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Side Note- One of my lovely reviewers mentioned in her review that James Potter was a seeker like Harry. To those of you who think this, I am sorry but that is not true. The movie changed the information of Harry getting his seeker skills from his father. In an interview with JK Rowling, she stated that James Potter was not seeker but a chaser. (This note will also be repeated at the beginning of next chapter since this was a note that was added in and some people were not able to read it. For back up on this information, google HP-lexicon.)

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Life at Hogwarts had changed drastically after the beginning of Gryffindor Quidditch season. We had a little less than three months to go until our first game of the year and James had us working extremely hard for two hours twice a week. It’d gotten the point of when we had weekend practices (once over the weekend and once over the week.) Sure that doesn’t sound like much I realize but the practices last over two hours and the team is extremely sore afterwords. The team had decided that after practice in the mornings on weekends to go for a dip in the lake to cool off. I’m sure we were flying our brooms in seventy degree weather, it was only to get hotter too.

This wasn’t the worst of the practices either. Once October was to hit, when we’d have a little over a month to train, we would move to four practices a week. Not to mention every other morning before breakfast, we were to get up at six and run outside for thirty minutes, then do thirty more minutes of drills.

I could only envy the other teams like Ravenclaw, who had always had a fairly decent team but was never overworked. Unlike the Gryffindors, they didn’t hold tryouts until the last week of September which sounded reasonable to me. James wanted to win the Quidditch Cup this year. We hadn’t won it in three years, so James blamed it on himself because he’d been captain two out of the three.

I pushed the girls’ locker room doors apart, allowing Anelie to walk past me to the lockers. After practice had ended, we were the first two off our brooms to get out of the humid weather fast. I pulled out my sports bikini (really just a sports bra and underwear that matched; I charmed them to be waterproof too.) “What a terrible practice,” I heard as the door creaked open. Marissa came and grabbed the same attire that Anelie and I were getting out of our own lockers. She was smart to wait to complain until we got into the locker rooms, where the walls were sound proof and James couldn’t hear.

“It honestly was. I can wait until October,” Anelie responded, “I wish he wouldn’t be so difficult on Carina. He should know that as long as she’s allowed near Sirius, she won’t play very well.” This was true. Carina was around Black almost as much as possible during practice, James never had the heart to separate her from him though. Instead, he thought it was best to bring her near tears which only worsened the matters because she looked to Black for comfort. Even as the three of us spoke, I’m sure Carina was giving Black a goodbye hug before she entered the locker room.

“It’s a pity those two are an item. I’d love it if Sirius wasn’t taken. He’s quite a looker if I do say so myself,” she said as she quickly stepped into the shower stall to rinse off the sweat that had accumulated in spots that I’d rather leave unsaid, “Sometimes, I wish I were her. Just to see what all the fuss about him was.”

“Actually you don’t Marissa, unless you want to get tossed aside like all the other one of Sirius’ girlfriends. If you can call them that. I don’t even think Carina and him are really even an item in his eyes, just another friends with benefits,” Anelie spoke up stepping into her own shower to rinse off the nasty sweat before entering the lake, “Besides Marissa, you do have a boyfriend remember? Marritt? The boy who loves you so very much?”

“Well wasn’t Carina bragging about how Sirius and her got together last friday all last weekend?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean he actually asked her to be his girlfriend. Did you know he rarely ask any girl to go steady? I think he’s done it three times in all the years at Hogwarts. The girls just always assume that they’re a thing.”

“That is true now that I think about it. I mean every time Sirius announces he has a girlfriend, the last at least three months and it seems like Black doesn’t have any girls on the side during that period. He hasn’t said anything about him and Carina being something though, plus I saw him with Stephanie Shephard two nights ago.”

“Well, I just hope his charade with Carina ends soon,” Anelie said.”

“Yeah, it’s not fun seeing the most sought out boy flirting with--”

“Bye Siri,” I high pitched flirtatious voice interrupted as I stepped into my own shower. I couldn’t help but wonder about all the nicknames Black was given. Didn’t he ever get tired of the usual ‘Siri-Pie’ and ‘Siri-Poo’ and even ‘Siri-Baby.’ In my opinion they were all annoying and overrated. If anything, Carina had given Black the best nickname I’d ever heard: Siri. Just plain old Siri, nothing added to the end of it or strange vowels added to the beginning. It was nice change to hear that instead of all the others.

There was long drawn out sigh as I heard a locker open, “Isn’t Sirius just so sweet?” she questioned to no one in particular.

