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AN: I am dedicating this to Natbag on F.F.Net Who inspired this chapter. So if you don’t like it its his fault. Oh just kidding, only I could be at blame for this kind of work. Sorry it took so long been kind of buisy and I actually went out to eat and let see 4 bars. Didn’t get home till 2, but since I was a designated driver and only had 2 drinks very well spaced. I feel pretty good today. By the way premixed bottles of white Russian do have an experation date on them and should be noted, They taste extremely bad after that (trust me I found that out the hard wayYuck). Well hope you enjoy. Chapter 19 Lips, Gifts, and Chips. OH MY "Cho!" Exclaimed Harry "What are you doing here? "I thought I'd give you a proper birthday present,” said Cho, trying to snuggle up to Harry. "Hang on,” said Harry, trying to move her hands away from him. "I still don't understand why you're here." "Don't you like me Harry?" asked Cho. "Well yeah but.." Harry started but was cut off by Cho kissing him. He broke away from her and scrambled out of bed. "Cho stop!" "What's the matter Harry?" Cho asked, looking a little confused. "Cho I like you but not that way, not any more." Said Harry sympathetically. "I'm sorry Harry,” she said while putting her face in her hands sobbing. "It's..okay Cho," Harry said, as he slowly put a hand on her shoulder for comfort. "I...I..feel so... foolish," Cho chocked out between sobs. "Don't worry about it, we can still be friends right?" Harry asked feeling a little uncomfortable, at what just happened. "Oh Harry you're great," Cho said giving him a big hug "you're gonna make some girl very happy." she gave him a small kiss on the cheek and let herself out. Harry awoke the next morning to Ron and Hermione telling him to get up. "It's ten o'clock, we need to get down to brunch," said Hermione. "So, have a good time last night Harry?" asked Ron with a big grin on his face. "Yeah of course," said Harry groggily. "Did you get to sleep okay?" asked Ron. Harry thought Ron looked ready to burst. "What are you getting at?" Harry asked. "Is it true?" Ron asked. "What are you on about?" asked Harry. "Well Dean said he saw Cho go into your room last night," Hermione said weakly. "Oh that," said Harry. He was beginning to wonder what all was being said and who all knew. "So are you and her..?" Hermione trailed off with a worried look. "No we're not together and nothing happened." said Harry frowning. "Harry don't get mad, but what did happen?" Hermione asked worriedly. "Alright I'll tell you," Harry started. If they knew the truth maybe it could help the situation. "I came in to my room last night and got into bed to find her already here." "She was in your bed?!" an astonished Ron interrupted. "Shush Ron, let him tell us," Hermione scolded. "Yes she was in my bed and said we could start where we left off." Harry began again "She kissed me, but I told her I didn't feel that way towards her and just wanted to be friends." "That's it?" asked Hermione. "Yeah that's it then she left." said Harry as he was getting up and began pulling out fresh clothes. Harry got dressed and they went down to the dinning room for brunch. Harry took a seat at the table and noticed a few whispers and eyes following him. He filled his plate and noticed when Ginny and Dean left the table. Oh how he wished she wasn't seeing Dean. "Hello Harry," said Remus as he sat down beside him. "Hi Remus," said Harry, swallowing a mouthful of eggs. "So, have a good birthday?" Lupin asked with a smirk. "What?! Nothing happened!" Harry hollered loud enough for everyone to hear. "Calm down Harry, what are you on about?" asked a confused Remus. "Oh, um..nothing," said Harry with a small blush. "Alright we'll talk later about that," said Remus, shaking his head. "Anyway did you have fun at your party?" "Yeah it was great thanks for that." Harry smiled. "So what was your final count?" asked Remus with a grin. "Sixteen, I think," said Harry. Remus laughed "Well that's not bad at all." "Hey how do you know so much about that whole birthday tradition thing anyway?" asked Harry. "Your dad went through the same thing, it was hilarious. We also found out that his great uncle made sure all the girls knew about the tradition." Remus said grinning. "Oh, so that was all your fault." Harry said, unsure of rather he should be upset or not. "Hey, you had fun didn't you?" Remus chuckled. Harry thought for a minute, "Sure did," Harry laughed with him this time. "Remus you'll let me know before you leave won't you?" Harry asked. "Of course Harry. Why do you ask?" Remus returned. "I'd like you to have the other 'Palm Owl' the twins gave me, so I'll be able to keep in touch." Harry said seriously. "Are you sure, Harry? There's not