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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 11: Kissing Vials

Lily Evans crawled out from under her quilt cover and sat cross legged on her bed. The hangings around her were open and allowed the cold breeze to brush over her face. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath and when she opened them looked down to see a small owl sat in front of her, expectance in its eyes.

She smiled and let a small chuckle escape her lips; this was a new owl, she could tell. She untied the letter from it’s leg and gave it a small pat before it spread its wings and made it’s way unsteadily back out into the wind.

Dear Miss Evans,
I am sure you are aware that Halloween is fast approaching and each year we hold a ball. I am writing to inform you that you have been chosen to organise this event. In the past we have often given this job to the head boy and girl but they have recently told me that they would like to give the position to other students as their up and coming NEWTS are stressing them out enough. I hope that you will take this opportunity along with another we have chosen to help. Please go to a meeting with him in half an hour in the library; it is a Saturday afternoon and I think you shall both find it pretty quiet.

Yours sincerely,
Albus Dumbledore

Lily tilted her head slightly but felt a small smile appear on her face nonetheless. This would be fun, and should take her mind off of Jonathan.

So, exactly half hour later an excited Lily Evans was bounding down the corridor that the library was suited on. She skidded to a halt outside and peered in, wondering who it would be that she had been partnered with to organise the ball.

In the Gryffindor common room James Potter was absent-mindedly playing with his golden snitch whilst Peter Pettigrew watched in fascination. His finger tips barely gripped onto the ball in time but he still caught it at each attempt. Sirius Black sat with his head on one arm of the chair and his legs dangling over the other; his eyes were closed and he was quietly humming to himself.

“Prongs,” Remus suddenly said quietly. James nodded his head, never letting his eyes stop training on the snitch. “Don’t you have a meeting to get to?”

“Can’t be bothered,” James answered lazily. Remus rolled his eyes.

“But it’s for the Halloween ball and you were chosen especially,” James snorted in response. “And besides you’ll be letting your partner down if you don’t turn up,” a smirk seemed to have appeared on Remus’ face but none of the boys noticed.

“So,” James said annoyed at the disruption. He carried on with the snitch. “It’s probably some geek who has nothing better to do.”

“I reckon its Lily,” Remus said shortly. James smoothly caught the snitch and gently pushed it into his pocket before rising from his seat.

“Where ‘ya going Prongsie?” Sirius asked in a sing-song voice.

“Oh, just for a walk,” he began whistling as he made his way to the portrait hole.

“Decided to go now that you’ve realised it’s going to be the pretty little red head who is your geeky partner have you?” Peter asked smugly. James shrugged.

“Nope, just fancy some air. Catch you later.”

“James,” Remus called before he could leave. “Remember the library is on the second floor ok!”

Lily Evans drummed her fingers on the solid wood of a table in the library. She’d had a note telling her to meet her partner here but there was no sign of him anywhere. She’d been sat excitedly thinking about this opportunity for almost twenty minutes and the novelty was wearing off. A couple more minutes, she decided and I’ll leave.

James had sprinted his way to the library and stopped abruptly just outside where he ran a hand through his already messy, but sexy he though, hair. He adjusted his glasses which had slipped down his nose slightly and loosened his tie a bit more. His bag was slung lazily over his shoulder and he pulled a book from it which he flipped to a random page before sighing. He hated reading and if anyone saw him they’d think him crazy. But he knew fully well that at this precise moment there would no doubt be absolutely no one, well no one worth worrying about, in the library; but it’d have a good impression on Lily.

Lily looked up expectantly when the doors were swung open and saw that arrogant head of hair enter. Groaning, she buried her head in her book in an attempt to hide from James and his Lily radar. Unfortunately the radar never missed a trick.

“Evans?” James asked, pretending to sound shocked to see her there. In truth, even if he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that she was his partner he wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the library on a weekend anyway.

“Potter,” Lily responded politely. She seemed to have come to a decision not to spit his name at him as much any more. After all, what he did to Jonathan was pretty nice of him; but she wouldn’t let him know that.