“No,” I said loudly, but not quite as loudly as the ‘Yes!’ from Marissa combine with the ‘A bit,’ from Anelie. I rolled my eyes at Marissa for allowing herself to be so fondled over Black. She could at least try to hide her admiration towards the boy and show some dignity.

“I know, he’s just so wonderful!” Carina went on, ignoring Anelie’s and my answer, “There’s absolutely no other way to describe him.” I watched her bare feet shuffle past my stall. She opened the curtain to the shower next to mine, I then heard her turn the water on, “I mean, he’s an amazing kisser first of all. And you know what he calls me? Love!” I raised my eyebrows at this, at the same time, I heard Marissa sigh in the other stall. It annoyed me that these two were just that naive to not notice that he called all girls that. He calls me that and we don’t even get along.

I turned the water off and slipped on the my sports-kini (I was calling it now) at the same time as Anelie. We ran out the locker rooms past the guys who were now exiting and looking at us in question as we barely had on any clothes. They weren’t quite used to the fact that we went to cool off after a steaming shower and heavy workout in the lake with the Giant Squid. I could feel the eyes of the boys on us as we dived in the shallow edge, swimming around as if we belonged in the blackness of the lake. We didn’t stay in there long, for it was now freezing compared to the showers. We ran back to the locker rooms, smiling at Marissa and Carina as they walked out in pretty much the same attire as we did to go swim in the Black Lake.

Taking a shower before almost seemed pointless now that I thought about it. I planned to keep that in mind next Sunday when we would have training again during the hot day. I stepped in the shower for the last time that night and rinsed off whatever I got on myself in the lake. As I stepped out, Marissa and Carina emerged from the outdoors again soaking wet. I smiled at them and pulled my pajamas on. I didn’t actually care how many people saw me walking the halls in PJs tonight, as I was really tired and planned on hitting the sack as soon as I got back to the dorm. Even if it was only three in the afternoon, I needed to catch up on sleep.

“Goodnight everyone,” I said to the girls as I looked at my watch and realized we spent a collective hour and a half doing almost nothing except trying to be clean but cool down at the same time. It was verging on eight-thirty now and the sun was heading down for the night. It wasn’t quite as hot now as it seemed to be an hour ago, I couldn’t help question whether all of what we did was worth it.

They looked at me oddly, “You mean good evening?” Carina corrected. I smiled at her and nodded, not quite comprehending what she was saying. A chorus of girls said ‘Good evening’ to me as I left the changing area for the second time that day.

The journey through the hall in my PJs turned out be less eventful than I suspected. The odd student would do a double take or laugh slightly with their friend about my attire, but that was the most I got. Maybe they realized that I just came from a quidditch practice with James as the captain. Therefore, they didn’t question my motif because they already knew it. The most interesting thing that happened to me in the halls were the catcalls I’d receive from immature boys of all ages.

I made it to the common room a quarter to nine, which did not go unseen by Lily Evans. She was getting up from the sofa with Katy in her tracks when I entered the common-room. I smiled at my best friends, but all I received back was sympathetic smile and a look of disapproval. “Why are you out this late?” Lily asked.

“Since when did nine become late Lily, last I checked, curfew from sixth and seventh years was ten,” I told her.

“Well why were you close to the ‘normal’ curfew?” She reasoned.

“I was coming from Quidditch Practice.”

She gave me another disapproving look, “James and his posy were here forty-five minutes ago. What did you do to make you say late?”

“The girls and I all went,” I rethought was I was about to say. Surely swimming in the lake was breaking a school rule and in the mood Lily seemed to be in, I didn’t want to do any of that, “to owlery because Marissa didn’t want to go by herself.” I knew she’d discover I’d lied later when she ran into the other girls, but if she discovered me sleeping when she returned, then it wouldn’t be a major problem.

“Fine,” Lily left the common-room.

Katy came up to me with a smile on her face, “You’re pretty good at lying aren’t you? I saw you swimming in that lake earlier.” I shrugged, “I won’t tell her. She’s in too bitchy of a mood for me to get out any words anyway. I’ll talk to you later.” I nodded watching her leave with a slight slump in her posture as she foresaw the rough night as a prefect ahead.

Lily had been this way ever since she discovered that at the beginning of September, the two heads would be assigned a new common-room alone together. They would be leaving all in Gryffindor so they could sort out more business. It was pretty much a reassured fact that Lily was none too happy about this news.

I moved to the girls seventh year dorms only to find Patrice and Jennifer sitting in there as well. I smiled at Patrice who smiled back, “Nice,” she said observing my outfit, “How was practice?”

