly snipped. “As if their break up was completely her fault.”

Ron said nothing but stirred his tea nonchalantly. He hadn’t spoken to Harry since Hermione’s dinner party and that was over a week ago. He hadn’t really wanted to since he discovered Harry’s secret named Kate.

“Hello. Sorry I’m late,” Harry came behind them and hugged Molly and shook Arthur’s hand. “I got a little behind at work.”

“Papers getting to you?” Ron quipped from his seat.

Harry cocked an eyebrow at Ron’s remark. “No, not today. German’s keeping you away from your model friends?”

“Boys, boys, play nice. Now, let’s get going before we run out of time,” Molly ushered them out into Diagon Alley and led them to Fred and George’s shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. They stepped inside to a whirling world of bangs and smoke.

“Hello parents dear and wittle Ronnikens. Hey, Mr. Eligible,” George slapped Harry’s back. They could faintly see Fred’s violent red hair checking someone out at the back of the store. “I guess you’re here to congratulate the lesser twin on his latest endeavor on proposing to Miss Angelina.”

“Yes, yes, I’m so excited. It is about time he settled down,” Mrs. Weasley took that moment to glare at Ron who switched women as often as he changed socks. Miranda was a lone past memory. “How’re Wendy and the baby?”

“Blossoming,” George started to lead them to the back where Fred was but a beeping noise caught their attention. “What is that?”

Harry took out the slim mobile phone out of his pocket. He only had one bar of service in Diagon Alley, more than the thought he would. Kate’s number was the only one in the phone and she was calling him in the middle of the day, which was odd.


“Is that one of those moveable pellytone things?” Mr. Weasley asked excitedly as Harry exited the shop as quick as he could so he could hear Kate.

“Hey,” Kate’s voice was quiet and soft, “what are you doing?”

“Um, visiting a friend’s shop. What’s wrong? Did you not like the gift I sent you?”

“No,” Kate sniffed, “I loved them. I love lilies and they look so pretty on my desk but,” she sniffed and Harry could hear a faint sob, “that’s not why I’m calling. My grandfather had a heart attack and died today.”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry,”


Harry turned around and saw Molly tapping on the window, signaling him to come inside. Harry held up his finger in patience and tried to talk to Kate, which was becoming increasingly static filled. Witches and wizards stopped and pointed as the famous Harry Potter talked into a stick in the middle of Diagon Alley.

“Kate, Kate, are you there?”

“Yes, where are you? Can you come to my apartment please? I don’t want to be alone.” Harry could hear her voice cracking with thick emotion.

“I’ll be there in a mo’. I love you.”


Harry closed the phone and hurried into the shop. “Sorry Mrs. Weasley but I have to go. Something’s come up.” Harry kissed her cheek, ignoring her scandalized look, and hurried out the door, earning a proper glare from Ron as he went.

“Well that was odd,” Molly commented to nobody in particular. “Do you know what’s wrong with him Ron?”

Ron bit the inside of his lip. “Yeah and something needs to be done about it.”


“I just don’t understand,” Kate sobbed into Harry’s shoulder as they sat on the couch together. Her makeup was running down her face and onto Harry’s shirt. “He wasn’t that old but he loved his bacon and it killed him. Oh my God, I want my Grampie!”

“Shhh,” Harry kissed the top of her head and held her tightly. She had been crying since he got there but had clung to him as if he were the rock of life and that feeling empowered Harry, made him feel worthy of waking up that day. “I’m so sorry Kate. Is there anything you want me to do?”

Kate shook her head, “Just stay with me. I’m sorry I dragged you from work but I can’t stand this,” Kate reached over and took a handful of tissues from the coffee table and wiped her eyes, smearing the mascara even more. “My sister’s coming to get me and take me to my parents’ house. Can you stay with me until then?”

“Of course,” Harry replied as he stroked her hair softly with his fingers. Kate’s sister, Jillian, showed up about an hour later dressed in the sweats Kate had described her in.

“Come on Katie, mummy wants all of us to talk before dinner and prepare for the funeral,”

Harry couldn’t help but notice how cold Jillian seemed towards her sister and the discussion of their grandfather. She hadn’t even noticed he was standing there, holding Kate’s Louis Vuitton suitcase.

“Mummy also cut her hair so tell her it looks lovely because she hates it and Dad took up fencing so the scratches are normal now so don’t stare. Where’s your suitcase, we have to go.”

Harry held it up dumbly as Jillian grabbed it, texting on her Blackberry at the same time. “Hurry Katie!”

Kate followed behind pulling on her jacket, taking Harry by the arm as she led him out. Her tears were still staining her face. “Thank you,” she whispered as Harry held the car door open for her. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Harry kissed her and stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Call me and let me know what’s going on okay. If something happens and you need me there, just call me and I’ll be there, okay.”

“Okay,” Kate kissed him again.

“Katie, we have to go!” Jillian scolded from inside the car.

“You better go,” Harry whispered as Kate slid inside the leather interior of the car. “I’ll be waiting.”

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