“How are you?” he asked conversationally as he slid into a seat directly opposite her.

“Fine,” Lily answered in the hope that he’d get the point that she was to indulged in her book to hold a conversation with anyone. She kept her eyes trained on the page but couldn’t help but glance up when she felt his eyes on her sceptically. She sighed, “listen Potter, it was nice of you to ask how I am and honestly, I’m doing fine. But at this moment I think I really need to be left alone.”

“Oh I totally understand,” James responded holding up his hands in retreat. “I’m not here to bother you or anything I’m just waiting for someone so thought I’d come have a little chat.” He smiled broadly and Lily couldn’t help but let a smile play across her face also; his moods were so catchy.

However, the smile slowly slid from her face and she chewed on her cheeks as she rested her book down and lent forward on the table. “Do you know who you’re waiting for Potter?”

James couldn’t help but let a small smirk spread across his face as he too lent forwards and whispered “you.”

Lily shot back into her chair and coughed embarrassedly as she felt a blush rise on her cheeks. “I mean,” she stammered as she fingered the seam of her robes. “Who are you waiting for to arrive here?”

“I know what you meant Lily,” James replied never taking his eyes off her. “But my answers the same; I am waiting for you,” he shrugged and lily made a small ‘o’ with her mouth.

“I should have guessed,” she laughed slightly and mimicked James’ shrug. “Of course Dumbledore would choose you,” she shook her head slightly as though she was stupid for not realising.

“Why’s it that obvious?” James asked with narrowed eyes.

“Well,” Lily began as she folded her arms on the table. “Technically we’re replacing the head boy and head girl and the head’s are the cleverest in the year.” James smiled.

“So you think I’m clever enough to be head boy?” his eyes brows rose questioningly and Lily couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Well I don’t see why not James. Of course I would expect Remus but he would have been on time,” she pointed a finger amusedly.

“You just called me James,” James said. Not sounding quite shocked this time but rather just pointing it out.

“I wish you wouldn’t point it out every time like it’s a big thing,” Lily said quietly as she lowered her eyes.

“It is,” James muttered and Lily brought her gaze to his for a couple of seconds before looking away. She had to watch herself lately; she kept slipping up. She was so set on disliking James it was almost like a rule to have to call him Potter. She often caught herself mentally referring to him as James but it was even worse when she said it to his face; and he always realised. She could see that things were changing between them both, and she hated change. She tried to stop it but every time she looked into his eyes there was this look that she couldn’t quite fathom. No boy had ever looked at her in that way before and she found herself liking it. She wanted, no needed to know what it was but knew the dangers of staring for too long.

She found herself dreaming enough times about the colour of gold in his eyes which she found so extraordinarily beautiful. She refused to let herself find out what that look was for the fear that she couldn’t handle it, even though she longed to know. She wanted to know if it was linked to James’ sudden change in behaviour. He hadn’t pranked her since the incident and he hadn’t asked her out since the start of term. She wasn’t complaining though, she found it kind of peaceful. The thing that worried her was that if she looked at him to much she would start to miss it.

“Lily!” James shouted as though he’d repeated it many times. Lily snapped her head in his direction and raised an eye brow. “I think you were day dreaming,” he pointed out. Lily just sighed and stuffed her book into her bag before rising. “Urm, Lily what about the ball?”

“Oh crap!” Lily growled as she kicked the table leg, James’ eyes widened. “Listen Potter,” so it was back to Potter? “I really don’t have time. How about you meet me in the common room tonight just after curfew and we discuss it then?” She didn’t wait for an answer before leaving and James fell back into his chair, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

It was an hour until curfew and Sirius, Peter, Remus and James all sat huddled around a table in the common room. Between them was a book written in French with what seemed to be translations written all over it. Sirius suddenly stood and reached deep into his pocket.