I flopped on the bed, turning my face to the side so I wouldn’t be talking into my pillow, “It was absolutely wretched. It’s only our third practice and James has already started working our every muscle and fiber as much as he could.

“Do you have to go for a run tomorrow morning?” she mocked. I nodded solemnly ready to forget about homework and just sleep. Patrice gasped as if she just remembered something, “Is it true that Sirius has got a new girlfriend?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ “They haven’t gone steady, and I don’t think they will. If you hadn’t noticed, Black hasn’t had very many girlfriends.”

Patrice (and Jennifer I noticed out of my peripheral vision) cocked their heads to the side, “He’s had tons of girlfriends Kathleen.”

“From the girl’s perspective, he’s only said he’s had a girlfriend with two girls in all of our years at Hogwarts. All those girls he snogs just claim to be his new partner. They’re all really just eye candy,” I explained as best as I could what I heard in the locker rooms.

“That’s true,” Patrice acknowledged, “Well then, who’s his eye candy of the week?”

“Carina Rogers. She’s on the quidditch team this year as a fill in.”

“She nice?”

I nodded, “Yeah, she’s pretty cool, it’s unfortunate that Black is going to break her heart in a couple of weeks.” I noticed Jennifer was soaking up every word I was saying as she sat on her bed pretending to read a spell book. Since when did she read though? So of course she was faking it. Patrice noticed it too and rolled her eyes in response. I smiled then closed my curtains and eyes, allowing myself to drift of into a deep slumber.

I stared at the long stair cases that sat before me. Maybe if I could just climb the first step, I thought moving my foot planning to place it upon the steps. When I pushed my foot down though, I never hit the step though. Simply air. I tried again, this time with the other foot. I took a chance glance behind me at the darkness that seemed much closer than it had just moments before. I didn’t want to be apart of the dark abyss that was inching closer to me by the minute. I looked back in front of me, knowing that the stairs was my only way out.

I was slightly startled by a creaking noise at the top of the steps where I saw a door open. I devilishly handsome man stepped out inspiring me even more to make it up the stairs to him. I attempted to go up the steps, but to no prevail. I looked up at the man who was holding his hands out to me and walking down the steps.

He took my hand, pulling me up besides him and gently placing me on the fourth step up. I found that I did not fall through air as he did so. I allowed myself to move up the stairs with him, seeing the bright door in my path. What was beyond those doors, I did not know, but I had a feeling that there was no darkness passed them. I looked at my savior gratefully as he began to say something to me, “Kathleen.” his voice was smooth, angelic really, “It’s time to wake up.”

I stared at the handsome man baffled at the fact he was telling me to wake up. From what, I did not know. , “Kathleen, it’s time to wake up.” I stared at him with my mouth agape. His voice had suddenly changed pitches to that of an immature boy who had yet to reach puberty. It sounded strange coming from his godlike body. “”Kathleen! Wake up!” he no longer was boy I realized as his hair began to change in length. My eyes widened as I looked at the ‘man’ changing in front of my eyes. His voice was now completely feminine, no longer carrying the mystery that allured me to him originally.

We reached the top of the steps where the bright opened door stared at me hungrily almost. I looked at the transforming man still holding my hands as he pulled me through the brightness...

My eyes shot upon, falling upon Katy’s bright blue orbs staring down at me in a somewhat creepy way. I stared at my friend slightly confused as to why she was standing over me, “I just had a good dream,” I said in my husky soft voice. I wasn’t really sure if you could call my dream ‘good,’ it was more strange than good. That hardly seemed to matter though as Katy stared at me expectantly.

I did my best to ignore her eyes on me as I closed my eyes again, hoping sleep would come back to me. It never did. I opened my eyes and glared at the the blonde above me. I glanced at the clock. Katy had no reason to wake me up at eight-thirty on a...Monday? My eyes widened as realization hit me, “It’s eight-thirty!” I shrieked, sitting up at the same time, knocking foreheads with Katy. I groaned in pain as I hurriedly got out of bed and changed into my uniform.

I looked extremely untidy, not bothering to check or fix my hair in the mirror. My shirt was left unbuttoned to the point where one could see my black bra emerging. My tie was hanging loosely around my neck, my socks didn’t match, and I didn’t even bother putting my shoes on. I could feel Katy’s gaze on my for the second time that day as she watching me in amazement throw my bag over my shoulders where it hung limply.

