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A/N: First off I want to say SORRY to everyone that has been reading this story and reviewing faithfully for the previous chapters. I know I hadn't updated since May 24th, but I had alot that got in my way. And even though it's summer now I'm taking 2 summer courses with last for three hours each, and I'm working on my athletics. So I can promise you that I will update alot sooner than before. The funny thing is I have four chapters in advance of this story, but my other story Stay With Me...Don't Let Me Go, I'm only two chapters in I spent alot of time working on the other one.  Now, I'm going to stop babbling and let you finally get some well-deserved reading in...

ssb :)


         I raised my head from my pillow wearily, feeling a slightly sticky and wet substance on my pillow. I opened my eyes quickly, looking at my pillow, a look of repulsion crossing my face. My pillow was tear stained, alongst with the many other streaks that were on it. I closed my eyes in a silent prayer thank god, that my mother didn’t wash my things, and the house-elves did. If my mother would have sawn my pillow she would have called me down to her chamber and had a talk with me. I rolled my eyes, getting up from my warm bed, and stepped into my bathroom closing the door behind me. I crossed the cold stone floor, walking towards my mirror. I sat down on the plush emerald leather seat and looked at my image. I would have usually gasped in surprise, but I didn’t. I laughed, my mother would have had a heart attack. 

        My face was caked with yesterdays foundation, eyeliner, and mascara that had dripped down my face last night. Seeing my face I remembered exactly why I was crying. Children. I shuddered, the mere thought of that had chills running through my already freezing body. I turned away from the mirror, grabbing my robe and my wand. Throwing the warm white robe on, I used my wand to clean off all the remains from last night upon my face. 

        As I was putting my wand down I could hear the door of my bedroom opening, I tightened my robe about me and peeked out the bathroom door in wonder. It was only my mother, oh it was my mother. I grabbed my wand performing a quick hair spell, and walked out hurriedly. My mother would never come up to my room unless she was really really mad, sad, or happy. I crossed my fingers praying that she was happy today. As I approached her she turned around from the picture she was looking at on my wall, and looked at me. Plastered on her face was a smile, I breathed, thank Merlin, it was a real smile. 
     “Amore, there’s only six more days. Aren’t you excited?” my mother asked beaming. 

        Thoughts ran threw my head, yes mother I was so excited to marry a chauvinistic, arrogant, self-absorbed, man- whore of a guy that didn’t even call me by my first name! But instead I put a fake smile on my face, 
     “Yes mother.” 

She turned back around obviously buying my phony face and line. She held out a big green and black box. 
     “This, my dear is what the Black family has given as a present to you. This box is a tradition of their family, so it seems. They put away valuable things inside of it, and give it away to the bride. Now we need to figure out what to give Regulus.” 
     “You mean like dowry?” I wrinkled my nose in disgust. He was getting paid to marry me.
My mother smiled that tinkling laugh, that I loved, and had. 
     “No, it’s a gift. That’s a tradition that was stopped long ago. And don’t wrinkle your nose like that you’ll look like a dung beetle.” she said pulling out her wand.
I unwrinkled my nose and looked at my mother. She looked very happy for some odd reason. 
      “Your father will be here today for us to go over the items that you can take to the Black’s manor.” she muttered, whilst scribbling away on a piece of parchment that she had summoned. 
      “Father?” I asked swallowing slightly. 
     “Hmm, well I’ll be over there get your things ready to go, I’ll have Lonnie come up and mark them.” she replied, walking out the doorway, head raised up high. 

        I sighed, great, just great my father was going to be here. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my father, of course not. I really did love my father. It was just that he scared me, he could be fine one moment and angry the next. It was because of his job. I paled slightly, ignoring my wandering mind and moving towards my closet. My brain now occupied with the question, of why the men didn’t have to move their stuff, when they got married. 


        I groaned as I lifted what seemed like the twentieth box from my room into the hall. I walked back into my room, finally being able to move on to other areas of room, now that I had finished with my closet. I opened my nightstand my hands once again meeting my picture album. I sighed, debating whether or not I should take it with me. I threw it in another one of the many boxes littered around my room. 

        Four hours later I sat on my bed in pure exhaustion looking around, a small sense of pride welling up inside my chest. I had finally finished all the boxes! I breathed in deeply, trying to calm myself down. My mother’s house-elf informed that I was to be dressed and prepared at six sharp in the morning. Why? I didn’t know, no specific details were given to me, except that I was supposed to look presentable and decent. Much emphasis was put on the word ‘decent.’ I rolled my eyes in silent distain wondering how much more of my life would I have to change to make other’s happy? I groaned mentally, knowing that I would never be able to answer that question myself. 

        I was the perfect example or a pure-blood daughter, and my parents were not ashamed to show me off. Even when I was younger I was dressed up in highly uncomfortable clothes, going from pure-blood family to pure-blood family, being compared to other kids. I laughed to myself as a sudden pop jumped into my head, we were like animals. Shown off, and praised in front others. But silently obeying the commands of our owners. In my case my owners were my parents, and as Regulus had so bluntly put it…his. The mere thought of that made goose bumps run up my already cold body. I shook my head in disgust, drifting off, wishing that some of my worries would leave. But….I knew that was impossible.


A/N: Now I know that was a little short, but believe me I had to find a place to stop, beause the next chapter is jam-packed with stuff....just have to wait, review and find out....

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