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You know, if you haven’t figures this out by now, you’re a hopeless cause, but I don’t own Harry Potter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 27: The Truths Revealed The silence was oppressive, but not for long. Harry smiled at the thought of the parties that would soon be erupting all over the wizarding world. Time to get on with it he thought. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Harry only to be stopped by an obnoxious, and not too skinny, wizard in the middle of then room. “Who put you in charge?” he asked. “I’ve never seen you, neither in a meeting nor anywhere else.” Before anyone could give him a tongue thrashing, Harry said, “Why, I put myself in charge. Perhaps you don’t recognize Harry Potter.” The offending wizard shrunk so low in his chair that, if he had gone any further, he would have been underground. “Now, back to business,” said Harry. “Voldemort is dead. I killed him myself. Don’t really know how long I was in the hospital, but I killed him the day I was admitted to St. Mungo’s.” Ron, who had been allowed into the meeting, as well as Ginny and Hermione, spoke up now. “Harry, you killed him yesterday, then.” “Ah, well then, that would explain why no one has noticed,” said Harry. “I’m sure all of you want the grisly details of his death, but that is for another time. I am trusting all of you to spread the word of Voldemort’s defeat. Afterwards, I am sure that there are many parties that will be needing attendance.” “What should make us believe he’s gone?” asked the same not too light wizard that had questioned Harry earlier. However, the storm of responses from the Weasleys, Lupin, and many others that trusted Harry drove him back into his seat. Harry smiled as everyone began filing out of the room. However, the Weasleys, minus Percy, came over to where Harry had sat down. Behind them came McGonagall and Lupin. “So,” said McGonagall, “mind telling us these “grisly” details now?” “Of course,” said Harry. “You remember the blood on my robes yesterday?” Everyone nodded. “That belonged to the Death Eaters.” Harry then went on to tell them about everything that had happened with Voldemort, leaving out some of the more violent deaths. “But what happened in the Great Hall?” asked Ginny. Harry smiled. “The red aura was me. That is who I was born as. The person you see in front of you now is the person I was before Voldemort attacked me. The green aura was the part of Voldemort that he instilled in me. The internal struggle caused my powers to develop much more rapidly than ever before. That is why the oldest wizards are almost always the most powerful; their powers have had time to grow and mature. Now, admittedly, I am more powerful than most. But anyway, you could think of it as awakening my potential. But, anyway, over the years, Voldemort’s part of me grew, becoming almost as powerful as me. Keyword there being almost. So I defeated him.” “But what happened when we thought that you were killed?” asked Lupin. “That,” said Harry, “was a trick I learned from an old friend.” How he would miss Dumbledore. But he would not let it rule his life. He would move on, but he would still feel sorrow. “So, is it impossible for you to get angry now?” asked Fred. Harry laughed. “No, I can still get angry, but I won’t kill you because you don’t like the way my hair looks or something. I’ll be much more like a normal person, just like all of you.” “So you’re no more powerful that us?” asked George. “Well, I still have the power that I showed in that last battle in the Great Hall, and I can call on it at any time now. You all noticed how fast I healed. That was unconscious use of my magic. So I can still whip all of you.” “Harry, I just noticed something,” said Ginny. “Your scar, it’s gone.” Harry smiled. “I was wondering how long before someone noticed this. It was a sign of my conflicting sides, always battling, always leaving a scar. Now that only one of us is here, the scar is gone. That was also how I had a connection with Voldemort. Part of him was literally inside me.” “But how do you know all of this?” asked Bill. Harry smiled before replying, “I’ve always known. But my dark side kept the knowledge locked away. I just had to find it.” The room was silent for a minute, each in his or her own thoughts. Finally, Harry asked another question. “Any word from Percy?” “Nothing new,” said Charlie stiffly. “I’m sure he’ll come around,” said Harry unconvincingly. Truth be told, he doubted that he would ever see Percy again. Percy had become corrupted by the allure of power. True, not as fully as Voldemort, but he was still corrupted. Harry sighed. “But you know Harry,” said Mrs. Weasley suddenly. “We’ve been thinking about adding a new member to the family.” Harry looked up, his eyes shining brightly. “If you would consent, we would love to adopt you.” Harry was literally glowing. He nearly suffocated Mr. and Mrs. Weasley in his hug. “Thanks, mom and dad,” said Harry with a huge smile. He was complete. For the first time in his life, he had a true family and a girlfriend he loved more than life itself. And never in his life had he been happier. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No new reviews, cause it’s been like five minutes since the last chapter, but post some new reviews. It will make me oh so happy. See y’all later.

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