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Thank you Anora Tonks for the chappie image!

"You know, you are missing all of your afternoon classes." I said, setting my butterbeer on the bedside table and locking our eyes.

Draco smiled and nodded, "Yes, I do, but you have to realize, my only class this afternoon is double potions, all I had to do was tell old Snapie poo I was feeling a tad ill, and wouldn't be able to make it to class."

"Ah, very impressive, but i do believe old Snape would bend over backwards and touch his tongue to his nose if you even insinuated that you wanted him to."

"I bet he would, as I bet you would as well."

I put my hand over my heart and batted my eyelashes, "Why Mr, Malfoy, wherever did you her that?"

"I have my sources." he said.

I gasped, "Dirty!"

He took a sip of his butterbeer and choked when he started to laugh.

"Oh! Are you okay?" I asked quickly, leaning over him and patting his back.

He held up his hands and took a deep breath. "I'm fine!"

I smiled shyly and sat back into the pillows. "Good, cause you know, it would suck if you choked to death, cause that would be - you know...bad."

"Yeah, for me more than you I would think."

"Well, yeah, that's true."

At that moment, Madame Pomfrey walked in through the main door, and smiled sweetly at us.

"Oh, Miss Davidson, I'm so sorry I forgot about you! Well, you are free to go."

She picked up a bottle from the cabinet beside her and handed it to me, "As soon as you drink this." She finished talking while I chugged the icky potion.

"I want you to sleep in tomorrow morning, so I will speak with your teachers, and they won't be expecting you in your morning classes. Other than that, your clothes are on that chair beside the door, and you can leave with your boyfriend."

"Oh, he's not my boyfriend." I told her quickly.

"Oh 'm sorry dear, I just assumed since he's been with you all afternoon."

I felt myself blush deeply, but didn't look at Draco.

"Thanks MP, but I think I will just wear my pajamas to dinner."

She nodded, and I pushed back the blankets, grabbed my clothes and looked at Draco shyly, "You wanna walk me to the Great Hall?"

He nodded, his ever present smirk still plastered on his face, "Always."

"So, I'm sorry that I missed the entire day "Being your girlfriend" it wasn't exactly the way I planned my day, lying in a hospital bed."

Draco looked at me and smirked, "Well, it did you wonders, you look even more beautiful than usual."

I could only imagine what i looked like in that moment, with my old red and blue flannel pajama pants, my brother's white wife beater, to the rats nest in my hair, but nevertheless, a warm feeling spread in my stomach and I smiled, "Thanks Draco."

By now we had reached the entrance to the great Hall, Draco stopped, and smiled at me, running his fingers through his hair, "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Or, you know we could-"


I turned around just in time to be smothered by a hug from Hermione.

"We were just comin to get you! Come sit with us, everyone's been dying to talk to you!"

I managed a parting wave to Draco before Hermione pulled me away.

Ron, who had remained quiet the during the whole encounter glared at Malfoy maliciously. "You keep away from her Malfoy, you've done your damage here."

Draco smirked as he towered over Ron, "Buzz off Weaslbee, Jacey's just fine with me, I would never do anything to hurt her!"

"Well, it's too late for that now isn't it Malfoy?"


"There's my girl!" Carter said happily kissing my cheek,

"Hello big brother." I replied with a smile, sitting next to him.

"Where are Fred and George?"

"Off dying Mrs. Norris blue, they told me to say goodnight, figured they wouldn't see you until tomorrow."

"And right they were! MP gave me this icky potion right before I left, and whoo! Do I feel loopy!"

Carter and Hermione laughed as Ron walked up, I smiled, trying to get rid of the scowl on his face, "Hello darling, what took you so long over there?" I asked, watching Malfoy walk over to the Slytherin table and smile at me.

Ron shrugged as he sat down next to me, "Nothing important, that's for sure."

I patted his shoulder and ate a biscuit, "Well, I don't know about you peoples, but I am tired!"

Carter laughed, "I understand, it must be so draining lying in bed all day, being waited on hand and foot."

I put my hand to my head and smiled dramaticly, "You have no idea dear brother!"

Hermione stood up and grabbed her bag, "Come on Jace, I'll walk you back to the common room, that potion Madame Pomfrey gave you will most likely knock you out soon, and don't worry about your homework, I've taken care of it for you." She added with a wink.

Ron's mouth fell open, "what? You do her homework for her, but won't do mine for me? Even though I'm your boyfriend?"

I blinked at his announcement, "Boyfriend? Since when?"

Hermione smacked the back of Ron's head, "I thought we'd agreed that I'd tell her?"

