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A/N: Hey again. Little one-shot from me, you can call this the "sequel" to To my dearest.
Thank you once upon a time again to my wonderful beta-reader D i a (congrats' with your new title: Trusted Author) and I promise I'll never put a story up before you have seen it. And also thank you to my new beta-reader Pingo :)
I hope you enjoy reading this, and please leave a review; I need to know what you think of it.

”Mommie! Mommie!” a little girl yelled running into an up-to-date kitchen. A woman turned around while leaving the bowl, there was on the kitchen table.

“What is it Honey?” the woman asked worried and dried her hands in her apron.

“I got boy lice!” the little girl said and wiped her mouth. The woman stood amused and watched her daughter wiping her mouth again and again. The woman kneeled down and took the little girl’ hands in her hands.

“Was it really that bad, Honey?” The woman asked motherly. The little girl removed one of her hands out of her mother’ grip and pushed a handful of black curls away.

“Yeah mommie! It was really gross!” the little girl said loudly. The woman studied the little girl and then let go of the little girl’ hand. The woman smiled and walked over to the kitchen table and began to mixing whatever there was in the bowl. The woman turned to the girl still wearing a smile.

“Wanna help mommie bake cake?” the woman asked finding a cake tin from a cupboard. The little girl ran towards the woman and the woman lifted the girl up. The little girl saw down the bowl. Chocolate cake, her favourite. Mmmm.

“Can I lick the spoon?” the little girl asked with greedy eyes, pointing at the spoon, there in the moment helped getting the chocolate cake in the cake tin. The woman gave the little girl the spoon and put the cake in the oven. The woman sat in one of their beautiful oak and leather bar chair and just watched her daughter lick the spoon.

“Wanna tell me who gave you these notorious boy lice?” the woman asked curiously. Truth be told she never thought it would happen for her daughter at his very age. The little girl looked at her mommie and put down the now `cleaned´ spoon in the sink as her mommie wanted her to.

“Ethan” the little girl said shortly. The woman laughed a little. “It is not funny mommie” the little girl said angrily.

“Of course not Honey” the woman said trying to look serious.

“I should never have meet Ethan. Why did I even meet Ethan mommie?” the little girl asked worried and shook her head. The woman took an apple from the fruit bowl and took a bite.

“Because daddie’ and mommie’ best friend, Ron, is Ethan’ daddie. So we all thought it was only natural that our children played together” the woman explained her daughter. The little girl jumped down from the kitchen table and walked over to her mommie. She looked up at her mommie with her big bottle green eyes.

“That’s not gonna work Honey. I only fall for your daddie’” the woman told her daughter.

“But mum” the little girl said pleading.

“But Lily Harmony” the woman said. The little girl looked away. Her mommie always called her `Honey´ and only when her mommie didn’t want to talk about things and wanted her to do things she called her `Lily Harmony´; her real name and middle name. But she liked her pet name. The woman told a hold of the little girl’ hands.

“Everything is going to be alright” the woman said logically, looking at the little girl with her hazel coloured eyes.

“How do you know mommie?” the little girl asked and hugged her mommie. The woman lifted the little girl up to her lap.

“Because daddie often calls mommie a know-it-all, which means I know things” the woman explained. The little ran her hands over her mommie’ tummy.

“When is he coming out?” the little girl asked alluded to her mommie’ tummy. The woman smiled.

“In not so long time, Honey” the little girl smiled.

“I am going to be a big sister” the woman nodded.

“But I am wondering, if you hate these boy lice, how are you going to kiss daddie’ cheek when daddie comes home and, how are you going to hold your brother if you are afraid of him?” the little girl thought really hard. After some time she just pulled her shoulders.

“I don’t know. Don’t you get boy lice ever time daddie kiss you?”

“No, I don’t, because I have a secret” the woman said looking around. The little girl sat at once straight on her mommie’ lap.

“A secret?” the little girl asked excited and with her eyes wide open.

“Yes, a big secret” the woman whispered in her daughter’ ear. The woman knew how much her daughter loved secret, and a secret could help to convince her daughter that boy lice aren’t so bad and horrible.

“I can keep a secret” the little girl said eagerly.

“You can?” the woman asked surprised. The little girl nodded her head really powerful.

“Okay, but you can’t tell anybody. Not even daddie” the woman said seriously. The little girl gasped.

“Not even daddie?”

“Not even daddie” the woman repeated. The little girl looked at her mommie with eyes as big as teacups.

“Okay tell me” the little girl said targeted.

“You see every time daddie and mommie kiss, daddie get girl lice. So you see it makes up for the boy lice I have got. And if you kiss twice the boy gets his boy lice back” the woman explained in a hushed voice.

“Wow” was the only thing the little girl could say.

“Can you keep it a secret?” the woman asked seriously. The little girl nodded. Her mommie had just told her a gigantic secret. Amazing.

