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Hermione fell asleep fast she was trashed and exhausted. We had round after round of fire whiskey, probably clearing out the supply, and had danced the night away. It amazed me how the once bookworm Granger had changed to the easygoing laidback women I held in his arms. I had sat up and watched the sun rise, having put a sober charm on my self. I was thinking clear and I was thinking a lot, about the girl that lay in my bed inside.

As I sat out on the balcony, smoking my cigarettes and sipping my black coffee, I wondered what it would be like to have Mia for the rest of my life, to have her children, to be her husband, to grow old and die with her. I wanted to have her for the rest of her life, and I knew that my parents loved her like they would have if she were part of the family. As I sat there in my trance I fumbled with the little velvet box I had bought her for Christmas just the day before.

As the sun rose, with it my mind came to terms with everything. He loved this girl, and there was nothing in the world that was going to take her away from me. He was going to have her beautiful children, send them away to Hogwarts knowing they would be just as smart as her, and have all the best looks from his parents, and the purest noblest blood. They would either be Slytherin or Gryffindor. He had it all planned out. All he had to do was steel a little Gryffindor courage from his princess and ask her to be with him for the rest of their life’s, but when?

Going back into the bedroom a pack of cigarettes and 3 cups of coffee I watched Mia sleep from the over stuffed chair sitting opposite the bed. She was so angelic, so perfect. After sitting there for another hour, stealing a glance at the watch on my wrist, eight, that’s long enough, I can’t wait any longer. I thought to himself.

Getting up and stretching he sauntered over to the bed and plopped down, gathering the sleeping Hermione in my arms, her blue eyes fluttered open and they fixed themselves upon my gray ones. I stared down at the beauty in my arms.

“I love you Mia.” I said quietly.

“I love you to darling, is that why I am awake.” She said trying to suppress a giggle.

“Sort of, I just wanted to have you in my arms, and I can never pass up a chance to tell you I love you, you mean the world to me Mia.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me tenderly. Every time her lips come into contact with mine, I feel like I have electric shocks running through my veins. I feel like I can never be close enough, I can never have enough of her. She is my addiction, and she couldn’t be a better person to be addicted to.

As we went down stairs, the maids and house elves were in full swing preparing for Christmas. It put a smile on Hermione’s lips that made my breath catch in my throat. She was absolutely stunning.

In the entrance hall was a huge tree reaching 12 feet at least, where tiny lights, candles, and gold and deep red Christmas balls with being levitated and hung perfectly from its broad branches. There was garland wrapped around the banister of the grand marble staircase, and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Over the door was a gigantic wreath, with gold and deep red balls. As we reached the bottom of the steps, the doors blew open, blowing in the snow that was falling heavily; Hermione’s father bustled in adorned in a heavy coat and a fur hat.

He gave Hermione and I a huge grin and told us good morning.

“Good morning children, did you have a good sleep?” he said merrily.

“Oh yes dad, it looks absolutely beautiful in here. Its so grand, and everything is huge.” She said overjoyed, her eyes were sparkling, and my stomach was doing flips.

“Yes Mr. Nott, I slept well too, how are you this morning, how is it out there? “ I asked him, making polite talk as we made out way to the kitchens.

“Oh very good, very good, me boy! We are excited about tomorrow evening. How is everything at your house? Your mother must be in a frantic state, even though the party turns out splendid every year, she really out does herself!” Hermione’s father said to me while making us all a cup of coffee.

The kitchen smelled incredible, aromas of cookies and pastries and meats filled the entire vast kitchen.

“yes she does, that reminds me I really have to be getting home Mr. Nott my mother probably wants me to go out with father ad get something suitable to wear. Mia, do you have something to wear?”

She looked up from the daily prophet and gave me a quizzical look.

“I never thought about it, I guess I have to go find something, do you think it’s too late?”
she asked me looking frantic.

“oh, no its never to late Mia dear, as your mother, or to give you some money, and you can go find something dazzling. I’m sure anything would look lovely on you!” Hermione’s father said kindly.

“Oh alright, well Draco ill see you later tonight, or tomorrow, okay? I have to go find something pretty to wear.” She smiled and walked over to me giving me a kiss on the cheek, and her beautiful grin.

I flooed home where my house was in total chaos, I always for get how hectic it gets at my house the day before Christmas eve. Ever year since I can remember the Malfoy’s have thrown a extravagant ball on Christmas eve. Where my father, mother and I great guest until everyone has arrived, we sit down to a huge meal, and then we move into the ballroom, where my parents kick off the first dance, and since I was able I have always had an escort whom I have also kicked off the first dance with. Past years, it has been Pansy and I, but its common knowledge that I was through with her way before things ended. I haven’t told Hermione, and I’m hoping she doesn’t flip.

I walked into the parlor, where my mother seemed to be taking a beak from the party planning, she was having a cup of tea. I sat down and she offered me a cup which I took politely.

“so how are you doing, mum? I asked her, looking into her tired face. No matter how old she got, she was still stunningly beautiful. She, unlike my Aunt Bella had supported her husband, and not joined, so she had never been submitted to the pain, and gore of the war. She had stayed home, and been there for my father, she had never had to go to Azkaban like her sister. My aunt Bella was no beauty anymore, sadly. My mother has long straight blond hair, like my own, and stunning big blue eyes. She had high cheek bones, and a defined brow line. She wore little make up. She was free hearted, and kind hearted.