Ron shrugged as he rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry love, it just slipped out."

Hermione rolled her eyes as she smiled at me,"Since this morning, after we left you in the hospital."

"Aw! How adorable! My two best friends, dating, I'm so jealous."

Ron puffed out his chest grinning, "Looks like Hermione beat you to me my dear,but don't fret, I'm sure there is enough of Ron Weasley to go around."

This time, I smacked the back of Ron's head.

"Not you stupid! Hermione! I'm jealous because you get Hermione!"

Hermione giggled and took my arm, "Come on Jace, we'd better get you to the common room before you fall asleep and we have to carry you."

I stood up reluctantly and sighed, "Okay, however, being carried to the common room doesn't sound so bad."

"Don't even think about it!" Carter and Ron said at the same time.

I gave them both a hug and smiled, "Love you boys! See you tomorrow!"


I opened my eyes the next morning to see that instead of being in my bed, I was on the floor next to it. I sat up quickly, banging my head on the open drawer of my bedside table.

"Ow!" I said loudly, cursing under my breath as I looked around the sun filled room, everyone was gone and it was completly silent.

I stood up, gathered up my things and headed to the showers.

A nice hot shower ended up being just what I needed to kick me into gear.

Fresh and clean, I dressed in my robes and checked my watch, it was twelve noon, which meant it was time for me to go have lunch with "my boyfriend."

I grabbed my bag and made my way down to the Great Hall merrily, whistling the theme from Star Wars, as I walked.

I was in a very good mood today, I'm usually always in a cheerful mood, but today it seemed I was stuck in overdrive. I blamed the meds.

Malfoy was still sitting at the Slytherin table with Pansy, I smiled at the both of them and sat down next to Draco. "Well, good afternoon my dear, sleep well?"

"Like a baby." I answered, loading my plate with a turkey sandwhich, potato chips, macaroi and cheese, one chocolate chip cookie, and two fudge covered brownies.

Draco laughed, "You're not hungry are you?" I smiled and took a spoonfull of macaroni.

"I'm so hungry! Don't know why really, I think it's the same reason that I'm so hyper. Mm! This macaroni is so good!"

Draco laid his hand on my knee and pushed down, "You're shaking the whole table." he whispered into my ear.

I shrugged off a blush and laughed as I looked down the table just in time to see Blaise Zambini's pumpkin juice fall into his lap, "Oops, I didn't even know I was bouncing."

I finished my macaroni with two bites and looked over at him, "So it's a little weird that we have the same classes, don't you think?"

he smirked and set his butterbeer on the table, "Not really, that usually happens when two people sign up for the same classes."

"Oh, yeah, I guess you're right." I downed the rest of my sandwich and wrapped my brownies in a napkin, smiling, I slid it into my bag.

"It's for in case I get hungry later." I told him,

he shrugged and held up his hands, "I didn't see anything."

I laughed and patted his head like he was a dog. "Good boy Draco."

He shook his head and stood up from the table, "Let's get going, I have a feeling that today is going to be very interesting."


"Welcome back Miss Davidson, I trust you feel quite better."

I tucked stray hairs behind my ear as I tried to hide the blush that was creeping up my neck. "Yes Professor Dunham, I do, thank you."

Professor Dunham, the one teacher who didn't like me whatsoever, smiled and looked down at his paper.

"Yesterday I assigned partners for our new project, and since you and Mr. Malfoy were absent from my class, the two of you will be partners."

I nodded to him and he turned to write something on the board, I looked over at Draco and raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you said you only had Potions yesterday afternoon."

He gasped and tried to look innocent. "Did I say that?"

I poked his shoulder, "You lied to me!"

He put his finger to his lips and shushed me. "Quiet please, our professor is speaking."

I pouted and turned back to the front of the room where Professor Dunham was pacing back and fourth. "Now today, we are going to do some trust excercises. It is important when you are fighting against a foe, to be able to trust the people you are working with."

I looked at Draco out of the corner of my eye and tried not to laugh.

Oh the irony of the situation, there I was, sitting in class next to my arch rival and now, we were having to do this trust excercises?

This was too much for my brain to handle, especially since I hadn't had any coffee in 48 hours.

I turned my head and looked at a sulky Pansy, who was sitting next to her "Trust partner" Neville Longbottom, and let out a snort of a laugh.

"Is something funny Miss Davidson?" I snapped my neck back to the front, so fast that I got whiplash. "Uh, no, Professor Dunham, nothing whatsoever." I said, rubbing my throbbing neck.

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