a friend you want to give it to instead." asked Remus. Harry just smiled "I am giving it to a friend, and you’re the friend I can ask for advice, like I did Sirius. You know..fatherly advise." "Remus smiled feeling very touched "Thank you Harry." After Brunch a lot of the people that stayed the night, went home. Neville found Harry, Ron and Hermione before it was time for him to leave. "Hey mate, glad you could come." said Harry. "It had a great time, it was real good getting to be with people my own age. Over the holidays I'm mainly stuck at home with Gram." said Neville. "Well maybe you can come again before school," suggested Harry. "That would be great. Well see ya Harry," Neville said good-bye to Ron and Hermione then went to the fireplace to floo home. Harry, Ron and Hermione walked down the hall and saw that Ginny was standing with the group waiting for the 'Knight Bus'. "Hey Harry," said Colin and Dennis together, both looked like their excited selves, but Dennis didn't seem as perky. He almost looked ill. "Hey thanks for coming. You feeling alright Dennis?" Harry asked. Dennis gave a lopsided grin, "He got pissed last night, I had to take him up stairs around ten o'clock last night." Colin answered "Great party though, I got loads of pictures." "You'll have to let me see them when we get to school." Harry grinned back at them. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione finished saying goodbye to the rest of them. When everyone was gone they went into the lounge, which was full of presents. "It will take forever to unwrap them all," said Ron staring at the mountain of gifts. "That's alright, you guys can help." Harry replied. They began unwrapping presents. Harry recieved news sets of gobstones, assorted sweets, new dragon hide gloves, an assortment of french candy from Fluer, a new pocket knife to replace the one he had lost at the Department of Mysteries from Remus. "Hey Harry look at this one from Tonks," said Ginny, handing a box to Harry. Harry took the box and read the big bold word across the box, 'Twister' Harry laughed. "Read the directions on the side," Ginny said amused. Harry read the description of the game and blushed, "Oh now I get it," he remembered his boxers with the big blue and red dots on the bum. "Left hand green Harry," Ginny said, giggling so much that she actually fell over. Harry just blushed harder, he didn't want to think about where on his boxers the green dot was. The four continued unwrapping. Harry grabbed one that read 'To: Harry, From: Petunia, I got this for you when you were two but was unable to give it to you.' Harry unwrapped the package to find a little blue bunny. At that moment Harry understood how things could have been different if she hadn't been married to Uncle Vernon. He put the bunny in his pocket before anyone else saw, he would put it away in his room later. In the kitchen Dudley was having a nice talk with Molly. "So did you have fun at the party dear?" Molly asked. "Yeah it was lots of fun and most of the kids were okay." Dudley answered. "You were worried about fitting in, weren't you?" Molly asked. "Yeah," said Dudley "I thought it would be really weird since I was the only uh...muggle." Molly laughed "Well I think you know that it is not the magic that makes the person." "I know, but it's like with the twins, they're so good at jokes and stuff. How am I supposed to compete with that when they use magic?" Dudley asked. "Oh so you want to be able to get them back do you?" Molly smirked knowingly. "Yeah," Dudley nodded. "Well you'll just have to come up with a muggle prank. Muggle do that, don't they?" asked Molly, Dudley nodded "Well then what would the twins know about muggle ways?" she said, smirking at Dudley. "You mean, you wouldn't be mad if I did something to them?" Dudley questioned, looking at Molly in surprise yet excitement. "No as long as it doesn't hurt anyone I approve, besides it's about time they get a taste of their own medicine." Molly said matter of fact tone. "Well do you have any ideas?" Dudley grinned "Well I can think of one thing, one of my friend's sister did it to him. I just need to run to the store. Oh, could you help me make some biscuits for them?" Molly just smiled and nodded her head. When Harry and the rest finished unwrapping packages Dobby cleaned out the mess with a wave of his wand and sent the presents up to Harry's room. "Master Harry sir, Dobby has a present for you too." Dobby said as he handed him a package. "Oh, thanks Dobby, you didn't have to get me anything." Harry said, a little unsure of the contents. "Oh Harry Potter is so selfless. Dobby noticed that Master Harry's school bag was worn so Dobby made Master Harry a new one." Dobby beamed. Harry unwrapped the gift, indeed it was a bag, but unlike