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The group of them, all silent, walked away from the tree and headed towards to where Mr. Weasley and the others where. Ron and Ginny both looked confused on what just happened. Then Harry had a blank look on his face, not knowing really how to react but to just look at the package. But then Hermione, knowing that she was the only one who can actually see Malfoy, was afraid to tell Harry and Ron that while looking at Malfoy, she can see the biggest fear in his eyes, like he did something he regreted horribly. Malfoy then looked up, to look at Hermione, and saw her staring at him, but he didn't smile, or react at all, he just kept on frowning, looking terrified, and for some reason, he was hoping Hermione would notice. And she did.

Hermione then liped-sinked the words 'what?' to Malfoy, and Malfoy walked closer to Hermione and whispered in her ear, "When we get back to the Burrow, I need to talk to you, in private."

But at the same time Malfoy was whispering, Harry started speaking to himself.

"How was that so easy?," whispered Harry, examining the package some more, "It was torture trying to get the fake one. And I didn't even find it, Malfoy did."

"Harry?" said Ron, in a whisper also,"You okay mate?"

"I'm fine Ron," said Harry.

"No you're not," said Ron, "You are as confused about what Malfoy just did as I am."

"I was supposed to find the horcruxes Ron, me, not Malfoy. Dumbledore told me I had to." said Harry.

"You think a horcrux is in that package? That locket?" said Ron, "How can you be sure, I mean, it could be anything."

"Regulas Black, R.A.B." said Harry, "Malfoy said Regulas put this package there, it just has to be it, I just know it."

"Well Harry, " said Ron, "Not that I don't believe you, but you shouldn't get your hopes up. Like you said earlier, how do you know if you can rust Malfoy. It could just be a trap, wanting us to have it."

"What are you two talking about?"

Ginny just walk beside Ron and Harry, with a concerned look on her face.

"Nothing," said the two of them in unison.

"Okay," said Ginny in a I-dont-believe-a-word-you're-saying kind of voice.


The moment everyone got back home from Godric's Hollow, everyone was all in a awkward silence. Hermione led Malfoy to his room, and lifted the spell so he was normally visible again. Then Draco sat down on his bed, opened his mouth to talk to Hermione when Ginny came bursting in the room.


"Yeah Ginny?" said Hermione

"Come to my room, there's something I have to show you." said Ginny, and she ran back out of the room, and Hermione flowed her, locking Malfoy's door behind her.

Once they got back to Ginny's room, Hermione looked around to see what Ginny was talking about but there was nothing different, but Ginny was just sitting on her bed, smiling.

"What is it?" said Hermoine, confused.

"Nothing," said Ginny, still smiling.

"Then what was all that about?" said Hermione.

"I wanted to get you out of that room before you spend way too much time with Malfoy." said Ginny, yet still smiling.

"What? Why?" said Hermione, still confused.

"Since you, Harry and Ron became the look-out gaurds for Malfoy, you've been the only one to actually look-out for him."


"So, you've been spending a lot of time talking to him during you trips giving him food for meals." said Ginny, not giving up on smiling.

"Your point is, Ginny?" said Hermione, "I mean, Harry and Ron aren't going to look-out for Malfoy, they won't help him, I'm the only one who will go near him. So I talk to him, big deal, no one else will, and how else will we ever find stuff out about him, if no one will go near him without wanting to kill him."

Ginny didn't respond, but smiled wider.

"What?!" said Hermione.

"Are you sure that's all?" said Ginny.

"Yeah," said Hermione, "Why else would I speak to him, it's not like I'm ......"

Hermione froze.

"...not like you're what? what Hermione?" said Ginny, "Not like you're falling for him?"


"NO, of course not, don't be crazy," said Hermione, "We don't get along half the time, we still yell at each other all the time, it's like he's bipolar or something, it's like he can't choose from being nice and happy, to being mad, crude, and an out-right horide person."

"Sure" said Ginny, not convinced.

"Ginny, Please, be serious," said Hermione, "He's a git."

"What ever you say," said Ginny.

"I'm not falling for him," said Hermione, "I'm being the normal me, and being nice to someone that deserves it."

"What? You think he deserves it now?" said Ginny.

"He was being chased by Death Eaters, his parents were killed and then now they want to kill him just because he didn't kill Dunbledore," said Hermione, "I found him sleeping in the dirt sparving to death with nothing more then a broom and a suitcase full of clothes. I felt he deserved someone to listen to him. It's the least I could do."

"Fine," said Ginny, still not convinced.

"Ginny!" said Hermione, "I'm serious."


"I'm not falling for him, I'm being nice."


"Really, I am"

"I said okay,"

"But seriously Ginny, me only talking to Mafloy a little bit more then normal, that's the only reason why you think that?" said Hermione

"A little bit more then normal," said Ginny, "You've probably talked to him more then you've talked to me since you two got here."

"That's not true," said Hermione, "I'm helping out with getting information from him."

"Oh, yeah, and what have you found out then?" said Ginny.


"You see, you can't think of anything," said Ginny.

"Well, umm...he said once that for the past 5 year he's only been acting like he cared about him family only for his father to believe he cared."

"Really, and that's it?" said Ginny.

"Um, well, he told everyone that Voldemort killed his parents and Snape." said Hermione.

"He said that to everyone, we know that already," said Ginny.

"Well... " said Hermione thinking.

"Hermione, all this time, you've been talking to him, and nothing useful has come out of it." said Ginny.

Hermione went silent, Ginny was right.

"Hermione?" said Ginny.

"Hermione still didn't answer.

"I'm sorry, it's just what I've noticed. Okay, it may not be true, but if it is and you want to tell me, then tell me when you feel ready okay?"

"I haven't fallen for him," said Hermione, but to herself she was saying 'yes you have'
"Okay, let's just get going," said Ginny, "I'm hungry, you want to come with me to the kitchen?"


The two of them then left Ginny's room, and as they are walking down the stair, Hermione then remembered Malfoy telling her earlier in the graveyard, that he had to talk to her, but she wasn't about to go in his room, after what just happened with Ginny, she just couldn't have Ginny believeing she's falling for Malfoy, even if it may be kind of true.

'So what,'
thought Hermione, 'I talk to Malfoy, I'm being nice, and yeah, half of the time I talk to him I don't really get much information from him, but he's lonely and needs someone to talk to, and I'm the only one who will. The fact he's absolutely adoreble looking all helpless is totally pass the point. And okay, I'm falling for him now, it doesn't mean it'll least. Yeah, it won't last, .........I hope.'
she said to herself.

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