“O, darling, you know how I am. I am just worried for you and your father, and this ball is the same every year, but I still get a little worked up!” she said with a chuckle. It always lifted my heart to see her laugh.

“So, I assume that you will be sorting Mia, and not pansy?” my mother said with a lightness in her voice. She had never been very happy about pansy. My mother thought she was a slut, which she was.

“Yes I am, I love her a lot mum. Do you like her?” I asked her.

“I do like her very much Draco dear. She is stunning. And she makes you glow.” She said with a tiny smile, she took another sip of her tea. I sat back in my seat. Watching the steam rise from my own cup, with a smile on my face.

I searched the gardens for my mother, my father had told me she spent the mornings out in her garden. I had yet to explore them, I soon understood why she came out here. It was magnificent. Even in the snow, the grounds had evergreens, and different types of bushes, there were vast fields covered in snow, and hedges reaching heights of eight of nine feet. The walk ways had been cleared of snow and it had stop snowing only a little while ago. There were bird prints in the snow, and a women’s foot prints, that I was following.

Soon enough a frozen lake came into view and my mother was sitting on a bench, in a over coat and scarf, I looked tremendously like her. I walked around the bench and she slid over to let me sit with her.

“Hello Mia dear, how are you this morning” she said smiling at me and taking my hand; her eyes mirrored my own, and they had a small sparkle in them.

Looking down at our pale hands, I smiled at her and told her I was doing well.

“Its so beautiful out here, winter was always my favorite season, there is something about snow that makes me happy.” I mused.

“Yes, when you were little as well!” she told me.

“Mum, I was wondering if I could borrow some money to get a dress for Draco’s ball tomorrow?” I asked her after a while.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Yes of course you can, do you want me to go with you?”

“Oh no its okay mum! I am a big girl.”

“alright I’ll give you the key and number to our vault at Gringots, our money is your money honey.”

We walked back to the house in a comfortable silence taking in our surroundings.

I flooed to the Leaky cauldron and walked out the back door, and into Diagon Ally, where I began to walk to Gringots. I walked up to one of the goblins and requested to go to my vault.

Once I had taken an ample amount of gold, I headed to the nearest department store that looked like it was rewarding.

Looking through the racks I found only a few dresses that caught my eye. I grabbed a red one with a low neck line, a black one with a high slit, and a white one with a halter neck line and it was backless except for gold chains that held it on. Trying the dresses on and showing the lady helping me, we decided that the dresses weren’t for me.

The lady told me she had a dress in the back that she was absolutely sure would look perfect on me.

I sat down on one of the overstuffed chairs in the dressing room and waited for the women to come back. I crossed my legs and sat there, dangling my foot. I sat there and waited some more, uncrossing my legs and re-crossing them. I must have waited 15 minutes, before I decided they had forgotten about me. Feeling very irritated, I got up just as the lady came scurrying back.

“Ma’am I am so sorry! I know you will love this dress though I just know it ma’am” She said trying to reassure me.

She handed me the dress and I didn’t bother looking at it as I walked back into the room I had been using to change into the many dresses I I had tried and not been happy with.

Taking of the shirt I was wearing and the black skinny jeans I had wore into the store. I took the opaque covering off the dress and gasp as I saw the pure beauty of the dress. It was gold, and it seemed to melt in my hand, it shimmered and shine. I slipped it over my head, it was a low neckline, and back less the same design as the red and white dress together. It had a long trail in the back but was slightly shorter in the front. It seemed to fade into my body. It was gorgeous. It fit perfectly around my hips and flowed out just lightly.

I walked out and the lady helping me gasped and her mouth dropped in awe.

“ma’am it is even better then I had thought, it was like it was made for you.”

Looking at myself in the mirror, I could not believe it was me standing there, looking back at me.

“I think I will take it.” I said simply and walked back into the changing room to put my clothes back on, and slide the cover back onto the dress.

Walking out of the store I made my way back to the more crowded area of Diagon Ally. I made my way towards the bookstore—some habits never die.

I bought a few new books and as I was leaving I saw Harry, Ron and Ginny leaving Fred and Georges joke shop. I looked both ways, wishing for a way to avoid them, but there was no way. I held my head high, adjusted my bags and walked past them, willing them to not stop me.

“Hermione!” I heard Harry yell at me. I turned around feigning surprise to see them.

“Er, hullo Harry.” I said quietly, shifting my bags again.

“How, er, how are you guys?” I said politely, really wishing I didn’t have to do what I knew I had too.

“Oh, well we have been okay, have you been enjoying your holiday?” He asked me.

“Yeah, but I really need to be going, my family is home waiting for me.”

Harry looked to be in deep thought, while Ginny was looking anywhere but me, and ron was shifting on his feet with his hands shoved in his pockets, I had the urge t tell him to stop, like I used to but I knew I shouldn’t.

“So you can’t hang around a little while?” He asked quietly, he probably already knew the answer before I told him.

“um, no…I don’t think so. I, I have other priorities, other responsibilities now guys, I don’t- I don’t think we can be friends anymore.” I said, my voice never wavered and for that I was extremely grateful. I had done it, I told them.

“So, um I guess this is good bye.” And with that I turned around and walked away, for good.

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