I ran through the great hall, receiving many looks (like always) as I ran up to the Gryffindor table. I smiled at all the students who had yet to go to class, knowing I didn’t look like the brightest star in the sky more like a complete imbecile.

I found my friends looking at me, some of them laughing, with their eyebrows raised. The marauders laughing as well at the sight of my disheveled appearance. I grabbed two pieces of toast and sat down next to Patrice. I said nothing to the people who left me in the dorms alone to oversleep. I noticed their contorted expressions as they tried to keep back their laughter, I glared at all of them as I chewed my food in silence.

“We tr--” Lily started.

“Yeah I don’t care,” I said standing up feeling my soreness from practice the day before in my abdominal muscles finally registering. I cringed a little but attempted to ignore it afterwards.

“No, Lily tried to wake you up. I thought you needed more sleep because last night you were so exhausted,” Patrice explained, “Then when you weren’t down by eight, Katy went up for you. It’s really no big deal either, you still have five minutes ‘til class.”

I stuffed the rest of my toast in my mouth and said, “Whatever.” Food particles showered over Patrice, on accident, as she opened her mouth once more. Her expression changed to one of shear disgust as she lifts her shoulder high with her elbows bent and hands in the air. I notice that she’s gasping for air, which she always does before she explodes, so I run. Only hearing Lily say, “Where does she get off doing that?” I run to my first class of the week, Defense Against the Dark Arts. I’ve had this class only once so far, which we hardly did anything. He just explained to all of us what we were in for this year.

“Morning class,” Professor Willis greeted us with a huge grin taped to his face as he handed us papers. I couldn’t help but smile up at the man as he gave me some white parchment that I paid little attention to. I realized now why Patrice was so caught up in having a forbidden affair with the teacher. He had dazzling good looks for a man his age, when I say his age, I mean mid twenties. His blonde hair messy and short on top of his head crowning his average height and muscular physique. It was almost impossible not to feel butterflies in your stomach. Of course, I won’t forget that when he just gave me whatever parchment that was, our eyes met and I got a chance to smile up into those beautiful orbs of blue.

I finally looked down at the paper he’d given us after admiring his arse, “As you know, the Halloween ball is two months away. As you also know, It’s the Head Boy’s and Girl’s responsibility to decide what the theme and date will be,” he told us. The paper was our ‘formal’ invitation to said event that lacked a date and theme, how coincidental, “As the representative of the seventh years this year, they have assigned me to help them with the decorating. I must get a team to design before the dance and decorate the day of the dance. I am allowing myself to pick five students to join me,” My hands twitched before I saw the collection of hands that flew up before mine. The likeliness of getting picked was quite slim now, “Of course, it won’t be quite that easy. The invitation you have there, on the back of it is an exam. Didn’t think I’d forget did you?” he looked at the group with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“The top five scorers will be decorating the hall. Excluding James or Lily, so I suggest you try to remember what you learned in your previous six years at Hogwarts.” He sent a wink over in Lily’s direction, much to Jame’s annoyance as I heard him grumble from two seats behind me about professors messing with fire, “Okay class. You may begin.”

I flickered through the pages that had miraculously attached themselves to the first page of the test, wondering what magic charm or potion he used for that. I examined the questions, crinkling my brows at how easy all of them seemed to be. This didn’t seem so bad, five pages of extremely easy questions.

After Defense Against the Dark Arts, the day managed to drag on slowly through Potions and Herbology, two classes that I already have trouble staying awake in. My muscles had begun to ache more than usual during lunch and I nearly fell face first into the table as I tripped over my own foot. It didn’t help that I had become stressed after DADA when realizing the test was a lot harder than it looked. I’d forgotten almost everything we learned last year it seemed.

“It wasn’t that difficult Kathleen,” Lily stated as we sat on the common-room couch together doing our out-of-class assignments.

“Yeah, well we all don’t study for pretest like you do,” I retorted, my legs crossed with my notebooks resting on my leg.

She scoffed, “That’s exactly it Kathleen, it’s a pretest, it won’t matter in the end.”

I moved to the table after she did, sitting down next to her frowning, “I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I’d studied like you told me to.”

Lily looked up from what she was writing with the strangest of looks. Her nose was slight wrinkled, with her eyebrows raised as well as furrowed, with pursed lips. In the end, she rolled her eyes stating simply, “You disturb me. Not in a good way either.”

“I wasn’t awake someone could be disturbed in a good way,” I managed to open one of my textbooks only to stare at the pages with a blank stare, “That’s a bit frightening now that I think about it.”

