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“Kate Herrington, please.”

“Hold one moment,” A wired secretary pressed a number on a telephone as she typed something on her white computer. “Kate, you have a visitor . . . okay. You can go back now.”

Harry thanked the secretary and headed back through the glass and color offices of Glitz Magazine. A rolling rack full of designer clothes whizzed by him and once it passed, Harry saw the blonde hair that fanned out perfectly on a pillow. Kate was typing on her computer and talking with a coworker in the next cubical which she could see through by a small window in the soft cubical wall.


Kate turned around to see Harry coming towards her, a takeout container in his hand. She smiled brightly as he sat on her desk. “Baby, what are you doing here?”

“I brought you lunch. Is this a bad time?” Harry kissed her sweetly.

“No, no, this is fine, this is great. Oh, Harry, this is my friend Liza,” she pointed to the spiky brown haired coworker through the window. Liza and Harry acknowledged one another with nods and waves before Harry turned his attention back fully to Kate.

“I had some extra time today and I was in the neighborhood and I thought I’d surprise you with lunch,” Harry pulled out the sandwich containers for her, making sure not to come in contact with any papers or office machines, “and I wanted to talk to you about the other night.”

“Okay,” Kate opened her sandwich and popped the top on her soda, “are you sure you want to talk about this here and now?”

Harry stopped. He was about to open his mouth and start his speech but her question made him think. “Not really, but I get more and more scared the more I put it off and I don’t . . . I can’t put it off. Not if I want to get anymore serious with you.”

They ate a few bites in contemplative silence before Kate broke it. “Come over tonight, I’ll have dinner and we’ll talk about it okay,” she leaned forward and kissed him again. “Harry, I lo . . .”

“Don’t,” Harry held a finger up and stopped her. “Don’t say that yet.”

“But, but,”

“No, no,” Harry kissed her to silence her. “Not yet, not yet. I have to get back to work. I’ll come round tonight. I’ll see you later.”

Kate watched Harry leave and she felt confused. Why would he not want her to say that she loved him?

“What was that about?” Liza rolled her chair over into Kate’s cubical.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even realize I was saying it until he told me not to. Why wouldn’t he . . . do you think something’s wrong? He said he wanted to talk to me, do you think he wants to break up with me?”

Liza shrugged. “I don’t know love. This was the first time I met him and he seems like a nice guy but, I don’t know, there’s something shady about him that I can’t put my finger on,” Liza crumbled up the takeout bag but noticed that it wasn’t empty. “Oh, somebody has a present,” she sang as she handed Kate the bag.

Kate opened it to see a box wrapped in today’s newspaper. “What is this?” she wondered out loud.

“Sunglasses, bet,” Liza quipped as she ate a chip from Kate’s plate.

“I think you’re right,” Kate muttered as she opened the box to find a beautiful pair of Versace sunglasses. “Oh wow, look at these.”

“Lucky girl,” Liza gushed. “He may not be breaking up with you; he may tell you he’s gay if he picked these out on his own. Let me see these,” Liza snatched the glasses away and looked at her reflection in a mirror. “Hey, how’s the sex?”

Kate grinned and groaned throatily. “Amazing.”

Liza nodded, the glasses perched on her nose. “He may be bi.”


Kate shoved the Italian takeout boxes under the sink in the garbage. Harry should be here at any moment and the butterflies were taking over her. She was intensely curious as to what Harry wanted to talk about, yet at the same time she didn’t want to hear it; especially if he wanted to break up with her or tell her he’s gay.

There was a knock on the door and Kate quickly opened it and ushered Harry inside. “Hey, how was work?”

“It was okay, I’m getting rather tired of the paperwork but hopefully it’ll get better,” Harry swept her up in a kiss and leaned her back in classic old movie style.

“Woah,” Kate nearly fell when he let go of her lips. She was breathing hard and her heart was pounding. “It got better for me. Um, dinner’s on the table.”

“Brilliant,” Harry murmured as she led him to the well dressed table. “Did you make this yourself?”

“Uh huh,” Kate said as she sat down, not looking at him.

Harry looked at her, clearly not believing her, but not wanting to burst her bubble and sat down at the table, taking a very deep breath as he did. “Okay, what I need to tell you. I was engaged before to my best friend’s sister.”

“What happened?” Kate fiddled with her wine glass.

“She got pregnant,” Harry said softly, looking down at the table and not at her. “I was so excited, she wasn’t. Well, the months went through and she was about five months along and we were going to be married a month after the baby was born. She, I don’t know exactly what happened, but she went into premature labor and had the baby. She was stillborn.”

Kate remained quiet while Harry spoke and noticed tears filling his eyes.

“I signed the birth certificate; I even gave her my mother’s name. I named her since Ginny was knocked out. I cried for what felt like hours before Ginny woke up. When she did, she told me that the baby wasn’t mine. She was cheating on me and he got her pregnant, not me. I didn’t believe her; I didn’t want to believe her. We had a paternity test to prove it and I wasn’t the father and it broke my heart.”

A tear slid down his cheek as he talked about the daughter he lost yet never had.

“I was willing to forgive her even after that. After what she did to me, I still wanted to marry her. I told her I would marry her right here in the hospital.” Harry stopped, he didn’t want to say anymore.

“What did she say?” Kate placed a hand on his leg and watched him intently. Harry put his hand on hers and curled their fingers together.

“I haven’t told anybody any of this. She told me she never wanted to see me again and that it had been over forever and she only kept me around so she could save up some money to leave me since I paid for everything.”

Kate didn’t know what to say. She kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. “I love you,” she whispered into his ear. “I honestly love you and I would never hurt you like that.” Kate kissed his ear and cradled his head in her arms lovingly. “Do,” her breath caught in her throat, “do you love me?”

As Harry looked at her, something filled his eyes that she had never seen before, “Yes. I was afraid to hear it and terrified to say it after what Ginny did, but yes, I do love you. We’re so different but I don’t care.”

“We’re not that different,” Kate whispered as the food grew cold on the plates.

“As long as you believe that, I will,” Harry responded but Kate never heard him as she was unbuttoning his shirt.

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