one Harry had ever seen. It was dark red with a small monogram of 'HP' in gold letters one the side and the other had a snitch fluttering about. "Hey that's really cool," said Ron. "Yeah, thanks Dobby. You did a really good job." Harry smiled. Dobby, not used to compliments, lowered his head and a reddish tint touched his face. Hermione's eyes widened "You know Dobby you could sell these and make lots of money." Hermione said excitedly. "Oh Miss Her-my-o-nee, Dobby doesn't want money. Dobby already has more than Dobby knows what to do with." the house elf squeaked. Hermione just sighed "Well would you let me but one from you?" she asked. "Oh No Miss! Dobby will not sell them, but Dobby will make Miss one. What would Miss Her-my-o-nee like?" Dobby stated excitedly. "I wouldn't want to trouble you Dobby." she started then noticed how his face began to droop "But if you'd like to make one for Christmas..." she added quickly, hoping not to upset him. Dobby perked up "Oh yes, that is a good idea Miss. Dobby will do that." And with a pop he was gone. On the way to supper that night Ginny and Hermione ran into Dudley, heading down as well. "Hey Ginny, Hermione" Dudley said, grinning. "Hi Dudley," said Ginny "What are you so happy about?" Dudley told them what he had planned, and added "Oh you might want to tell Ron and Harry not to eat the biscuits as well." he left the girls standing outside the kitchen door. "You want to tell them?" asked Ginny. They looked at each other before they both responded in unison "Nope". Supper was filled with constant chatter of work, the party and new items at the shop. Only Vernon sat there quietly. When everyone had finished eating, Molly brought a big plate to the table, loaded with biscuits. "Here we are, some nice homemade chocolate chip biscuits. Dudley was such a dear and helped," she gave a quick wink at Dudley. Molly sat the plate in the middle of the table and Dudley watched, as Fred and George were the first to take a couple each. He then noticed Ron and Harry grabbing some as well, he looked to Ginny who gave him a quick smirk. Petunia picked up the platter and moved it towards her husband "Biscuit Vernon?" she asked. "Yes thank you," Vernon said as he grabbed a handful. Dudley's mouth dropped. He specifically told his mother not to eat any. Apparently she had her own ideas. Everyone continued to discuss his or her topics of interest, when a small rumble was heard. Dudley looked around. There was a strange look on, the twins face, but also Ron's, Harry's, and his father's. "rrrrrreeak" came another grumble. The twins looked at each other as Vernon shot up from his chair and hurried out of the room. Ron was the next to race out, having eaten almost as many as Vernon. Another low rumble was heard and the twins bolted from their chairs, arguing with each other on who needed the nearest bathroom. Harry, who's face was now sweating and a little green, got up and you could hear him pounding up the stairs. Molly burst out laughing "I don't think I've ever seen them move so fast." the rest of the group joined in. "What was that stuff you used?" asked Arthur, hardly able to get it out between fits of laughter. He was so fascinated by muggle things he just had to know. "It's called 'super concentrated chocolate exlax' one bar made about five chips, the normal dose, each biscuit has about ten chips." Dudley answered between laughs. "Well Dudley, I think that about matches up to that 'ton tongue toffee'." Said Molly with a very large, proud smile across her face. AN: Well now you know. I am not a big fan of Cho, but I had to do it (Yavonna grins wickedly) I learned at a young age you have to look at all aspects, whether you agree with them or not. Ive learned to enjoy playing devils advocate. I like to make people think. This was one of the gifts my father gave me. ( He was a minister by the way, but had a very broad mind) Any way thanks for all the reviews from last chapter and remember to keep them coming. Oh almost forgot I do have a friend who’s sister did that to him and his brothers and it really does work. Individual response: J; settle down there man. It will be ok Oh and thanks for enjoying it so much it puts you in this state. OH and not to forget your other review. The fat one will be coming out abit more. So youll see. Bishop: Thanks a lot Draco: WOW Thanks a lot. You know flattery will get you everywhere. I think that was the best review I’ve gotten. (Yavonna throws her arms around you and gives you a big hug and kiss) Maddy: Sorry about the wait. You know live catches up and smacks you in the face to do something. But thanks I am just grateful that people are enjoying it. KeenW: what type of action were you looking for?

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