“So if I kiss Ethan he will get his boy lice back?” the little girl asked wondering. The woman nodded. The little girl tried to keep her happiness to herself and calmly jumped down from her mommie’ lap and began going to the terrace door.

“There are you going?” the woman asked curiously and with a little smile on her lips. The little girl turned around.

“Oh, nowhere” the little girl said innocently. The woman laughed and made her way to the oven.

“Okay, but when you are done with Ethan, invite him over for cake” the woman said as she checked her watch.

“Mommie!” said the little girl surprised. “I am not gonna do anything to Ethan” the little girl walked out of the terrace door.

The woman signed. “You are a bad liar, Lily” she mumbled to herself and took the cake out of the oven.

“Honey I am home!” A voice said from the hall. The woman smiled and walked towards the voice.

“What are you doing? You’re early home” the woman said while checking her watch. The man there was the owner of the voice smiled.

“Well, I decided to come home to my beautiful pregnant wife and my princess” the man said sweetly and kissed the woman. “Speaking about my beautiful wife, how are you?” the woman smiled and pushed a black lock of hair away from his face revealing a lighting shaped scar.

“I am doing okay, making chocolate cake and have prevented the start of World War III” the woman said smiling and walked into the kitchen, with her husband following behind.

“Impressive, and looking really forward to that cake of yours” the man said sitting in a bar chair. The woman leaned her back against the kitchen table and smiled.

“You know you are really are chocolate pig” the woman laughed happily.

“I know” the man said very dramatically. They laughed. “I was thinking” the man started to say.

“Ouch, did it hurt?” the woman said playfully.

“Haha” the man said very sarcastic, but did have a little smile on his lips. The woman smiled even more now.

“As I was saying; World War II?” the man said a bit confused. The woman smirked.

“Your princess just had her first kiss”

“WHAT???” the man yelled and caused the bar chair to fall. The woman nodded.

“And she thought she would get `boy lice´, so I explained that boy lice isn’t that bad” The man stood shocked in their kitchen.

“You-err…” the man couldn’t get any words out of his mouth.

“Yes, and I think you should talk to Ethan about kissing your daughter” the woman said lightly and found some handmade plates.

“Ethan? As in Ron’ son? Are you telling me that my best friend’ son has stolen my daughter’ first kiss?” the man asked surprised. The woman nodded. The man walked into the living room, there was beside the kitchen. The living room, like the kitchen, was decorated with modern furniture and art pieces. The man fell into an armchair. The woman followed and sat in the soft couch. She gave him a little smile.

“Are you okay?” the woman asked concerned.

“It has just hit me that she is getting older” the man said softly. The woman smiled.

“Don’t you worry, soon there will be one more to keep track on and besides I decided you should tell her how babies are made” the woman said smiling and leaned back into the couch.

“What?” the man said in horror. “Why do I have to tell her about babies?”

“Because she will not stay a virgin until she is 45” the woman pointed out.

“No, I mean, well of course I want her to be a virgin until she is 45, but why can’t you tell her about babies when she ask?” the man said undisguised not founding the `agreement´ fair. The woman rolled her eyes.

“Well I suppose I can talk about the babies” the woman started to say. The man mumbled a very quiet “Thank Merlin”. The woman shot a look at the man, before talking again. “But then you have to her about the girlie girlie things”

“Girlie girlie things?” the man asked in horror.

“Yes, about her getting breast and-”

“Okay okay, I’ll take the babies” the man interrupted the woman. The woman smiled.

“I am glad you see things from my sight Harry” the woman said teasingly and made her way to the kitchen. The man stood and followed.

“But don’t you think some time will pass before she asks about babies” the man asked nervously.

“Harry! You have defeated Voldemort! Are you telling me you’re scared of our beautiful daughter?” the woman exclaimed.

“No no, no of course Hermione. It is just I don’t know how to tell, nobody really told me” the man said trying to calm his wife down.

“You’ll do fine. Well, I don’t know if she will ask tomorrow or two years. It depends on if she has my brains” the woman said honestly. The man hugged the woman and kissed her on the lips.

“EW!” came a voice from the terrace door. The adults looked and saw their daughter of 6 years standing in the door way. The little girl smiled cheeky and asked: “Giving the boy lice back mommie?” the woman laughed remembering their conversation. The man stood confused not knowing what to say.
The woman walked to the kitchen table and began cutting the chocolate cake. The man and the little girl sat in the bar chairs. The little girl turned to the man.

“Daddie, where do babies come from?” the man looked at his wife in horror as she placed to slices of chocolate cake in front of them. The woman smiled to her husband and nodded. Every thing is going to be alright.

“Well you see Honey…” the man started to say. The little girl sat still listening to her daddie while eating cake. The woman smiled and touched her belly; she knew he was a good father, even though he himself didn’t believe it. And now waiting for their second child together, she knew he would only get better; it didn’t matter that he had boy lice.

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