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    Under the shade of one of the giant oak trees surrounding the lake, Hermione dips a toe into water. She shivers slighting for the water is growing colder rapidly thanks to the autumn nights. She stands up and walks around the tree to see her comrades fast asleep with their books that they were “studding” thrown about. 

    “Get up you lazy bums. We promised to be in Dumbledore’s office ten minuets ago,” stated the sandy blonde as she shook her best friends awake.
    “Who’s drowning in the lake?” asked the groggy red head whose eyes were still closed.
    “Ten more minutes please Auntie,” came a muffled whine from Harry’s direction. His face was covered with a bare of muscular arms.
    Hermione gave up and huffed of to the castle leaving her two friends to sleep amongst their books. As she looked up at the sky she pulled her light jacket closer to her. The clouds were clouding up fast and the wind was turning cold.
    “I hope it doesn’t rain on them,” she thought as she walked up the steps. Many students were strolling about the halls with their friends for it was Sunday and they had no classes. She pushed threw a bunch of 5th year girls gossiping about how more amazing their boyfriends were then their friends latest boy toy.
    As she walked down the hall towards Dumbledore’s office a boy walked out with a plump looking girl clinging to his arm.
    “Baaaaaaaaby, what is a restraining order?” whined the creature attached to the boys arm. Hermione at once knew who the couple was with out even being able to see them clearly yet. As her shoes clicked on the stone flooring the boys eyes left his companion and set on Hermione.
    “Trouble in paradise?” she questioned.
    “My baby is getting me a gifted,” squealed the creature.
    “I already told you, I’m not getting you anything. A restraining order is to make sure you will stay away from me!” snapped the on edge blonde. “Mudblood, don’t you have other people to bother.”
    “Ah, good point, why waist my time talking to ferrets like yourself,” Hermione snapped.
    “You know you need to work on a new comeback. Ferret is getting real old.”
    “Well, hasn’t Mudblood been used for ages? I don’t believe I’m the one that needs to work on anything here.”
    The blonde glared at the girl and she glared right back. All of a sudden he felt something squeezing his neck and felt his lungs being depleted of air. He yanked the girl’s pudgy fingers from his neck and held them tight so that they could attack his neck ones more.

    “What the heck was that all about!” he cried at the girl who began to sob.
    “You don’t love me anymore. I can see it in your eyes, you love her,” she cried moving her accusing finger from the slim boy before her to the petite girl.
    “What?!” cried both of the accused together.

    Ah my first story on here. I used to have one on quizila but i sort of gave up on that cause i wasn't getting any feed back. Soooo give feed back = more story. so if i don't get any i wont keep going.

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