“Told you I’d get it,” he said holding up what seemed to be seaweed. “I stole it from Slughorn’s office this morning.” The other three smiled and pulled him back down into a seat.

“So are we going to do this on the Slytherin’s?” Peter asked squeakily. Just at that moment an angry Zayda stormed down the girls dormitory stairs.

“Sirius Black you lousy piece of…”

“Zayda, baby, honey, snookums,” Zayda gave a warming glare. “What’s up?” he asked smoothly.

“You know damn well what’s up!” Zayda shouted holding up what appeared to be a bra to fit a Barbie doll. The marauders burst into a fit of laughs.

“Zayda I know you’re not exactly well endowed but give your self some credit; that is a tad too small,” James laughed.

“Potter shut your mouth,” Zayda snapped before turning back to Sirius.

“It wasn’t me?” Sirius offered with a shrug.

“Oh it was you,” Zayda snarled as her icy blue eyes flashed causing all four boys to recoil. “This,” she held up a longish black hair. “Could only belong to you; not even my hair is that well conditioned.” Sirius flicked his hair around and the few girls surrounding ‘ooh-ed”. Zayda cringed. “Now turn it back because I know it wasn’t just a shrinking spell because I can’t resize it!”

“No can do love,” Sirius said as he slid an arm around Zayda’s waist and began walking with her towards a settee. “Don’t know the counter for it I’m afraid. But I could always shrink you so it’d fit?” Zayda narrowed her eyes and before Sirius could react lifted her foot and stamped it down as hard as she could into his in step.

Sirius yelped and lifted his foot to his hands as he began hoping around idiotically. Zayda let out a hysterical laugh before saying, “now never mess with my stuff AGAIN!” and leaving through the portrait hole.

Sirius turned towards his friends who were rolling around in a mess of laughter and waited for them to regain some composure before talking. “I have the perfect candidate for our new prank,” he stated, eyes narrowing towards the portrait hole. “I know she wants me; this will be the perfect way to find out.” The four boys rolled their eyes.

“But the Slytherins will be funnier,” Remus announced. “And we may be able to find out any evil plans of theirs. Plus, Zayda practically always speaks her mind anyway,” he shrugged.

“Oh come on Remus, don’t act like pissing Zayda off isn’t the funniest thing ever,” James said with an eye brow raised.

“Well it’s certainly the scariest,” Peter piped up.

“That’s true,” James said with a shudder which the other boys followed. There were a few moments quiet where they all recalled horrid memories of when Zayda had been angry at them but seemed to decide it would be worth it.

“So come on then, add the last ingredient,” Peter said eagerly to Sirius who nodded and grinned evilly before dropping it into the cauldron. All four boys let out evil laughs as the potion bubbled and smoke rose from it before Remus began a coughing fit and they all started hitting him on the back.

“I guess the evil way just doesn’t agree with me,” he shrugged.

“Come on then,” Sirius said excitedly bouncing on the spot. “Bottle it!” Remus dipped a vial into the purple solution and jammed a cork into the top just as the portrait hole swung open.

James glanced at the clock on the wall before looking in a window and fluffing up his hair a bit more. “Must dash boys; I have a date.” His friends stared at him as he wondered over to a pretty red head who smiled before signalling to a table.

“Surely he doesn’t have a date with Lily?” Peter asked looking at the other two boys.

“If he does, she doesn’t realise it,” Sirius responded before snatching the bottle from Remus’ hand and kissing it like it was the greatest thing in the world.

A.n. Okay, yes, it's been a while! But, i'm finally done with this chapter! I honestly though i was going to have lots of chapters written after my exams but i really became stressed out with this story and almost deleted it!! I just deleted two other stories because it was getting on top and i didn't just want to put them on haitus. Anyhoo, i know ive been terrible with my updates but please leave a review =] Oh yersh, and thankyou LilyMaria who has given me the idea behind the Marauders newest pranks, which if you never noticed, started playing out in this chapter ^_^ I promise to try and updated faster next time!!


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