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Disclaimer: Do not own anything except the plot so don’t sue. :P

A/n: Mmm…this was surprising since I was going to update in July but I felt the need to write and I nicked my notebook from my teacher. (Do not ask)…here it goes…

                                                           Ten Things I Hate 
                                                              James Potter

                                                  1. I hate that you bully Snape
                                         2. I hate that you get away with anything
                                                  3. I hate that you ask me out
                                        4. I hate that you embarrass me (Publicly)

Summary: “Potter, this is a public place you can’t dance in a public place. Second, there’s no music.” I said blushing as he took my hand and kissed it. Ewww…James Potter did not just kiss my hand. Note to self: Must scrub hand forty times tonight. Read and Review!

“I disagree,” Potter said as he snatched the paper from my hands.

“What do you mean ‘you disagree’?” I said hotly as I tried to grab the list back.

He got up from his seat and stretched the list in his right hand a grin plastered on his face as he sat on the floor. “I just mean that it isn’t me that embarrasses you it’s yourself.”

I blinked if that meant any sense to anyone out there then I must be the slow one. “Name one time when I embarrassed myself without your help”

“Well, there was this one time in third year” He said smiling innocently

I sighed as I remembered that day…

"You know Lily it is very unhealthy to be drinking butterbeer" I rolled my eyes, Nelly is a health food fanatic, her healthy eating diet would kill me, a diet without chocolate frogs in my opinion is a weight loss diet and me and Nelly do not need to lose weight, I'm used to Nelly's lectures by now though.

"Butterbeer is full of sugar you know, and too much sugar is very unhealthy for you, instead of replacing fluid in your body it actually dehydrates you. A health diet consists of eight glasses of water a day and sufficient amount of meats, vegetables, fruits, breads and dairy. Butterbeer does not come under any of those categories"

"Yeah but its so gooooooood" I replied making sure I took a big loud slurp of butterbeer. One day Nelly will cave and eat normal food but until then I will try and tempt her as much as possible, I unwrapped my chocolate frog and bit the head off and chewed slowly, making sure Nelly was watching me "mmm chocolate" I smiled at her.

"Make fun all you like Lily Maria Evans, but when I am 174 I will still have all of my teeth, my heart will still be pumping and I will not be affected by any disease"

"Well Miss Nelly Maya Cortez when I am 174 I don't really care if I have all my teeth. When I am 174 if my husband finds me attractive, his manhood is still very nice and large, we still have sex more than rabbits and he is not affected by erectile dysfunction then I will deem myself happy and a very satisfied old lady."

Nelly smirk was instantly replaced by shock. This confused me until I heard someone cough behind me. I turned around horrified and found myself looking at The Marauders. From the looks on their faces, they heard everything I just said.

I could feel my face instantly brighten up.

Potter was laughing by the time I, unwillingly, finished that stupid memory. Just because I embarrassed myself once in front of the marauders does not mean the other time were not Potter fault.

I glared as I said, “Moving on…”

“Hey, Lily” I heard someone yell edat me from across the great hall. I groaned I would know that voice from anywhere. That annoying voice that always follows me around like a lost puppy or, even worse, a love stricken fool.

“What is it, Potter,” I said annoyed as turned towards him. Once again, he had that stupid annoying smirk on his stupid face. Stupid git.

“Would care to dance my dear Lily,” He said as he bowed and outstretched a hand to me.

I rolled my eyes as I said, “Potter, this is a public place you can’t dance in a public place. Second, there’s no music.” I said blushing as he took my hand and kissed it. Ewww…James Potter did not just kiss my hand. Note to self: Must scrub hand forty times tonight. I shuddered and before I knew it, Potter was singing and twirling me around.

“I’m lost without you. Cant help myself” He sang I groaned as I thought mournfully ‘Why me? “How does it feel to know that I like you baby” 'Lord kill me now’ I thought as people started to ‘Aww’ and catcall’.

I growled, pulled away from him and yelled, “I hate you, Potter,” before I stormed out of the Hall. I cannot believe he did that in front of everyone. How embarrassing… 

“Okay maybe once I embarrassed you but that’s it.” He said as he folded his arms

“Oh, really” I said an eyebrow raised as I looked at him

“Yes, really” he said smirking before he said, “Remember that day in fifth year in potions” 

Here we go...

Here I am, working away in class when a sudden force hits the back of my head, causing me to flinch. It did not hurt. It is just I am not used to being hit, on the back of my head. 

I twist around quickly and scan the room. 

Everyone’s eyes are glued onto their papers. 

Frowning, I turn back around, my eye catching something white and crinkled on the ground. 

Bending to the side, I pick it up. The messy writing inside tells me it is from my friend, Nelly. 

Looking up, I look at Nelly with a confused look. 

“What?” I mouth. She mouthed something that looked a bit like “Where is otter?” 

“What?” What is she talking about? What otter? 

“I want blotter.” Oh god… this could take a while. I really can’t lip read. 

“Wait, you want blotter?” 

“No! I want to squatter.” 

By ‘I want to squatter’, I was much more confused then starting out. It must have shown because Nelly looked frustrated. Her face was all scrunched up and red. 

“Wait, WHAT?” oops… I said that a bit loud. Everyone snapped their heads up and stared at me. Some of my classmates were snickering and others looked just as confused as I did. 

“Lily, where’s Potter?” She finally said, not mouthing this time. Why does she want to know where James Potter is? 

I look next to me. Potter is not in his seat. 

“Oh,” I say under my breath. I look back up at her with a why-are-you-asking-? look. 

“How am I supposed to know?” I yell, waving my quill in the air like a manic. I still cannot believe she threw a note at me asking that! GOSH! Why do I even care where Potter is? Do people expect me to know everything! 

It is not like I like him or anything… 

Yeah, that’s right I do not like Potter. He is a prat and always will be a prat but he’s also cute though… 

“Woah! I DID NOT just think that” I yelled making everyone once again jump and the teacher finally turned around. “Miss. Evans, is there something you would like to share with us?” 

“Um…no Professor” I whispered as my cheeks burned. How embarrassing…This is all Potter’s fault… he has somehow fulfilled to embarrass me without his presence. Damn him!

“What did you think?” Potter asked as soon as I finished the memory. I am not even sure how he even knew that happened he was not even there but his stupid friends were…stupid friends. 

“I’m not telling you,” I said glaring at him 

“Please” He said with puppy dog eyes. 

“Oh, please, Potter, fix your face you look pathetic like that.” I said as he stuck his tongue out at me. “Anywho, let's continue. #5…I hate that you…” 

End of Chapter 

A/N: Woohoo! Another chapter finished! Any suggestions for next chapter what I mean is any request for what the number 5 should be? I will choose the one that I feel I can work with. I think that is about it…except… 

Check out Natalia_’s story: Hating James Potter. It is about Lily making a list of ten things she hates about James Potter. Much like what I am doing but hers is going rather well. It already has three chapters. So, go check that out. :) 

Also, please review! They are very much appreciated and thanks for everyone who has reviewed so far. You rock! 

Read and Review, please! 


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