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Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Harry Potter.

I would like to give a big thanks to the people who review me. It makes me very happy :D you guys are amazing.

© Chella @ TDA

Harry James Potter sat alone early on Saturday morning. He was in the changing rooms of the quidditch pitch after a long and exhausting ride. He left his common room at dawn to try to get away and clear his head for a little while. Something had been plaguing him since the beginning of term, something he had not been able to get off his mind for even a moment. For once the problem wasn’t Voldemort, or his scar, or a teacher trying to kill anyone. This time it would not require him to save the day. This time it only had to do with a girl, and he was having a lot more trouble with it.

Rose seemed like so much more than just a girl to Harry. From the moment he stepped into her compartment he was drawn to her. Sure, she was attractive, but it was so much more than that. Every time he talked to her he wanted to world to stop just for them. She seemed perfect in every way. What made it so hard was that he didn’t know if she was, he hardly knew her at all. The first girl he dated had been Cho Chang, which he had known and liked for two years before they went on their disastrous first date. The second, Ginny Weasley, his best mate’s sister. He had known her since his first day at Hogwarts. Rose, he had only known her for a couple of weeks. And there were so many mysteries he still had to figure out about her.

He knew nothing about where she used to live, the States, her family, what they believed in. The list went on and on. Harry stepped into the shower and washed the sweat off of himself. The only thing he did know is that she twirled her hair when she was concentrated. That her eyes crinkled up when she laughed, really laughed. That her eyes were the most amazing shade he had ever seen and he could get lost in them for hours. That her hair shone brighter than the sun. That the curves of her body were perfect in every way. He turned the shower nob to make the water colder, much colder, and just stood there for a little bit longer. Finally, he decided he needed to go find her or he would be taking cold showers alone forever. He quickly dried off and got dressed and made his way back toward the school.

"Out for a ride Harry?" he heard a familiar voice say.

"Oh no, I just finished actually, I didn’t hear you coming," he replied to the cheery red-head.

"Oh that’s too bad, I guess I’ll have a go alone," the girl looked down at her feet, they were stopped now and facing each other. "So how have you been?"

"Good, and you?" Harry felt very awkward.

"Good, good. Just can’t wait until quidditch starts up again," she smiled hopefully.

"Don’t worry we’ll have try-outs soon. I actually have to run, see you later?"

"Yeah, see you around," Ginny walked off feeling deflated. She didn’t really want to go for a ride, she wanted to see Harry. She was hoping she would catch him in time to maybe fly with him, or just have a conversation. One that was a little longer at least. Not when he seemed so distracted. She sighed and mounted her broom hoping it didn’t have to do with another girl.

Harry didn’t have to go far to find the girl he was looking for. She was sitting underneath a tree on the grounds reading a book. She looked as beautiful as ever.

"Hey, want some company?" he asked timidly.

"Oh, of course. Here," she moved over and offered him a spot on her blanket.

"Why are you sitting all alone?"

"Oh I guess I haven’t really made friends besides you guys so far. And you know how Ron and Hermione are these days, I didn’t want to be the third wheel."

"Well, we can be wheels together," he smiled, and mentally kicked himself for being so cheesy.

"I’d like that," she smiled back. He decided to jump right in.

"So what was your school like back home?"

"Oh, it was nice. Very small, limited acceptance. Nothing like here. Hogwarts is amazing. I feel like some of the first years still."

"That’s understandable. I could never imagine leaving all this my last year. This is like my home," Harry looked around realizing how much he was going to miss all of it.

"Do you know what you want to do when you leave?"

"For a job you mean? Well I’d like to eventually become an Auror. Do you know?"

"I was thinking maybe a healer. It seemed alright. I’m decent in charms and potions."

"Decent is an understatement," he caught her eye. "You’re really amazing you know." That made her turn a deep shade of scarlet. "There is a Hogsmead trip coming up and I figured you would be interested in going, right?"

"Yeah, the village seems fun. Are you going to go?"

"I was planning on it and I was wondering if maybe, um, youwouldwanttogotogether?" he mumbled the last part slightly.

"Oh, will Ron and Hermione be going too?"

"Well, I guess, but I kind of meant just," he made a hand gesture to the both of them. "You know, just us?"

"Harry Potter are you asking me out on a date?"

He gulped loudly. "Yes, kind of, if you wanted to."

"Of course I will. I think it sounds great," and at that she moved closer to him on the blanket and they sat in silence until their friends approached happily. What they didn’t see where two people watching jealously from a distance.

Author's note: I'm not sure if I jumped in to the Harry/Rose thing too quickly. I like the chapter overall but it seems a little sudden. But I will just have to move on with my plot twists =] Review's are always appreciated.

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