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The rest of the week had gone by in a slight blur and here it was Saturday and I was still behind in homework. Peachy... Just peachy.

My bed sagged, someone was sitting on it... Probably Lily or Carrie or something. Wait, they had left earlier that morning... I had heard them leave they were all giggly about SOMETHING.

Ouch. Someone is pulling my hair. Get off. NOW! I blindly through I slap the hand's way, but I missed. I groaned.

"Sorry, what was that?" Oh my gosh. I flung around and sat bolt upright.

"JAMES?! How did you get in here?!" For, yes, it was James Potter sitting on my bed... in my dormitory... where boys can't come...

He smirked. "I was looking for Lily, but she isn't here."

"How did you get in here?!" I repeated.

"Oh, I figured out a couple years ago how to get up here." He got up and began walking around the room flicking through various books or other items that he found. "This Lily's?" He said pointing at a trunk.

"Yeah." I said, getting up out of my bed. He pulled the lid of the trunk open and began rummaging whatever was inside.

"James!" I said hurrying over and slamming the trunk's lid shut. "That is a violation of privacy!"

He shrugged. "So?"

"So, stop." He stood up his full height above me. I was on the tall side, but he still loomed over me.

"Make me." He said smiling and grabbing the lid of the trunk. I sat on it and crossed my legs like I sat on Lily's trunk everyday. I gave him an innocent smile, and he gave me one to match before he grabbed the lid and with one sure tug I went flying off it and landed on the ground beside it.

"Ow." I groaned.

"You asked for it."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did NOT." He stopped fighting when he found a book that looked much like a diary, and pulled it out with raised eyebrows. He wouldn't. Ah, he would. "James! That is crossing the line."

He didn't pay any attention to me as he got up with the book open and sat on the bed. "Dear Diary," he read. "James Bigheaded Potter is so annoying. Can't he just take a stupid hint. NO! I don't want to go out with, I NEVER do. Oh yeah, I found him not doing his Head Boy duties AGAIN." He closed the diary slowly and put it back in the trunk. He looked actually... sad?

Slowly he headed for the door of the dormitory. "James? You okay?"

He turned around. "Oh yeah, I'm great, I just found out that the love of my life hates my guts!" He said sarcastically.

Was he kidding? I am serious, the week I've been here I've heard Lily shout at him at least 15 times that she hated him. "She's said she's hated you, to your face."

"Whatever." He said, turning and leaving the dormitory. I actually felt bad for him. I had to do somet- no, no I didn't. But I did... Because in the end of the day James feels like a brother.

Sighing I headed for the bathroom and got ready for the day, leaving my hair down and slightly wavy.

Heading down the stairs there were only a few people milling around the common room. Hmm, where were those Marauders.

Out of the portrait hole, I headed for the Entrance hall. They weren't there either. The Great Hall; nope. Where the heck are they!

Oh shoot.

Quidditch try-outs. Those are today... like now! ACK!

I whipped out my wand. "Accio broom!" I waited a minute or two before I saw my broom zooming towards me. It almost hit a young ravenclaw girl who had to jump to the floor to dodge it. Grabbing my broom I sprinted to the Quidditch pitch.

Sure enough, try-outs were going on. They looked like they just started. I ran out on to the field and hopped onto my broom, flying up to where James was calling out instructions.

"You're late." He said without looking at me.

"You didn't remind me." He glanced at me. He still seemed a little upset about the whole Lily thing. "Where should I go?"

"Get in line for the Keeper try-outs, Sirius is monitoring them." Great, Sirius. Why is he always in my life everytime I turn around? As much as I hated it, I was excited that he could watch me 'in my element'. I love Quiddtich, and I was pretty good at it. Not to toot my own horn or anything...

I headed for the small line of Keepers that were trying out, a Gryffindor 6th year was trying out. I waited patiently watching missed balls fly into the hoops.


"Lupin, Gabrielle." Sirius called. I rolled my eyes at the formal way he said it. I hopped on my broom and zoomed up into the position in front of the hoops. Sirius was a Chaser and he flew back a few feet before flying foward and throwing the quaffle towards the hoops. With one fluent motion I made the save. I stuck my tongue out at him playfully and flew back into position.

He began to throw it again and I stayed completely concentrated, made the save. Again, and again. Except I gave up one, but that was unfair, I got distracted with looking at him...

"Okay, Lupin, you're done, good job." I smiled and waved before landing on the ground, and taking a seat beside the other Keepers that already went.

A little while later, James gathered the whole group of try-outees (is that a word? Well, it is now!) in a circle around him.

"You all did wonderful, but we only have a few positions open. First, we need one new Chaser." He paused, proabably for effect. "Hastings, Adam." Adam was here? I glanced around, and sure enough there he was. How could I not have seen him? The rest of the people trying out for Chaser left. James was a Chaser himself. "We need a new Seeker. That would be... Dulan, Julie." A girl with brown braids and freckles, who looked to be in fifth or sixth year, beamed and the rest of the people who had tried out for Seeker left. "Lastly, we need a new Keeper." My heart sped, I was nervous. "Lupin, Gabrielle." He said smiling at me. I smiled back, YES!

"That's no fair!" said some boy. The Gryffindor I had seen trying-out. "You picked her because she's your friend!"

James looked extrememly taken-aback. "No, I picked her because she was the best." The other people who had tried out for Keeper had all left, except this stupid boy.

"No, there's absolutely NOTHING special about her!" Ouch, that kind of hurt.

"There's nothing special about her? There's nothing special about YOU!" Sirius said. Was he coming to my defense?

"I demand I re-tryout!" The boy said standing, his fists clenched.

"I'm the captain, and I demand that you leave!" Said James taking a step towards the boy. The boy was short, and he looked slightly intimidated. The boy spit on the ground in front of James and turned to leave. But James grabbed his shoulder and turned him around and punched him across the face. I jumped up, they were in a full-blown fight within seconds with Sirius cheering James on, and the rest of the team looking worried.

I hurried over to them, and tried to pry them apart. And then- POW! Pain flooded my jaw, and I found I couldn't breathe, the pain HURT! I heard myself yell in pain, and felt myself fall to the ground.

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