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Disclamation: I own nothing

“MALFOY, I can’t believe you,” I screamed and slapped him hard on the arm.

“Me,” he asked shocked in all belief, “what did I do”

“You know very well what you did you intolerable git,” I screamed.


“And what might that be Miss. Granger, and if you don’t mind keep your voice down or do you want to wake up the entire school.”


“You,” I said waving a finger in his direction.

“Me,” he said.

“Yes you, here you are you have all the files right in front of you point little nose, and what do you do. You messed poor Neville’s file up as some kind of practical joke instead of ..”


I didn’t say anything just stood there I was actually sort of ashamed of myself, which was preposterous considering I didn’t do anything.

“Oh by the way Granger I didn’t mess with this file either, Neville is actually dead, well at least according to this file he is.”


“What do you mean you didn’t mess with the file, you had . I mean its not like its true I mean I just saw Neville today so that file is wrong,” I explained.

“As insist full as that was Granger I am afraid the file is telling the truth, or at least what I believe to be the truth,” Malfoy said.


“Well what you believe is wrong, now change it back, change it back right this instant Malfoy,” I said as I began to find myself in a state of hysteria.


“First off Granger you have to calm down, and secondly if I did that it would be tampering with school files, which have you clearly pointed out as being wrong.”

“I have to do nothing of the sort Malfoy, now change the file,” I screamed, and found tears actually falling from my face. Was Malfoy actually right was Neville dead, no he can’t be I just saw health as ever. But as I started to cry I saw Malfoy’s expression change from his usual smug grin into something softer, something kinder.


“Alright Granger let me try this again, with a different approach,” he said. As he started to take steps closer to me, I found myself jumping back. “Granger please try to relax I promise not to hurt you.”


“And why should I believe you now,” I screamed tears still streaming down my face. “Its not like you haven’t lied to me, as well as everybody else in your life.”


“Because I’ve never seen you actually cry before, and not even I would take advantage of a girl crying.”

“Even though I some filthy little mud blood,” I asked.

“Yes even though your some filthy little dirty mud blood,” he said.

“I never said dirty,” I said as I attempted a small smile, which he returned. “Alright talk Malfoy.”

“I have had suspicion for a wile that Neville isn’t all that he appears, besides his new look he also been acting differently.”

“Since when do you pay attention to how Neville acts,” I questioned folding my arms.

“I don’t, which means it must have been pretty obvious, Granger I was in the library once and Neville was there as well and I saw him roughing up some little 2nd year just for a few gallons. Now I don’t know what you remember about Neville but I remember Neville’s was usually the one getting roughed up by the 2nd year not the other way around.”

“So he has changed a little,” I said. “That doesn’t mean he’s dead.”

“But it could mean he is, and someone else like a certain Jr. Barrty Crouch could have taken his place at Hogwarts. You know Voldermort can never have enough spy’s at Hogwarts, especially with Dumbledore gone. Then there is Professor McGonagall up to her ears with paperwork trying to keep this school running. I am betting she hasn’t even had time to take a shower since Dumbledore died let alone look over every student file. Honestly Granger do you believe she would have really put me as head boy if she had time to look over my file. She just did what Dumbledore told her to do, till opps, its to late and now she realizes she put me as a head boy. What screw up right?”

“Malfoy,” I began but his expression didn’t change. “Wait how would you know about Barrty Crouch Jr. if you, yourself are not still a death eater.”

“That the thing, Granger why do you thing I cut myself on my right arm so much. I am a death eater,” He said then pulled up to show me the mark, as well as were he cut himself it traced the dark mark. “Pretty disgusting huh, but I have quit, I just need to complete one task then I am out for good. As for Neville I had theory when I herd part of my mothers conversation with her sister.”

“Oh my god, so Neville is really dead, but for how long, how long has he been dead,” I asked.

“My guess was as soon as school ended so did his life, I know the death eater killed his grandmother the day he came home from school last year my guess is that they got him as well.”

“That’s so horrible.”

“Yeah I guess,” Malfoy. he said with a shrug.

“What do you mean you guess,” I asked.


“What do you want from me Granger I may not be a death eater but it doesn’t mean I like or cared about the guy or anything. Besides if actually cared about anything I might end up like you and go crying every time something bad happens to them.”

“Malfoy you are such a, such a, Jerk.”

“Nice come back Granger I have to remember that one,” he said sarcastically.


“I want to know something Malfoy,” I asked.

“What’s that love,” he questioned

“What is your final test, you know the one that gets you out killing muggles for good.”

He then got extremely quiet and looked at me quiet hard the evilness in his eyes disappeared. It was then I saw something about Malfoy I thought I would never see I saw him become vulnerable. So terrified of what was to come he was barley able to get the words out but he did manage a few words.

“You know how death eater have to kill a muggle born to get in, well I have to kill a witch to get out,” He said continuing to look at me hard.


Then when I found myself he walked past me. Then just standing there I finally figured it all out, it all connected perfectly why he was head boy, why he was at the Weasly’s that day, why I had saw him at my house, and even why he kept cutting himself. Because of me all those things were because of me. Coming to my house to see me, going to the Weasly’s to see me, Head boy to get close to me, cutting himself because I told him not to. I figured out his mission if he wanted me to know or nor, but never the less I knew and for once he wasn’t able to do anything about because. Because. He had to kill me.

Dear Pussycat doll

I am screwed I have so many confusing things going on I have actually started getting you confused with someone else and have actually to her the truth about something. I still debating if it’s a good thing or a bad any insight. As for the whole Zabin thing he has been helping a lot maybe I’ll go to him for help next but any advice you can give me would be just as for that whole traped thing I think sometimes it can be a good thing. I mean think about it really think about it isn’t nice having your own little world were you can escape to and know one will ever know about. But hey maybe someday you might want to let someone into that world. If you ever decied to I’ll be waiting. I am not sure what I mean about that right now but hey here’s hoping you have better luck getting into mind then I do. By the way so far your doing a good job with my heart. In a sticktly friendship way.. I think

Love: wearing a mask

“Instead of what Granger,” he asked. “Instead of cheating.”

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