Lily didn’t air a response, telling me that the conversation was over. I decided that maybe it was best to start was I had originally been planning to do when I came in here today and do my homework. It was strange to feel myself not procrastinating like I usually did when it came to pointless homework like this. It was befuddling to even me. I can only assume that this is occurring because I’m bored with no one to talk to--except Lily who is busy working. I moved my head from side to side dismissing the thoughts.

Lily looked up at the sudden movement, “What?” she asked. I looked around behind me to see if she was talking to anyone in particular, I found no one though. I looked back at her baffled expression which happened to mirror my own. “You were shaking your head, it looked weird.”

My mouth formed an ‘O’ as I understood what she asking. I had no idea that she’d notice such a small thing, especially while she was doing her homework. “For no reason, just shaking my head.” I bent down again and wrote down the third sentence in my first out of many paragraphs. I found I could hardly concentrate as Lily’s were attempting to penetrate my skull. “I’m serious, it was nothing.”

“I doubt it’s nothing Kathleen,” she said, “So what is it?”

“All I was thinking about was the fact I wasn’t procrastinating on this assignment. I almost thought I was changing, but I decided I wasn’t and dismissed the thought. Are you happy now?”

Lily chuckled and nodded her head, “Thoroughly,” she said with a small smile on her face. She turned back to her work, jotting something down that probably had something to do with the homework I was supposed to be doing. 

I heard the portrait hole creek open. My head immediately turned to the door wondering who might have been making their entrance, it was none other than my other best friends, Katy and Patrice. They spotted Lily and me then made their way over. I went ahead and closed my note and textbooks knowing that I can give up all hope on not procrastinating today. There’s always later that I can work.

“Hello girls!” Patrice greeted excitedly. She sat besides me looking between Lily and me as Katy sat in-between her and Lily. I acknowledged the two with a slight smile in their direction before opening my book and trying to work one last time.

I watched look up and close her book before saying, “Hi,” with a sweet smile on her face. I crinkled my eyebrows at the girl who just closed her book, the thing she was supposed to keep open in order to inspire me to do the same. Now I felt obligated to close my book again as well. “How were your classes?”

“Very boring, as always. I had arithmancy today as well, which was horrid because the professor decided to drone on and on about the number seven. I’m trying to figure out why I even decided to take arithmancy, it’s really quite dull,” Katy replied, placing her feet on the table much to Lily’s annoyance.

“Arithmancy is not dull, as yo u so nicely put it.”

“Then why don’t you take my place if you’re so interested in what numbers have to do with magic,” Katy fired back.

“I would if I wasn’t so focused in becoming an auror. All the classes that I have now are focused on my career, and as much as I hate it, arithmancy has nothing to do with becoming an auror,” Lily explained, “Why are you taking it if you hate it so much? You can switch out instead of complaining about it.”

“I tried to, but McGonagall said that arithmancy is a very important part of becoming a healer.”

I suddenly remembered the reason why I had to take a pretest in DADA today and turned to Lily, “So when’s the ball?”

Patrice perked up at my question. It was evident that she was extremely excited about the event that was to occur this year. Mainly because she loved dressing up and this was one of the few times that she had the chance, “Yeah, don’t think I haven’t noticed you neglecting this topic since everyone heard that you and James were going to be the ones to host and organize it.”

“There is no confirmed date, because there are so many good days to have the dance,” Lily said grudgingly, “James and I are meeting this friday to discuss it even further and to final--”
“You called him James!” Katy hissed in Lily’s ear excitedly. It had not quite registered that she did that for myself, but now that I thought about it, she did indeed. It was an epidemic, I’d never heard her refer to ‘Potter’ as ‘James’ since our first year.

“Well, what did you expect? Him being Head Boy is hard enough to deal with. Not to mention it’s impossible to work with him when he is constantly insisting that I call him by his first name. I finally obliged.”

“If you insist,” I said as a smirk played its way across my lips, “If you insist.”

A/N: Hey! Finally finished editing this on August 22, 2008.

A/N: Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. If you hadn’t already noticed, I changed the gender of Merritt in chapter eight. I realize this may have confused many of you, but if you go back a chapter, you will see that he is in fact now a boy. I also realize that in the edited chapter eight, it mentions that Marissa and Merritt are a couple. It is indeed true, though not mentioned in this chapter because Marissa tends to forget about her relationship with him when discussing Sirius Black and her infatuation with him.

There has been a major update on chapter 8, so if you’d like to read it again to see if I’ve improved somethings, feel free to go ahead and do that.



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